Hypocrisy Should Disqualify Anyone For Public Office. Lindsey Graham And Mitch McConnell Are Pathological Hypocrites And If Re-elected, American Government Will Continue To Be Corrupt And Divisive. The Freedom Caucus Wing Of The Republican Party Is Committed To Transforming America Into An Autocracy, As Long As It’s Their Party In The White House. Corruption And Conspiracy Theories Have Replaced Intelligent, Rational, Constitutional Governing. Make America Great Again By Voting Trump, Graham, And McConnell Out Of Office.

Many speculate Trump may have compromising information about Senator Lindsey Graham. It is rumored Trump may have threatened to humiliate Graham with information that could hurt him with evangelicals. Rumors about a blackmail have surfaced due to Graham’s drastic transformation from a man who once called Trump a kook, a xenaphobe, racist and unfit to be president, into a man who kisses his ass personally and politically on every issue.

His most recent degrading act of hypocrisy has been to favor the aggressive move to confirm Trump’s appointee to the Supreme Court prior to the election. In reaction to Graham’s support of this move by Trump, media outlets are playing a video of Graham from 2016 where he says no Supreme Court judge should be appointed to the court in the last year of a president’s term. He emphatically mentions on video that should a court vacancy occur in the last year of Trump’s term, the appointment should wait until after the election. However, now, as chairman of the Judiciary Committee, Graham is touting Trump’s ” right, ” to do it and ignoring his own past ethics about what would be most fair to the American people.

Most people have extreme dislike towards hypocrites. In 2017, psychological scientist Jillian Jordan was the first author on a research study at Yale University investigating why people dislike hypocrites more than people who openly admit to their wrongdoing. In an article in the Association of Psychological newsletter in January of 2017, Jordan reported, “People dislike hypocrites because they unfairly use condemnation to gain reputational benefit and appear virtuous at the expense of those who they are condemning, when in fact these reputational benefits they are getting are undeserved.” A hypocrite’s words differ from their behavior and they lack the self-control to act in alignment with their moral values.  The credo “if I do it, it’s ok, if you do the same thing, it’s not,” is not a sustainable way to govern a democracy.

Hypocrites cannot be trusted because what drives their behavior is their own self-interest, not a commitment to fairness and honesty towards others. Graham’s repeated hypocrisy is recorded on video for all to hear and is damaging the respect and popularity he once earned in the Senate and in his home state of South Carolina.  Another downside to Graham being re-elected is South Carolina has an overall ranking of 42nd among the 50 states.

Along with Lindsey, Senator Mitch Connell is an epic hypocrite who is driven by self-interest at the same immoral level as Trump. In 2016, McConnell openly talked about how Trump’s ignorance was a concern. After Trump’s lewd comments on the Access Hollywood tape, Connell used the word ” repugnant” and called for him to apologize to all women and girls. Additionally, McConnell ignored the  avalanche of accusations of sexual assaults against Trump throughout the 2015 campaign. A true partisan opportunist, McConnell has proven he will abandon all governmental norms and ethics to align with Trump’s anti-constitutional, pro- Russia, hyper-partisan presidential performance. Power over principles is McConnell’s motto.

In 2019, A Russian company invested in a mill in Kentucky  after McConnell supported the lifting of U.S. economic sanctions against Russia. McConnell also worked to obscure the gathering and releasing of evidence in the investigation of Russia’s interference in the 2016 presidential election. The moniker of Moscow Mitch has caught on throughout social media platforms due to these Russian- based stories. However, his recent hypocritical position on rushing to fill the Supreme Court seat, made available because of the passing of Justice Ruth Bader-Ginsberg may be a new low even for the self-proclaimed ” Grim Reaper.” Connell and Trump began the processs of announcing the appointee within 24 hours of Ginsburg’s death which illustrated the cold opportunism of both of these men. The outpouring of love, grief, and respect for Ginsburg and her legacy swept across the country and throughout both parties, while McConnell thought only of his sick, hungry obsession for conservative judges.

Someone needs to enlighten this old, white, dinosaur of a politician to the reality that America is diverse, not a Christian country, is made up of conservatives and liberals, and therefore legal rulings that disregard those demographics will be ignored, rebelled against and eventually overturned. McConnell represents the past where misogyny, male dominance, racism, and anti-secularism was more the norm than it is today.

Graham and McConnell’s allegiance to Trump hasn’t wavered despite Trump’s irresponsible handling of the COVID pandemic which has now caused him and countless others around him to become infected with COVID. Additionally, over 207,000 Americans have died from COVID, over 7,000,000 have become infected with the virus, unemployment is over 8%, and people are financially and emotionally devastated. Trump’s assault on the Constitution, his strange allegiance to Putin, his tax evasion, reference to servicemen as “losers and suckers”, and lying to the American people about the deadly nature of the virus should result in removal from office. Trump will undoubtedly be remembered as the worst, most corrupt president in American history and Republican Senators will also carry the Trump stain.

America needs to heal. Trump losing re-election will help. Removing Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell from the Senate will further cleanse the government from out-dated, corrupt lawmakers who are keeping America from recovering it’s greatness.

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