Trump Will Undoubtedly Be Unable To Control His Disrespectful, Desperate, Impulses During This Thursday’s Debate. Therapist’s Predict If Joe Biden Reveals Trump’s Policy Failures, Violations Of The Constitution, Sinking Poll Numbers, And Evidence Of Racism, Cronyism, And Lies He Will Lose Control. Bringing Up These Issues Will Trigger His Aggressive Tendencies. Once He Begins Interrupting And Ranting, Biden Should Say, “Calm Down, It Will Be Ok Buddy.” The More Aggressive Trump Gets, The More Parental Biden Should Act Towards Him.

Trump is on a tear to tell as many lies as he can about Joe Biden, COVID, Democrats, and his accomplishments as president. He is also stepping up attacks on Dr. Fauci, Governor Gretchen Witmer, and mail- In-ballots, inciting threats to the safety of these individuals. Another erratic action is a demand on AG William Barr to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Hunter and Joe Biden. He also has former patriot Rudy Guiliani colluding with Ukraine for the same purposes. The word unhinged and decompensation are terms being used to describe his unstable emotional functioning. He looks and sounds desperate and Biden needs to understand how to capitalize on these indicators of Trump’s emotional vulnerability and volatility.

Responses from Biden To Trump When He Interrupts during the debate;

  • Get yourself under control
  • Take a deep breath, you sound hysterical
  • Americans are turned off by your rudeness
  • Are you afraid what I have to say will win me the election?
  • Are you experiencing side effects from the steroids?
  • Try replacing insults with some detailed policy


Biden must be prepared for Trump’s strategy of uncontrollable, hypomanic interrupting. In addition to the suggestions stated above, Biden should call upon the moderator to intervene. If it becomes clear Trump is incapable of stopping, Biden could call on the commission running the debate to terminate the telecast naming Trump’s violation of the rules as the cause. Humiliating Trump by taking away his power while millions of people watch would be an appropriate consequence to his rude, aggressive behavior.

Talking Points Biden Should Insert Into His Responses To Questions;

  • Lawyers assigned to reunite families separated at the border reported to the courts that they have been unable to locate the parents of 545 immigrant children.
  • State all the actions Republicans are taking to suppress the vote, by making it harder for people to gain access to ballots and deliver their ballots to be counted in time,
  • Trump has a Chinese bank account and made over $15 million soon after his election. He has been pursuing business in China for many years. He also sold Ivanka and Jared’s apartment to a Chinese businesswoman and personally profited $5 million. Additionally, a Chinese bank purchased three floors in Trump Tower after he became president.
  • If Trump brings up Hunter Biden, The following facts about Trump’s kids;
  • Ivanka Trump secured multiple patents from China while her father was in trade negotiations with the country. She has also violated the Hatch Act multiple times, using her status as part of the administration to promote her personal businesses.
  • Donald Trump Jr secretly met with Russians during the 2015 campaign with the intent to accept dirt from Russia on Hillary Clinton.
  • Ivanka, Don Jr. and Eric Trump are all under investigation for financial and tax crimes related to Trump Organization and Trump Charities.
  • States, where Trump has a held rallies, are seeing an increase in COVID infection rate and hospitalizations. Other states like South Dakota where large gatherings were held with Trump’s encouragement have seen a dangerous spread of COVID.
  • Make the observation Trump never mentions or honors the 218,000 Americans who have died from COVID or those suffering from their symptoms.
  • Trump and dictators use the same strategies and propaganda to rig elections or delegitimize election results
  • Bring up the Bob Woodward tape about lying about COVID threat

Another strategy that would challenge Trump’s comfort zone would be to talk more in-depth about character and morals. Doing so would create the opportunity for Biden to boast about nott being in legal peril from lawsuits, not being known as a proven liar, to be church-going, and dor. never violating the Constitution. It would be fun to watch Trump make up crazy, false accusations about Biden that everyone watching would know are false. The mute button should also be used when a candidate lies.  Temperpant matters in leadership.  The choice is clear. A patriot will choose country and democracy over party every time.

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