After Months Of Defying CDC Guidelines To Prevent Contracting COVID-19, Donald Trump Has Been Diagnosed With The Virus. It is Concerning For His Family And For The National Security Of The Country. The Country Waits To Learn How The Illness Will Affect Him. His Poor Judgment And Failed Leadership On His Handling Of The Pandemic Has Inflicted Severe Damage On The Country, And Now On Himself, His Family, And Staff.

Yesterday we learned Hope Hicks, top advisor to the President, tested positive for the coronavirus. By late evening, it was announced that Trump had also tested positive for the virus. This week the president and White House staff flew in close quarters on Marine One and Air Force One to campaign events, a fundraiser, and to the debate without wearing masks. The arrogance and attempt to downplay the pandemic by refusing to wear masks finally caught up with Trump and his cadre of sychopantic opportunists. Contact-tracing and testing amongst the WH staff, the press, and Secret Service are underway to discover the extent of the spread amongst those who had direct contact within the last few days with Trump and Hicks.

It has been surprising he did not get COVID sooner, as he has taken constant risks by holding rallies, fundraisers, and social gatherings in defiance of any protection protocols. We have yet to find out how this recent White House spread happened. However, it is reported Trump has easily come into contact with over 50 people while being infected. It possible the president is the super- spreader in this recent administration outbreak. It is suspected the virus began spreading between White House officials and guests at an event in the Rose Garden last Saturday where Trump announced his nomination for the vacant seat on the Supreme Court. Videos of the event show most people not wearing masks and not socially distancing. The visual of that gathering illustrates the irresponsible politicizing of the coronavirus by Trump and those who have chosen their loyalty to him over the safety of others.

Trump’s physician announced earlier today that he was experiencing mild symptoms. However, by late in the day it was reported the president had developed a slight fever and was helicoptered to Walter Reed Hospital in Maryland. The lack of transparency and honesty of this Administration has caused many to wonder whether Trump is faking that he has COVID as a way to distract from the fact that he is behind in the polls, has been outed as a tax evader, and was labeled a “national humiliation” because of his maniacal performance at the recent presidential debate. Others have wondered if he tried to get infected to get the pity vote or to recover quickly and restart a downplay of the seriousness of the virus. That these scenarios cross anyone’s mind speaks to how little Amerticans trust Trump. However, it appears he is now among the over 7 million people infected with the potentially deadly COVID-19 virus.

It has been reported Trump knew Hope Hicks had tested positive for COVID and yet he still chose to attend a fundraiser at his Bedminster New Jersey golf resort. Whether his decision to go was driven by denial, ego, or political motivation the fact is the president once again demonstrated his disregard for the safety of others for his own self-interests. Despite warnings from Dr. Fauci and other scientific experts, Trump stubbornly chose not to protect himself or others from becoming infected with the virus. His recent return to holding campaign rallies has been a threat to the publics health. His rally attendees who have laughed at his jokes and cheered at his false statements about the pandemic should feel duped and humiliated for believing Trump over scientific facts. Most of Americans realize Trump has been lying about the virus to manipulate the stock market and pander to his vastly uneducated, celebrity- enamored base.

The president and many of his supporters now have egg on their faces. They look gullible and stupid for trusting Trump, The Pillow Guy, and conspiracy theory medical spokesman Dr. Scott Atlas over Dr. Fauci, the CDC, and the World Health Organization. It is noteworthy during the debate that all of Trump’s children defied the rules of the Cleveland Clinic and did not wear masks. It is reported a doctor from the medical clinic approached them and offered them masks and all of them declined the gesture. Trump and his family members exhibit abherrant behaviors driven by ego -centricity, opportunism, vanity, and an addiction to power and money.

Two days into learning of the president’s diagnosis of COVID, there is a air of guardedness and lack of transparency coming from the White House. This administration has been consistently dishonest and lacked transparency on many issues regarding the presidents health, the pandemic, foreign relation issues, and Russia. The pattern of secrecy and vagueness is being continued by White House staff regarding Trump’s current medical condition. Media medical experts point out the information being shared with the public about Trump’s health status is not specific enough to present an accurate picture of the severity of his disease. Regular updates on his heart rate, oxygenation levels, and blood pressure readings would give Americans a truer picture about his symptomology..

Chief of Staff Mark Meadows is sounding political as ever as he spins the bad news about the economy into a false positive narrative. Politicians have been criticized throughout history for being dishonest in their pursuit of power, however, the Trump Administration has taken that tradition to a new low. America will recover when honesty and transparency are required standards for the presidency. In the future, if a president fails at these standards, they should be forced to resign. Americans are exhausted from Trump’s propaganda, blatant lying, bullying, and divisiveness. We can only hope his bout with COVID will mellow out his angry, insecure, vindictive, and dishonest way of governing.

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