President-Elect Joe Biden Will Deliver What America Needs The Most; A Return To Morality, Honesty, Civility and Bipartisanship. The Deficit Of Decency And The Attack On The Rule Of Law Caused By Donald Trump Now Ends. Trump Supporters ( except the racists and conspiracy theorists) Will Soon Realize The Absence Of Trump’s Screaming, Threatening, Blaming, And Lying Will Be A Relief. Biden Sees Americans, Not Republicans vs Democrats. He Is A Man Of Faith, With A Forgiving, Compassionate Nature Who Will Find A Way To Help Disillusioned Trump Supporters Redirect Their Worship Of Trump Back To America And Democracy.

The tenacity of American democracy was proven today by the election of Joe Biden. Winning by more votes than any other president in American history, Biden’s win has stopped Trump’s destruction of the Constitution and it will restore morality and honesty to the office of the presidency. His win will re-establish respect for all three branches of government, therefore ending Trump’s anti- democratic march towards authoritarianism. Cronyism and abuse of presidential power will stop with Biden in office. Hopefully, those who elevated Trump to the status of cult hero will soon realize the survival of the American republic depends on a president who is competent, compassionate, honest, and humble. The presidency is not a job for self- interested narcissists. It is a job of service to the Constitution and every American of every race, gender, and political party.

Using his branding and marketing skills, Trump managed to capture the adoration of millions of Americans who had become disillusioned with the status quo of Washington DC. He created a compelling narrative that he cared about them, that Democrats were anti- American, that opponents we’re enemies, his lies were truths, and that he possessed high acumen in the area of the military, government, and science beyond all of the experts. His well- packaged, false self- image created a militia, cult- like level of supporters that has resulted in a divided country, an uncontrolled pandemic, a battered Constitution, and a damaged global reputation.

Joe Biden will deliver his first speech as President- elect in a few hours. Contrary to Trump, whose allegiance has only been to Americans who supported hm, Biden will speak to all Americans, Republicans, Democrats, and Independents alike. He will no doubt be consistent in his message of compassion for COVID victims and their families, understanding towards those who didn’ t vote for him, and the need for all Amerticans to unite around the common goal of a strong, moral, inclusive country. His competence from year’s of public service will be apparent as he presents an optimistic, detailed vision for the country. For Trump supporters indoctrinated into the hate speech style of Trump, it will be apparent that Biden is truly a man of forgiveness, compassion, understanding, and civility.

I anticipate as President, Biden will rehire qualified Republican government, military, or State Department officials whose careers were wrong destroyed by the impulsive, vindictiveness of Trump. Biden is a man who has participated in bipartisanship his entire career and realizes it is ultimately how legislation happens. There is no doubt he understands the needs of the red Trump states and will incorporate those needs into his policies. There is no doubt that the pandemic will finally be managed in a manner that will get the spread under control as we wait for a vaccine. There is no doubt he ran for president to serve America, not enrich himself. There are no doubt world leaders will embrace him, relieved they no longer have to deal with the incompetent, disrespectful bullying of Donald Trump.

As Joe says, “We are going to be OK.”

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