Joe Biden’s Speech Yesterday In North Carolina Was Presidential in Message And Tone. He Called For “Hope Over Fear, Unity Over Divisiveness, And Truth Over Lies.” Those Simple Declarations Predict Success For Our Democracy. The Contrast Between Biden And Trump Couldn’t Be Clearer. Trump’s Message Is Filled With Hate, Anger, Misinformation, And Divisiveness. Biden Offers Details On Major Policy Issues And Calls For Attention To Restoring Our Morals As A United Country. Trump’s Replacement For Revealing Detailed Policy Is Fear-Mongering And Hate Speech. He Talks Incessantly About Himself And Offers No Details For A Recovery Plan For America.

The visual contrast between the Biden rally and the Trump rally said it all; No one attending the Biden event will catch COVID from showing up to support their candidate. The Biden supporters were safe in their cars while Trump supporters were shoulder to shoulder with little mask wearing. Joe Biden will protect America and did so while serving as Vice President for Barack Obama. The Bob Woodward tapes with Trump revealed Donald Trump knew the virus was deadly back in January and did not tell the truth to the American people. He has continued to lie about the danger the virus still poses and discourages the use of precautions suggested by the scientific community. How can he be seen as a protector when his own reckless defiance of CDC protocol led to him contracting COVID? How can we believe Trump cares about safety and reducing violence when he leads chants of “lock them all up” ( referring to Biden, Michigan Governor Gretchen Witmer) at his rallies.

Biden began his speech talking about what it means to work hard, compete, and yet retain decency in the fight to win. Contrary to Donald Trump, whose vision of working hard and competing means to fight aggressively and dishonestly to win at any cost (because decency, in his view, is not a priority for a strongman). The term toxic masculinity describes Trump’s approach to engaging in a hard- fought competition. As his former attorney Michael Cohen attests to in his book, Disloyal, Trump often instructed him to threaten, lie, bribe or cheat people on his behalf to win a competition, lawsuit, or negotiation.

Biden talked extensively about the pandemic in his speech. He showed compassion for the 218,000 Americans who have died of COVID-19 and concern for the millions of people who are suffering financially due to the failure of the Trump Administration to get the virus spread under control. At one point he referenced the “empty seat” at the dining room table showing his deep empathy for the grieving surviving family members of the COVID victims. In contrast, it has been noted by the media that Trump never mentions the virus death count or expresses any compassion for the medical suffering the pandemic is inflicting on the country. He only mentions the financial impact of COVID and blames state governments for the damage to the economy because they adhere to the CDC coronavirus protocols.

In his speech, Biden said Trump is lying to Americans by saying, ” we are turning the corner on the virus”. Infection rates and hospitalizations are on the rise while Trump holds rallies that ignores state and city restrictions on large gatherings. Biden restated his pandemic plan which promotes wearing masks, social distancing, testing, contact tracing, and the aggressive, safe pursuit of a virus vaccine. He gave his commitment to providing funding for these essential pandemic programs if he is elected.

As usual, Biden gave a speech rich in positive messaging and policy detail. He addressed the need for law enforcement reform, resolving racial inequality, creating better paying, long term job growth, dealing with white supremacy groups, and protecting healthcare coverage for all Americans. He questioned how the Trump Administration found the time to hold hearings to rush the confirmation of a new Supreme Court justice but cannot find the time to approve a COVID stimulus bill to provide relief to millions of Americans.

The choice in the election is clear. A vote for a Biden administration supports the return to decency, support of the rule of law, professional competence, transparency, and love vs hate. A vote for a Trump Aministration is a vote for immorality, divisiveness, secrecy, dishonesty, cronyism, and a disregard for the Constitution. Biden’s use of the call to restore the ” soul of America” is an indicator of an authentically religious man. Joe carries a rosary, attends church regularly, and has been a charitable public servant his entire life. Contrast this profile to Trump, a man who consistently violates the Ten Commandments, The Constitution, and the basic tenets of decency. Religious people who ” just love him” need to re- read their bibles and decide if they deserve what their faith guarantees them if they live an honest, moral life.


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