Would A Single Woman Go On A Date With A Rich Guy Whose Tinder Profile Included Two Dozen Accusations Of Sexual Assault, 4 Bankrupcies, Proof Of Charity Fraud, Pending Investigations Of Bank Fraud, Tax Evasion, Serial Adultery, And Epic Lying? Of Course Not, And Why? Because You Can’t Trust, Respect, Or Feel Safe With A Person Who Lies, Cheats, And Breaks The Law. So How Does It Make Sense For Voters To Overlook These Moral, Criminal Flaws If Such A Man Is The President? A Trustworthy President, Like Barack Obama, Told Putin To “Knock It Off” And Informed Americans About Threats To Their Public Health.

The cult appeal of Donald Trump will go down in history as one of the most curious, dangerous con jobs in U.S. history. Trump is known throughout the world as a buffoon. World leaders don’ t admire him, are not afraid of him, and do not trust him. The majority of Americans see a president who uses the rhetoric and body language of infamous dictators such as Hitler, Stalin, And Mussolini to incite blind loyalty in his followers. Similar to Trump, these dictators used racist and violent rhetoric to incite hatred and aggression towards any opposition to the dictatorship.

Yesterday, FBI Director Christopher Wray testified in front Congress and reported intelligence findings that prove Russia is interfering in our election process by attempting to damage Joe Biden to help Trump win. Trump’s reaction was to tweet opposition to Wray’s claims and to accuse the intelligence community of wrongly focusing on Russia instead of placing blame China. Trump supporters get furious at being called dumb or cultists. However, for almost four years Trump has refused to stand up for democracy against Russia’s insertion into our elections because it favors him. His claims of Russia’s innocence of U.S. intelligence findings of wrongdoing are transparently self-serving and put in question the intelligence or patriotism of his followers. During the 2016 presidential election all Republican led investigations including those by Robert Mueller, Rod Rosenstein, James Comey, Andrew McCabe and others discovered lies and cooperation by Trump and his campaign with Russia’s efforts to interfere in the election.

Trump gets cheers at his rallies when he makes crude, violent or bullying remarks about his opponents. In order to feel part of the Trump movement, his followers mirror his divisive, conspiracy theorist persona and become aggressive in their attitudes towards opponents. Many say Trump voters are emotionally immature and gullible like excited young adolescents on their way to a metal or rap concert. Issues like Russian ties, climate change, the out of control pandemic, suspicious secrecy about his taxes and medical history seem unimportant to his supporters. Like him, solving complex problems is too hard and not fun so putting on a red baseball cap and whooping it up at a life- threatening rally is preferable.

The unprecedented exodus of Republican military generals, intelligence agency professionals, public health officials, veteran groups, and former administration officials is a red flag that Trump is not fit to be president. It is naive to believe that every Republican warning us of his unfitness is a closet Democrat or has always been a never- Trumper. The bottom line is these officials have seen him in the Oval Office making stupid and impulsive decisions and they know better than any of us, he sucks at the job.

Olivia Troye, a member of the administration’s task force on the coronavirus has quit citing Trump’s reckless, dismissive handling of the pandemic. Troye reported Trump saying, “Maybe the virus isn’t so bad, at least I don’t have to shake all of those disgusting hands.” It is so sad that his supporters are convinced he understands them and cares about helping them. People who know Trump for many years report he shows little care for the feelings, wants, and needs of others. Thousands of mental health professionals speculate he suffers from the serious psychological diagnoses of narcissistic and antisocial personality disorder.

Evidence that he is doesn’t care about his followers or anyone but himself are the super- spreader rallies he has been holding. The Bob Woodward tapes prove Trump is aware of the deadly nature of the virus, and yet he beckons supporters to ignore pandemic protocol and gather in large crowds, arrogantly and defiantly maskless. How can any American be seen as intelligent when they are willing to attend these allies unprotected despite 200,000 people have died from COVID? How can these supporters expect to be seen as intelligent when they support keeping a president in office who told them drinking bleach would clean the virus out of their lungs? Or lied to them about how deadly the virus is? Or who protects Putin, a foreign adversary, and discredits our own national security advisors?

Except for the complicit elected Republican in Congress, masses of lifetime Republicans have abandoned Trump in the name of democracy and morality. Without Trump as president, America will recover from COVID and reunite to solve racial inequality, climate change, and create a strong, fair economy for all.

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