Trump’s Behavior Provides The Perfect Halloween Screenplay To Hollywood Producers; PRESIDENT DEATH WISH! The President Is Creeping Through The White House Halls Like Jack Nicholson in ” The Shining.” He Is Spreading A Deadly Virus, Forcing People Into Cars With Him, Holding Rallies, Giving No Proof He Isn’t Infectious, Trying To Expose His Opponent To His Infection, Ignoring White Supremacist Militia Threats That Could Get People Killed, Encouraging People To Drink Bleach, And Not Protecting American Troops From Russian- Funded Bounty Killers. Presidents Should Protect Life, Not Cause Death.

In general, Trump seems unaffected by the death of others. He has never publicly shown grief over the 210,000 Americans who have died from the coronavirus, over the death of his friend Herman Kaine from COVID, or over the loss of his brother Robert. Therefore, it is easy to expect a political horror movie would include a president who is motivated to stay alive at the expense of the lives of others.

For example, the FBI arrested 13 members of a militia group in Michigan who were plotting to kidnap Michigan’s Governor Gretchen Whitman and possibly threeten her life. Trump and his Administration have not denounced the group, their actions, or any domestic, far-right white supremacists groups. FBI Director Christopher Wray recently said the greatest domestic terrorist threat in America is white supremacists. However, Trump’s refusal to denounce these groups has emboldened them to escalate hate rhetoric, violence against racial groups and established government officials. His inaction is consistent with the Trump horror movie theme “people die directly as a result of Trump.”

The journalist Rick Wilson’s book ” Everything That Trump Touches Dies, ” predicted the kind of carnage that Donald Trump has inflicted on the United States. Over 210,000 people have died of COVID and Trump reacts to their deaths as indifferently as Michael Meyers did in the original Halloween movie. October is here, and as the long dark nights come, Trump is transforming into a mad king descending into an emotional, dark abyss of paranoia, rage, and strange conspiracy theories. Hollywood filmaketrs are watching Trump’s aberrant behaviors, and therefore the movie they make could get severely macabre. The writers might think an extremely dark script would be believed by audiences based on how maniacal Trump is acting. He backed out of the next presidential debate, called Senator Kamala Harris a Communist and a monster, announced after 8 days he is cured of COVID, and is hosting another potential super-spreader at the White House tomorrow while still infected with COVID,

Trump has been acting dangerously and most would expect a Trump Halloween horror movie to include; him purposely infecting his supporters with COVID and ordering them to attack people to spread the virus, ordering militia to arrest all registered Democrats and inject them with bleach, signaling white supremacists to burn black churches, and kidnapping Ivanka to force her to convert back to Christianity. These script ideas illustrate the way in which Trump’s real- life behaviors and mental instability cause people to fear he represents potential death or suffering.

Part of this horror film will include how alarming it is that Republican officials keep silent when this scary President of the United States; 1) emboldens white supremacist violence by not denouncing their existence 2) spreads false propaganda about mail-in-ballot fraud 3) uses the Department of Justice to conduct bogus investigations against his opponents 4) disparages military servicemen who have died or been captured 5) threatens to not participate in the peaceful transfer of power if he loses the election and 7) accepts foreign help to get elected 8) calls our democratic election process fraudent and 9) Lies Lies Lies.

If Trump decides to take the offer and play the monster in “President Death Wish” at least there will be no need for a make-up or hair department.

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