Trump’s Transition Delay Threatens National Security, Public Safety And Public Health. The GOP And Trump Are Playing A Dangerous, Anti-Democracy Game By Falsely Claiming Election Fraud. To Appease The President’s Wounded Ego, Mitch McConnell Is Leading A Narrative That Is Weakening The Integrity Of American Democracy In The Minds Of Our Allies And Adversaries. Trumpism Is An Ideology That Is Destroying The Republican Party And The Wimpy GOP Seems To Be Surrendering Their Reputation To This Unworthy, Embarrassment Of A Dangerous Autocrat.

Trump’s refusal to concede the election to Biden is proof of his narcissism. He is focused only how he feels and what he wants, and to hell with the truth and what’s best for the country. His attacks on the legitimacy of an American election is an attempt to undermine the integrity of our democracy around the world. His hunger for power renders him willing to destroy trust in voting which is the cornerstone of our democracy. However, what the world has observed is one of the most seamless, fair elections in U.S. history. While countries and world leaders breathe a sigh of relief and dance in the street at Trump’s defeat, Trump and the GOP call the election fraudulent and stolen. Their corrupt goal is to delegitimize Joe Biden’s win and damage the new administration’s chances to succeed.  For the first time in U.S. history, an American president, backed by his party, is admitting by their actions, they oppose the foundation of our democracy.

In 2016, Hillary Clinton conceded the election to Donald Trump having lost by less votes than Trump recently lost to Biden. She didn’t claim fraud or call for recounts because she is a patriotic American public servant who respects the integrity of our democratic elections. Trump is a dissident who fakes caring for America for his own grandizement. In 2016, President Barack Obama graciously invited President-elect Trump to the White House and offered his support despite the years of personal and political attacks towards him by Trump. The contrast between the current president and Obama is a comparison between a man of integrity, patriotism and intelligence and a man of immorality, anti-patriotism, pathological vindictiveness, and incompetence.

Biden is handling the latest abhorrent behaviors by Trump and GOP elected officials with composure and steadfastness. He called the resistance to concede ” an embarrassment” and warns Trump his obstructive antics will not stop the Biden Administration from taking power. While Trump refuses to release funds and intelligence to aid Biden in a seamless transition to power, Biden has already named his Chief of Staff, talked to world leaders, and assembled a COVID-19 task force. Trump’s tantrums also include dangerous moves such as firing officials with years of experience, such as the Secretary of Defense Mark Esper and others, and replacing them with loyalists to him who lacks the depth of experience required for those positions

Trump’s resistance to accepting defeat graciously for the good of the country is proof of his psychological pathology. He lacks the ego strength to experience defeat and maintain positive self-esteem and composure. His ruptured ego is constantly defending against persistent feelings of humiliation. He Is caught in a shame spiral causing him to create the delusion that he won the election. Weakened, embarrassed, and probably scared of facing tremendous outstanding debt and legal problems, he is impulsively firing people and threatening not to concede the election to Biden. Those who view his behavior as strong, are ignorant about the psychological disturbances that thousands of mental health professionals claim Trump suffers from.

The Republican party’s support of Trump’s delusion that he will overturn the vote of the American people is an egregious act of anti- patriotism. They are complicit in Trump’s dangerous behavior of resisting the process of the Biden Administration’s transition to power. A growing number of Republican Pentagon officials have resigned in opposition to the positions Trump and William Barr have taken on the election results. These military professionals warn of the risk to the country’s national security as adversaries react to the president’s rejection of the results of an democratic American election. The country and the world is observing a president ignoring the death and sickness that COVID is inflicting on Americans and instead is focusing on retaining power at all costs like a true autocrat.

While President-elect Biden is already at work to save American lives and rebuild the economy, Trump is golfing, whining, lying, and filing unfounded lawsuits. He is orchestrating his way to the most shameful and unpatriotic exit from the office of an American president in U.S. history.

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