Why Do Republicans Promote Voter Suppression Legislation? If Democracy Is Founded On The Right To Vote In Free And Fair Elections, Shouldn’t Elected Officials Make The Voting Process Easier Not More Difficult For It’s Citizens? Donald J. Trump Is The First President In History To Brazenly Promote Voter Intimidation And Reduce Fair Handling of Vote-By-Mail. The Republican Party Has Cooperated In Trump’s Attack On Democracy And The Party Is Now The Mob-like Party Of Corrupted Elections.

Trump is so power hungry and insecure it’s causing him to make disastrous political mistakes during the final days of the campaign.  Holding the desperate super- spreader rallies are putting his supporters and entire states at risk for infection from the coronavirus. The gaslighting message at his rallies that the virus is going away when there is factual evidence to the contrary indicates a disregard for the lives of his supporters as well as the entire country. COVID-19 is blazing through America like a California wildfire and instead of sending a fleet of firefighters out in force to put it out, Trump claims there is no fire. His lack of leadership is endangering lives FACT, corrupting American democracy, FACT, and reducing our moral standing in the world, FACT. Had Donald Trump not possessed the  sociopathic traits of a classic cult leader, he would have been impeached or forced to resign years ago.

The Republican party is invested in suppressing voter turnout and vote-by-mail. They have acknowledged that when voter turnout is high, Democrats win. So across the country, red states are using the tactics of voter intimidation, obstructing mail delivery, and restrictive voting criteria to influence the election in favor of Trump. Recently in Wisconsin, the GOP succeeded with the help of Republican-appointed appellate judges to limit early voting. In Florida, courts have backed efforts to withhold voting rights of hundreds of thousands of felons, many of them being people of color.

Texas Governor Abbott has succeeded in limiting the amount of mail-in ballots available to voters, forcing people who want to vote to stand on long voting lines putting their health at risk during a pandemic. Blatant attempts to reduce voter turnout by Republicans is an unpatriotic, corrupt trend which threatens the survival of our democracy. Trump’s immorality, corruption, and lack of compassion has degraded the presidency and weakened the spirit of country. Specific to voting, Trump has been making false claims of voter fraud to set up a court battle to steal the election if he loses.

Trump is such a sissy. It is laughable that he has convinced any man that he is the model of masculinity. His whining and blaming are hallmarks of an insecure man who uses his height, girth, and loudmouth to project masculinity, however the con job is not working. Women in particular see through the strongman facade to his creepy, weak self. Watching buff biker dudes describing Trump as super macho is baffling. The increase of toxic masculinity since Trump became president is concerning to women who aspire to full equality.

Trump, the sore loser, is demanding the election be decided on the night of November 3rd. He has no authority to do so and his demands show he knows nothing about election law. This demand is another example of Trump trying to abuse his power and violate the Constitution. Elections are often not decided on election night. As long a ballot is postmarked by Nov. 3rd, it meets the criteria for a valid vote by a U.S. citizen.

The GOP has brought a staggering amount of cases to the courts attacking when and how votes will be counted in the final election tally. Republicans want fewer people to vote than more. Their fear of losing is understandable, however, their corrupt tactics rob people of their voice in what has become an American democracy that could collapse if Trump wins.

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