If Someone Doesn’t Stop Him, Donald Trump Will Cause More People To Die Of COVID And Will Cause More Death Threats And Potential Serious Injury Towards Elected Officials Who Support COVID Protocols. His Rally Rhetoric Has Devolved Into Pure Hate Speech And Misinformation Aimed To Incite Violence. Law Enforcement, The DOJ ( behind Barr’s back), The Military Or The Courts Need To Determine How They Can Intervene. Additionally, The Media Has Become Supplicants To Trump’s Manipulation To Dominate Their Programming. They Have Become Complicit In Spreading The Dangerous Rhetoric They Denounce.

Today at his rally in Arizona, Trump delivered a frightening declaration. He said, ” people are sick of hearing about COVID. They are tired of the pandemic and tired of hearing from Dr. Fauci and the other idiots. Fauci is a disaster.” Every person in the audience who clapped and laughed at that desperate, irresponsible message are idiots. Trump’s aim is to deflect from his failure at managing this deadly pandemic. Following the lead of a president who caught and spread COVID-19 to countless people as a result of his reckless, defiant behavior and illiteracy about science is IDIOTIC. Does America have to rethink it’s two-party, highly partisan system to insure we never elect another mentally unstable autocratic president who is incapable of thinking rationally and feeling compassion?

With two weeks to go until the presidential election, Trump is acting more erratic and using dark rhetoric to incite mob-like hatred and violence among his supporters towards Democrats, Republicans who oppose him, Dr. Fauci, and mayors and governor’s who enforce the CDC guidelines to contain the spread of COVID-19. With the reality of his poll numbers sinking, Trump has intensified his conspiracy theory narratives that appeal to the fringe contingency of his base. He is talking and behaving more strange, angry, and manic at every appearance he makes. His behaviors are shrinking support for his re-election from independents, seniors, and women.

Despite warnings from his campaign aides to tone down his refusal to take the pandemic seriously, Trump is downplaying it and declaring it is time to move on from giving it so much media and legislative attention. Except for his base who get all of their COVID information from him, the majority of Americans feel Trump has failed miserably in his response to the pandemic. His rejection of the science is being seen as proof of his limited ability to understand and develop solutions to complex issues. This intellectual deficit explains some of his other impulsive decisions such as pulling out of deals which are vital to national security such as the Paris Climate Agreement, the Iran Nuclear Deal, and the World Health Organization. Trump’s pattern of governing is dominated by ending deals and policies without substantive plans to replace them.

The theme of irresponsible endangerment is pervasive in Trump’s current reaction to the persistence of the COVID-19 virus spread. Instead of wearing a mask, practicing social distancing and encouraging his followers to do so, he is demonizing Dr. Fauci and state officials who are acknowledging the resurgence of increased infection rates and hospitalizations. If Trump literally believes the pandemic is a hoax and was invented to derail his chances for re-election, he is more mentally disturbed than originally speculated. To deny reality to satisfy ones ego needs which then puts in people’s lives in danger is an indication of a serious mental disturbance. The media and his supporters should insist he publicly acknowledge the Americans who have died from the coronavirus as well as visit patients who have been put on ventilators.

Anyone considering voting for Trump should also be forced to visit the cemeteries or ICU’s where COVID victims rest In peace or suffer. The ridiculing game of denial they have been allowed to play about the pandemic needs to stop being tolerated. The hurt this cruel narrative is inflicting on the people who have lost members of their families to COVID does not reflect American values. Donald Trump does not reflect American, Christian, or humanistic values. Those in positions of power should consider intervening before more people needlessly die.

Dr. Fauci has announced that he has begun receiving death threats and has had to increase his security protection. This week a suspect was arrested for threatening the life of the mayor of Wichita, Kansas Brandon Whipple. A plot to kidnap Governor Gretchen Witmer was recently uncovered by the FBI and multiple arrests were made of members affiliated with a white supremacist group labeled a domestic terrorist group by the FBI. The common factor in these instances is all of these individuals have been made targets of violence because of Trump’s anti- pandemic position. Demonizing and ridiculing these individuals is inciting violent reactions in Trump supporters who have been asked to go to war for him if he asks them.

As Americans, we can only hope some person or component of our government, military, or law enforcement will intervene before an irreversible tragedy occurs as a result of Trump’s call for violence.

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