Chief of Staff Mark Meadows Admits The Trump Administration Has Given Up On Trying To Get COVID Under Control. Meadows Announced Today “We Are Not Going To Control The Pandemic.” This Stunning Admission Of Failure And Surrender To The Ravages of COVID-19 Validates The Correlation Between Trump’s Reckless Policies And Behaviors And The Skyrocketing Infection And Death Rates. Waiting For A Vaccine Is Trump’s Only Strategy To Deal With Pandemic, Which Is Directly Killing Americans. Is Trump’s Disinterest In Preventing Virus Deaths Rooted In Racism And Disregard For The Lives of Seniors?

Donald Trump’s stance on COVID-19 proves he is either, intellectually challenged, morally depraved, or sociopathic. In the presence of dramatic increases in corona virus cases and deaths, the president continues to declare, ” The virus is going away, we are rounding the corner, and wearing masks don’t prevent becoming infected.” These statements deny science, discourage following CDC protocol for protection, and lie about the facts. He is holding super-spreader rallies, hypocritically, unethically cramming the appointment of a new Supreme Court Justice, denying Americans another COVID relief bill, and leading the campaign on voter suppression. America has never had a president whose actions show he is willing to watch people die and refuse to take doable actions to save them.

Over 225,000 have died of COVID and infections are up in 40 states. Trump is mocking COVID at his rallies, announcing, “aren’t we all sick of hearing COVID, COVID, COVID?” How can anyone of sane mind laugh when he mocks the deadly disease and attacks the scientists and journalists who provide the public with scientific facts on how to protect themselves? How did it become acceptable to have such a dumb, dishonest, self-serving person serve as president? When in history have masses of military and government officials campaigned to remove the president of their own party? These Republicans have seen Trump’s incompetence first- hand and report he is incompetent, impulsive, vindictive, and violates the Constitution for personal and political gain. Generals have called him a “moron, an idiot, and an autocrat.” The cult movement Trump has created has attracted the uneducated, celebrity addict, racist , evangelicals, and the greedy rich who have abandoned their loyalty to democracy and transferred it to Trumpism.

Legal experts are exploring how elected Republic officials could be held legally responsible for the thousands of COVID deaths and the financial ruin of millions of Americans based on dereliction of their duty. The silent Republican Senators and the cheering super- spreader Trump supporters should be partially liable for the deaths and other damages caused by the pandemic. They have knowingly enabled Trump’s campaign against science and fact and should be seen as ccmplicit in the suffering his incompetence has caused. During the AIDS epidemic in the 1980s, people who had sec their partners without disclosing they were infected with the HIV virus were charged with a felony. If someone goes to a crowded campaign rally, doesn’t wear a mask, doesn’t get tested and as a result infects others, there should be consequences for their reckless dishonesty. Trump supporters have adopted his arrogant and deviant attitude about COVID and therefore they are as guilty as he is for it’s disastrous consequences.

Blacks, Latino’s, and seniors are among Trump’s least favorite people, and they happen to make up the majority of COVID-19 deaths and infections. Is that why he is so disinterested in developing a plan to stop the spread of the virus? Is that why he has created policies that deny and mock the pandemic? These may sound like outrageous theories, but given documented evidence of Trump’s racism, reaching this hypothesis is understandable.

The former Vice President of the real estate division of Trump University, Barbara Res has written a book called Tower Of Lies chronicling first-hand evidence of Trump’s racism. Ms. Res worked for Trump for 18 years and shared incidences in the book where Trump reprimanded her for allowing black people in the lobby of his real estate properties. She reported Trump said, “don’t even have black people in my buildings where billionaires are looking to buy a property.” Res cite countless other examples of Trump disparaging blacks, other minorities, and women. Tower of Lies is an eyewitness accounting of why minorities, women, LGBTQ, and the disabled community should reject Trump on Nov. 3rd. Showing confidence he will be re-elected, today at a rally he said, “you won’t hear COVID, COVID, COVID after Nov. 3rd, ” Re-electing Trump will result in thousands of deaths that could have been prevented. The Founding Fathers would be chanting ” lock him up.”

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