Anti-Abortion Hypocrisy By Republicans Is Exposed; Regeneron’s Antibody Cocktail Given To Trump To Treat His COVID Infection Includes Stem Cells From Aborted Fetus’s. Although Many Pro-Life Advocates Beliefs Are Rooted In Deep Religious Conviction, It Appears Elected-Republicans Support Pro-Choice When It Benefits Them Politically And Personally. Throughout His Life, Trump Has Always Been Pro-Choice. He And Many Faux Religious Republicans Are Pro-Anything If It Gets Them Votes. The Hypocrisy And Instability Of This Entire Administration Are Manifesting In An All Out Attempt To Corrupt The 240 Year Tradition Of How The U.S. Elects A President, However, They Won’t Succeed.

Hypocrisy is an indicator of serious character flaws. Hypocrites know they are lying. They operate by the beliefs; ” The rules don’t apply to me” and ” Do as I say, not as I do.” Republicans have become arrogant hypocrites, bragging about being unapologetically unfair. The rush to appoint a new Supreme Court Justice before the election is an example of how Republicans hold one set of rules for themselves and a different set for others. In 2016, Mitch McConnell refused to allow confirmation hearings to proceed for President Barack Obamas nominee, Merrit Garland for the Supreme Court, contending such a move was inappropriate during the last year of a president’s term. However, within 24 hours of Justice Ruth Bader- Ginsbergs death, Moscow Mitch and Trump declared they would move ahead on nominating a conservative judge despite the election being months away. Republicans seem to love power at a level which requires them to act corrupt.

Far- right elected Republican Christians/evangelicals should not be taken seriously about their claim of deep pain over the issue of abortion. A real god-believing, religious purist can quote Bible verses, live by Jesus’s teachings, and attend church regularly. Trump violates all three of these criteria and in their silence the Republican Senate support a president who has legitimized lying, demonstrated anti-democratic sentiments, and normalized hypocrisy which leaves America on the brink of civil war while transforming into authoritarianism. In addition to be pretending to be offended by the existence of Roe v Wade, Trump has pretended to be richer than he is, used the presidency for his personal financial gain, hid his tax and financial crimes from the public, and for his benefit has hired, uqualified, corrupt government officials to function illegally and unethically in their jobs.

Additionally, and most dangerously, Trump, without evidence, is declaring the upcoming U.S. presidential election is rigged and is threatening not to accept the results if he is defeated. As the foundation of our U.S. democracy and sense of decency is under attack by an clearly unstable president, Republican Senators are prioritizing their phony concern about abortion to seat another conservative judge on the Supreme Court. To expose their dishonest proclamations of deep religious faith, let’s force them to a pervasive commitment to anti-abortion ideology and oppose the release of the Regeneron therapeutic Trump was given to fight COVID. Additionally, let us demand they publicly denounce any drug used to fight cancer, heart disease, neuromuscular conditions, birth defects and any other medication that could save their lives or the lives of their families.

As frightening as these unprecedented times of government corruption are for millions of intelligent, patriotic, mentally intact Americans, take comfort in the fact that we are still a democracy. Trump’s continuos attempts to corrupt the judiciary have failed almost every time. One would think his legal team would be humiliated by now at the constant rebuking they receive by federal judges. However to please their bully boss, they are trashing their legal reputations.

This week, the Associated Press reported that a U.S. Trump- appointed federal judge in Pennylvania ruled against another frivolous lawsuit by Trump which claimed voter fraud and corruption throughout the state. Trump’s lawsuit was rejected based on the fact it provided only speculation about fraud they claimed is happening without providing any evidence of “likelihood or certainty” of such corruption. In an attempt to suppress the vote, the lawsuit demanded unnecessary criteria be applied to drop boxes used for mail- in-ballots and insisted on the disqualification of ballots based on subjective rulings of incompatible signatures.

For a man terrified of humiliation, Trump has become masterful at establishing a pattern of humiliating behaviors never before exhibited by a U.S. President. If he were in any job other than the presidency with all of its protections, he would be FIRED! His push to seat his Supreme Court appointee is his last desperate attempt to corrupt the outcome of the election and secure his re-election despite the vote of the American people. The insincere religious opposition to abortion rights by elected Republican officials is nothing more than a strategy to maintain the vote of evangelical Christians. However, no matter how vehemently Trump claims fraud if he loses, his Supreme Court appointees have proven that being conservative does not mean being corrupt.

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