Trump Arrogantly Insisted On Being Released From The Hospital Yesterday After Only 3 Days Of Intensive Treatment For COVID-19. Upon His Return To The White House He Exhibited Labored Breathing And Ripped Off His Mask Before Entering The White House, Exposing The Staff To His Active Infection. It Is Estimated He Has Already Exposed Over 150 People To The Virus By Attending Campaign Functions While Knowing He Had Been Exposed To COVID. The Only Life That Seems Precious To Trump Is His Own.

Since contracting COVID, Trump has exhibited an increase in poor judgment and reckless behavior. Since being hospitalized, he broke quarantine and forced the secret service to take him for a drive so he could wave to his supporters, showing no concern about exposing those in the vehicle to his infection. He also announced, “Don’t let COVID dominate your life and scare you. You can beat it.” This comment sounded crazy and disrespectful to the 210,000 people who did not “beat it” and are dead due to Trump’s incompetent management of the pandemic. He insisted that he be released from Walter Reed Medical Center and taken back into the White House while still infected. Is he literally trying to kill people, or is his desperation to stay in power driving him to ask people to take serious health risks on his behalf?

He has also refused the CDC’s offer to assist with contact tracing of people who have contracted the virus due to exposure to him at recent campaign and White House events.  Additionally, he shut down talks between Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Secretary of the Treasury Steven Minuchin regarding negotiating legislation for a COVID relief bill.  Not only is their concern that the medications he is taking for COVID are impairing his cognitive functioning, but there is also concern that his actions blatantly assert he does not care about how Americans are suffering medically and financially from the pandemic. Trump has been named the #1 individual super-spreader globally and is doing so without any sign of concern for others.

Some hoped the experience of catching COVID would force Trump to be contrite, believe in the science, and encourage Americans to wear masks to protect themselves. Unfortunately, none of those shifts in attitude has occurred. His reaction to catching the coronavirus has been to continue to downplay it, claim to be healthier than he has ever been, and not wear a mask when entering the White House. Imagine how the families of the deceased felt when they heard Trump say the virus is not deadly. Watching him slip right into his caricature of a macho man was cringeworthy. He is a 74-year-old, insecure, obese man infected with a deadly virus and whose vanity is on plain view with his excessive use of makeup and obsessive maneuvering of his hair. It is hard to imagine how bikers and truckers view him as their strongman hero. Women just don’t get it.

The psychological issues Trump exhibits make it impossible for him to learn from his mistakes, admit when he is wrong, and change behaviors. His niece, clinical psychologist Mary Trump has described her uncle as a narcissist and sociopath. These disorders disable a person’s ability to feel empathy, be honest, and have healthy self-esteem. The narcissist is consumed with insecurities and their own self- interests, yet outwardly they present themselves as strong and confident. However, on the inside, they fear being humiliated and will take any action necessary to avoid it. They are consumed by the need to be revered, and they will attempt to destroy the reputation of any person they feel inferior to or threatened by. America has witnessed Trump destroy the careers of countless military heroes, political rivals, and members of his own administration because they either disagreed with him, chose loyalty to the Constitution over him, or triggered his feelings of inferiority.

The titles of many books recently written about Trump indicate why Americans should believe the speculations that he suffers from serious mental disorders. The books Disloyal, Unhinged, Rage, Fear, Undaunted, and Fire and Fury paint the picture of a president who suffers from mood instability,  flaws of character, and egomania. His erratic, immature, incompetent behaviors weaken our national security and moral standing in the world. America isn’t safe when allies and adversaries view a president as dishonest, needy, and unintelligent. Trump’s handling of the pandemic has secured his legacy as the most unfit person ever to be elected President of The United States.  Those who think he is great may share some of the same disorders or character flaws of their hero.  This may explain the 30% of Americans who laugh at his cruelty and miss the fact that he really does not know what he is doing, why he is doing it, or care about the destruction he has caused.

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