Trump’s Corrupt Takeover Of Our Government Should Scare All Americans. The Corruption Lead By America’s First Autocratic President, Supported By A Compromised Republican Senate, Is 3/4 Of The Way Towards Establishing A Russian Version Of Democracy Here In America. When That Happens Maga Cultists Will Be Complicit In The Loss Of Individual Freedoms, Affordable Healthcare, Medicaid, Social Security, And The Possibility Of Increased Wages For The Average Worker. They Will Also Be Responsible For Tax Increases For The Average Worker And The Devastation Of The COVID-19 Pandemic On Our Country. Corruption Is Ending A Constitutionally Based America, You Idiots!

The definition of corruption is “a form of dishonesty or criminal offense undertaken by a person or organization entrusted with a position of authority, to acquire illicit benefit or abuse power for one’s private gain.” Whether you like Trump or hate him, it is an indisputable fact that he lies and spreads disinformation to pander to specific voting blocks, manipulate the stock market, and eliminate the standards of presidential honesty and transparency. It is common knowledge that a liar cannot be trusted. If a lie is proven, it is a fact. If one trusts someone who they know lies, that person is either naive or a liar and complicit in a corrupt process with that authority figure. Voters who continue to support Trump despite his corrupt behaviors of lying, defying Congress, violating the Constitutional rights of American citizens, and co-operating with foreign adversaries to corrupt our elections, better educate themselves about how dangerous a corrupt government is to the freedoms and security of all of its citizens.

Corruption in governing by Trump includes:

  • Demanding his Attorney General protects his efforts to have unlimited presidential power and violates laws and ethics in the process. Barr is not allowed by Trump to be the people’s attorney.
  • Refuses to be transparent with his taxes and financial dealings, which alerts Homeland Security to question whether Russia or Saudi Arabia has compromised him.
  • Appoints people in the position of power who are unqualified for the job to gain control over all aspects of government
  • Hires people and keeps them in an “acting” role to avoid the normal process of congressional confirmation of permanent appointees
  • Lied under oath during the Russia Investigation to Robert Mueller
  • Blocks witnesses to testify in front of Congress to block the release of the proof of his corruption.
  • Aligns with dictators, shuns other democracies.
  • Lies to the American people when it benefits him politically or personally.
  • Lies about opponents to incite violence towards them.
  • Promotes Russian style propaganda against the press, political opponents, and anyone that he wants to harm professionally or personally.

This style of governing is leading America in the direction of being a Russia sham democracy. Democracy means people have choices, but in Russia, whatever Putin wants happens. The Russian president is guaranteed to keep winning elections because of voter suppression and aggression against political components. By claiming elections are rigged and spreading propaganda on opponents, Russia’s elections are completely corrupted. Sound familiar? Trump is calling our election process rigged to sow distrust in the process and to set up a violent rebellion by his followers if he loses. Does this sound like America?

This sounds like a president who does not want the United States of America to be united. Divisiveness is what he creates to cause chaos so he can continue to conduct his corruption while everyone is fighting against each other, too distracted to see his crimes. Voting in Russia is nothing more than an empty process to make Putin appear to be the president of a democracy, which is better for him in the global political world than being seen as a dictator. In Trump, Putin has a US president who admires him and desires his admiration in return. Putin is modeling for a willing Trump how to be an autocrat. Every component of our government warned Trump of Putin’s goal to disrupt and corrupt our democracy for their own gain. But Trump’s narcissism and desire to be an autocrat has made him an enemy of the democracy created by the Founding Fathers.

The number of corrupt administration officials deconstructing the rule of law, ignoring governmental norms, and abandoning professional ethics is massive, like no other time in our history. Although several of President Nixon’s administration ended up convicted of crimes and imprisoned, Trump’s cronyism and crimes exceed that of the Watergate scandal. Additionally, corruption is responsible for the carnage the pandemic has caused. Trump has been lying to the American people about COVID to further his political agenda in ways such as;

  • Bullying the CDC and WHO to report inaccurate information to support Trump’s downplaying of the virus’s threat.
  • Hired Michael Caputo, a mental incompetent with no public health credentials, to alter information in CDC reports
  • Placing his supporters’ health and lives at risk by lying to them about the virus so they will gather for rallies to support his re-election and defy personal protection measures.
  • Suggesting bogus, dangerous remedies to treat COVID against the recommendations of pandemic experts. He even suggested drinking Lysol as a treatment.
  • He sidelined Dr. Tony Fauci, the world expert on pandemics, and replaced him with the unqualified Dr. Scott Atlas, a radiologist, not an infectious disease specialist, and The Pillow Man huckster.
  • Continues to say the U.S. is controlling the virus better than any country. He incites people to rebel against masks and other protections that reduce the infection and death rate.

Another act of corruption by Trump is the appointment of Louis Dejoy as Postmaster. Enjoy has taken actions to limit the USPS’s ability to effectively sort and deliver vote by mail ballots to the American people. While Trump gaslights the country with false claims that Democrats are rigging the election, he has hired another unqualified crony in DeJoy to carry out his crimes against our democratic norms and laws. Once Trump is gone, we will learn the truth about how he used the presidency for his own financial gain, and cost more Americans their lives and livelihood than any president or criminal in US history.

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