President Barack Obama Delivered A Scathing, Fact-Based Rebuke Of Donald Trump And His Job Performance. Speaking In Philadelphia Yesterday Obama Said Trump Has Not Taken The Job Seriously And Has Run His Presidency Like A Reality TV Show. The Disturbing List Of Failures He Mentioned Ranging From COVID, Separating Immigrant Children From Their Parents, The Crumbling Economy, Corruption, And Cronyism Was A Warning To America To Vote Trump Out Of Office And Elect Joe Biden To Save Democracy And Restore Credibility To The U.S. Presidency.

Nobody is better at getting under Trump’s skin than Barack Obama. It is a sad tragedy that Trump has gotten to use the presidency to primarily seek revenge on Obama for no substantive reason ( besides jealousy and racism) and reverse the accomplishments of the Obama presidency. Obama made it clear that personal revenge, racism, and the corrupt pursuit of power and money defines the essence of the Trump presidency. The former president’s words were a plea to any American caught up in the reality TV spectacle of Trump, to choose morality and the rule of law over his super-spreader rallies and epic lying when they go to vote on Nov. 3rd.

Obama elaborated on the failures of Trump as a person and as a leader. When quoting the death count of 220,000 people who have died of COVID, he mocked Trump’s admission that he wouldn’t do anything different in his handling of the pandemic. Additionallly, President Obama prosecuted the claim that Trump has not taken the job seriously and presented evidence he has weakened our national security, ignored the reality of climate change, increased racial tensions and inequality, improperly and inadequately staffed the U.S. government, violated the Constitution for political gain, and been as model of immorality and corruption.

Implied in Obama’s assessment that Trump hasn’ t taken the job seriously is the notion that in four years it appears Trump has not evolved in his knowledge of the complex issues that president’s are expected to understand. His rally speeches and interviews with the media lack detail, accuracy, and solutions for the vital isues America faces. To distract from his lack of knowledge expected of a U.S. president, he fills his speeches with grandiose promises, criticism of past presidents and their legacies, and of course, false statements which aim to incite loyalty and excitement about him, and disdain for his opponents. The theme of Trump not understanding what it means to be president and thus not doing his job clarifies many of the criticisms he receives on his handling of issues such as COVID, climate change, and the ecconomy. His denial of the science regarding these issues is a cover-up for either being incapable comprehending the information provided to him on the subjects, or a laziness, as Obama implied, to prioritize the tasks required of a competent president.

Even if Trump eliminated the hours he golfs and watches Fox TV, one has to question whether he is notvated or intelligent enough to learn complex concepts. He touts his prowess as a financial genius, yet he went bankrupt 4 times, squandered hundreds of millions of dollars of his inheritance and has increased the , U.S. debt by and the deficit by. As Obama pointed out in the Philadelphia speech, Trump inherited a booming economy and has run it into the ground due to his mishandling of the coronavirus pandemic. He has been successful in misleading Americans who know little about economics and have limited financial holdings that how the stock market is performing reflects the full narrative on how the economy is doing, which is false.

Obama took jabs at Trump which are guaranteed to have angered him. He emphasized the crashed economy, his squandered inheritance, low TV ratings, emboldening of racists, and legitimizing conspiracy theory groups ( Qanon) and their crazy supporters. The truth is, the tone against Trump may have been harsh, but the observations were true and the rebuke deserved. President Obama’s words inspired America to commit to hope and change when casting our votes. He warned four more years of Trump could ” get us to a point where you go so far backward it becomes really hard to dig yourself out of that hole.”

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