Millions Of Trump Supporters Are Rallying, Marching, And Planning To Vote For A Man Who, As President, Has Violated The Constitution, Committed Perjury, Alienated Allies, Befriended Dictators, And Mishandled The COVID-19 Pandemic Causing The Death Of Hundreds Of Thousands Of Americans. Trump Supporters Consume Their Information From Two Sources; Fox News Propaganda Journalists and Donald Trump A Well-Documented Pathological Liar. Hero Worship And Cult Worship Could End Democracy’s Reign.

Shockingly many gullible people believe the hoax narrative that America is safer and more prosperous since Trump became president. Before all votes are cast, it is prudent to revisit the resume of Trump’s performance as president. Most of what follows is shocking deviations from how any former U.S. president has ever behaved. Trump’s rhetoric is inciting rising threats of violence facing the country against every American citizen that opposes him.

Among the most alarming and unprecedented occurrences in the modern era of politics has been the massive anti- Trump movement from Republican military generals, ambassadors, former members of the administration, and the17 intelligence community agencies. These patriots have witnessed Trump’s incompetence and vindictive, impulsive urges and have come out to oppose his re-election. Trump gaslights followers into believing all these career conservative Republicans are closeted Democrats who are out to get him. Generals traditionally stay out of games of politics, and so do ambassadors. However, Trump has caused Republicans officials who reject authoritarianism to reject him and his toxic vision for America.

The following illustrations of Trump’s job performance are not ” fake news” but rather all verifiable truths;

  • Politicized the Department of Justice by instructing AG William Barr to carry out his personal vendettas and political agendas, serving as the president’s attorney instead of the American people’s attorney.

  • By defying protocol to reduce the spread of COVID-19, he caught the virus and caused the infection of over 35 White House officials.
  • Holding in-person rallies during a raging pandemic contributing to the spread of the infection in every state he visited.
  • Encouraged supporters to refuse to wear masks, ridiculed and incited aggressiveness towards Dr. Fauci, the CDC, and anyone exposing the truth about COVID.
  • Never reports the updated statistics on COVID-related deaths and instead tell people if they catch it, they will be fine.
  • Gutted the office of Pandemic Prevention and ignored the now proven to be true warnings from the Obama Administration that a pandemic was probable.
  • During an election year, Defied traditional norms rushing through a Supreme Court Justice just weeks before the presidential election admitting to overturn the election if he loses and striking down the Affordable Care Act.
  • He is fighting in the courts to strike down the Affordable Care Act, risking healthcare coverage for over 20 million people during the pandemic.
  • He has undermined the legitimacy of the upcoming election results by promoting false allegations of fraud by Democrats while simultaneously promoting voter suppression strategies and predicting a rigged outcome.
  • After the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, North Carolina, he declared there were¬† “good people on both sides,” which set off a rise of anti-semitic and anti-black aggression throughout the country.
  • Asked a foreign country, Ukraine, to investigate his political opponent
  • Allowed his daughter Ivanka, an employee of the administration, to secure patents from China for her personal businesses while he was negotiating a U.S./China trade deal.
  • Was overheard by Republican officials calling U.S. serviceman (dead and alive) ” losers and suckers.”
  • Demonized opponents instead of simply engaging in a competitive dialogue of opposing ideology
  • Ridiculed Senator John McCain’s military service by saying he preferred people ” who didn’t get caught.” Resisted bestowing national honors to McCain when he died.
  • Declared he knew more than generals about war and military practices.
  • Has promised a superior healthcare replacement plan for years; however, and has produced no such policy.
  • Refuses to release his taxes, which The New York Times reported proves he paid only $750.00 in at least 1 year.
  • Out of control spending of U.S. dollars on excessive golf trips and security for himself and his family.
  • His non-conservative fiscal practices have caused the U.S. debt and deficit to balloon out of control.
  • Encourages violence in support of him and his policies while falsely claiming to be the law and order president.
  • Denies the reality of systemic racism
  • Never speaks about or develops policy for the disabled population.
  • Admires and gives in to dictators while disparages America’s allies
  • Impulsively and compulsively fires qualified officials and replaces them with unqualified loyalists who support his goal of unchecked powers.
  • Defies nepotism laws
  • Continues to be involved in his businesses while simultaneously conducting trade deals with foreign countries
  • Separated immigrant families at the border, placed them in cages, resulting in 545 children whose parents cannot be found.
  • Enters the presidency named as a co-conspirator in a sex scandal payoff of Stormy Daniels
  • Publicly uses profanity
  • Uses disparaging language towards women
  • Demeans the flag and the Bible by using them as props
  • Denies facts about COVID-19 and mocks scientists and people who were masks
  • Calls for the arrest of opponents
  • Invited Russia to interfere in the 2016 election by hacking into Hillary Clinton’s emails
  • Withheld military aid from Ukraine in exchange for their cooperation in investigating his opponent
  • Cut taxes for the upper 1%, but not the middle and lower classes.
  • Uses a private cell phone to conduct U.S. foreign policy.
  • Found guilty in the courts of committing charity fraud in connection to The Trump Foundation.
  • Found guilty in the courts of fraud against students of the now-dissolved Trump University and was ordered to pay $20 million in repayment to the students he scammed.
  • Pulled out of all climate and anti-nuclear deals made by the Obama Administration regardless of their legitimacy or effectiveness.
  • Refuses to confront Putin on election meddling, placing bounties on U.S. troops in Afghanistan, and any human rights violations.
  • Adopted Russian rhetoric about the free press calling all media ” fake news” accept for government-controlled outlets.
  • Threatening governors in democratic states that they are being watched closely for suspicion of voter fraud.
  • Asking for thousands of legally cast votes to be thrown out if they are not counted on Nov. 3rd.
  • Divides the electorate by using rhetoric that promotes racial and gender fears and prejudice.

This list of abhorrent, anti- American behaviors exhibited by Trump is only a sampling of why the country is failing on all levels and needs to be healed and saved by members of both the Republican and Democratic parties. 



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