While Donald Trump Attacks The Legitmacy Of Our Democratic Election Process, President-Elect Joe Biden And Vice-President-Elect Kamala Harris Deliver Speeches Of Hope For America’s Return To Civility, Unity, And Respect For The Constitution. They Emphasize The Need To Heal The National Divide That Trump’s Divisiveness Has Created. Biden Continues To Remind Americans From All Parties That We Are All Americans Sharing The Same Goals For The Country. Joe’s Message, “This Is America. There Is Nothing The United States Can’t Do If We Do It Together,” Will Drowned Out Trump’s Self-Interested, Unpatriotic Attempt To Overturn A Fair,  American Presidential Election.

As President, Joe Biden will be transparent, not obstruct justice, and attempt to work in a bipartisan way to create a Congress that will pass legislation instead of getting mired in partisan policy wars. That is the approach to governing that over 75,000,000 million Americans voted for. Biden models character, composure and compassion. He calls for ” lowering of the temperature” between the parties and to make solving COVID, the economic crisis, racial injustice, and climate change the priority of all Americans, regardless of party. In contrast to Trump’s commitment to dividing people by party, race, gender and socio- economic class, Biden wants to unite people by emphasizing what we all have in common, instead of creating fear around our differences.

In a recent interview on Sirius Satellite, Governor Andrew Cuomo explained his theory on why despite Trump’s failures as president and documented flawed character, he still received over 70,000,000 million votes. Cuomo defined Trump as a branding/marketing man, not a successful businessman. He described his strategy of accentuating our differences and sowing fear in his base about those differences Is what solidified the support of his base for the presidency. Cuomo acknowledged Trump’s expertise in selling his negative branding of immigrants, Democrats, LGBTQ, and the Black Lives Matter Movement to the segment of his base who are either white supremacists or live in fear of white people becoming a monority group. Fringe Republicans like Steve Bannon and Steven Miller molded Trump into being the folk hero of racists, the upper 1%, foreign dictators or partisan loyalists.

It is unbelievable after 4 years of cronyism, incompetence, broken promises, and corruption at a level never before seen in American history, that 70 million people still believe Trump is worthy to be the president of the United States. The record number of conservative Republican members of the military, intelligence community, and foreign services having first- hand experience with Trump’s dangerous incompetence should convince Republican voters that America will be safer with Trump out of office. Trump spreads the lie that opposition to his presidency is by far-left Democrats, however, in full public view, Republican admirals, colonels, and ambassadors have written books and joined movements to reject Trump and Trumpism.

Trump has used his bombastic persona to distract from his corruption of our Constitution and the pervasive incompetency of his Administration. His strategy of using disinformation to demonize both Democrats and Republicans who oppose him has been effective in convincing his supporters to defend him despite his measurable failures and violations of his oath of office. However, Trump’s refusal to concede the election to President- elect Joe Biden is exposing his continuos stance in opposition to the democratic norms that define the American experiment created by our Founding Fathers.

Trump and his supporters seem to be ignorant about what the American experiment is. Historically, most countries are comprised of people of the same kind. However, when America began, it declared it would be a country of not of one race or one religion but rather, would be a blend of people from different cultures, countries, and races. Despite the autocratic, white supremacist ideology of Trumpism, democracy won this week by electing Joe Biden the 46th President of the United States.

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