Anonymous Author Of The Book ” The Warning” Finally Reveals Himself. Former Chief of Staff Of Homeland Security Miles Taylor Once Again Warns America Of How Trump’s Cruel Nature And Disrespect For The Rule Of Law Continues To Threaten Our National Security. He Is Encouraging Former Staff Members Who Witnessed Trump’s Incompentence And Savage Impulses To Come Forward And Choose Democracy And Patriotism Over Party..

Miles Taylor Risks It All To Prove Trump Is Cruel and Unfit To Be President

Despite Trump’s assertion that he fired Miles Taylor, Mr. Taylor has a letter that proves he resigned. The liar- in- chief has no shame when it comes to telling lies that can be disproven. Taylor is not a loser and a liar as Trump claims. Nor can he be characterized merely as a disgruntled former employee. He is a Republican, a patriot and highly qualified intelligence professional who realized he had to take action to inform to the country about Trump’s cruel, self-serving agenda for America.

Taylor appeared with Chris Cuomo on CNN and described the challenge he and other officials in Homeland Security faced when dealing with Trump’s ” wildly focused, unethical, immoral, and Un- American approach to policy-making.” Restraining Trump’s dangerous, aggressive impulses towards immigration policy was a particular challenge for the department. During a meeting with Homeland Security early into his presidency, Miles said Trump asked if we could “shoot immigrants, even women and children if they were crossing the border.” Taylor and the team were horrified and alerted to the cruel impulses the president had towards immigrants, opponents, and minorities. The team realized the challenging task facing them to educate Trump about the humane constraints the laws in the Constitution place on leaders regarding the use of violent acts in their approach to governing.

The child separation policy of the Trump Administration remains the signature act of cruelty, racism, and defiance of America’s global support human rights, asserts Taylor. The Statue of Liberty inscription of ” give me your tired, your poor, huddled masses yearning to breathe free” has been trampled on by Trump, White House Senior advisor Steven Miller, and the enablers in Homeland Security and the Department of Justice. Taylor reveals the desperate efforts he and others in his department took to steer the immigration policies in the direction of adherence to the rule of law and humane practices, However, he says, Trump was committed to a more violent, aggressive immigration policy.

The New York Times recently reprinted major points covered in ” A Warning”. The book revealed Trump showed no interest in the other branches of government, telling an aide, ” don’t worry about Congress, just do what you need to do.” Career government officials became concerned about the possibility of presidential abuse of power occurring with such disregard for how democracy works. Taylor described Trump as ” unlearned, intellectually incurious and obsessed about leaks.” As a result, he continued to exhibit limited aptitude for understanding how government worked. Taylor asserts Administration officials were constantly braced for chaotic disturbances in the functioning of the government as Trump would assign vital tasks to the wrong departments.

Taylor also discussed witnessing countless incidences where Trump berated son- in- law Jared Kushner on a variety of issues in front of aides, saying, “You don’t know what you’re talking about, Ok. You don’t just don’t know what you are saying.” The fact that the president would then bestow Jared with the authority to oversee policy on Middle East peace, the opiod crisis, the COVID-19 crisis, and immigration caused Republicans inside the Administration not to respect or trust Trump’s judgment.

Despite Taylor’s accounting of Trump’s incompetence, governance by self- interest, and lack of control of vindictive urges, the breaking point for the author was how the president reacted to the death of John McCain. McCain was often a target of Trump’s disrespect long before his death revealing pathological insecurities and envy that Taylor believed revealed a flawed character unworthy of the presidency. Adding to his derogatory comments questioning McCain’s status as a war hero, Trump was angered by the national attention given to McCain’s passing and initially resisted lowering the flags to half staff to honor him.

Taylor, like massive numbers of Republican military personnel, career intelligence professionals, ambassadors, and former members of the Administration have bravely declared staying in power is not more important than saving democracy from Trump’s autocratic, disturbing instincts.

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