Without Any Proof, Trump Is Accusing The Democrats Of Rigging The 2020 Election, While He Is The One Rigging It In Plain View At A Level Of Corruption Never Experienced In U.S. History. The US Post Office Is Under Attack By Postmaster Louis Dejoy. The Dept.Of Justice Has Been Corrupted By The Criminal AG William Barr.  CDC Reports On The Coronavirus Have Been Altered By Michael Caputo, An Admitted Mentally Disturbed Person With No Credentials In Public Health Administration.

Eliminating corruption and restoring morality to the presidency should be at the forefront in every voter’s minds on election day. Never in America’s history has a president so blatantly taken actions to rig the outcome of a presidential election. Claiming the election is being rigged is Trump’s strategy to invalidate the results should he lose. This claim reveals just how insecure, corrupt, and anti-democracy Trump is. Free and fair elections are the foundation of our democracy. Russia and other autocratic countries routinely corrupt their elections to keep the autocrat in power. Before Trump, presidential candidates ran hard, combative campaigns to win, however, they did not project fraud ahead of votes being counted. Why would an incumbent president behave this way? His attempt to scare, anger, and confuse his followers so they will fight violently rebellion against any election result that doesn’t favor him. Another con by Trump is that he cares about law and order. The only evidence so far that the election is being rigged is;

  • Trump is constantly denouncing mail-in-voting as wrought with fraud.
  • Hiring Louis Dejoy to head the USPS, despite financial conflicts of interests and ordering him to remove mailboxes, dismantle sorting machines, and reduce overtime and post office staff
  • Instructing Attorney General Barr to make false claims about the mail -in-ballot fraud to validate Trump’s claim.
  • Stating the only way he can lose is if the election is rigged.
  • Backing Republican efforts to get bogus Green Party candidates on the ballot in swing states in hopes of hurting the Democratic ticket
  • Supporting Republican efforts to get Kanye West on the ballot to reduce black support of Joe Biden.
  • Threatening to have polling places policed to intimidate voters and reduce turnout.
  • Refusing to publicly warn Putin not to meddle in the election.
  • Discounting the intelligence reporting that Russia is currently trying to influence the outcome of the election in his favor
  • Resisting the placement of ballot collection sites gives voters fewer options to ensure their ballots will be received by election day.

In addition to these corrupt acts, Republican governors are colluding with Trump to suppress the vote. When did wanting to win an election become permission for a political party to commit corrupt acts to interfere with the access to vote or to sow doubt in voters’ minds as to whether their vote will count? Governor Rick De Santis is one Republican official to watch for possible attempts at voter suppression in Florida. In the name of public health, a governor has the right to call for a state or county shutdown. If preceding the election, DeSantis was directed by Trump to shut down counties where he has little support; DiSantis would do it. Governors can also influence practices that control the distribution of mail-in and absentee ballots within communities, resulting in favoring one party over another. Americans and the press must be vigilant in observing election practices in red swing states to identify corruption in the voting process.

Trump has used corruption and cronyism to retain power and damage the stability and character of the country. His loyalty to the Republican Party is fake, based only on how much they will continue to allow his defiance of the Constitution and his pursuit of creating an autocratic America. Trump proves how dumb he is and how dumb he thinks his supporters are by arrogantly violating the Constitution and still proclaiming he is protecting our democracy. He literally shows no sign of understanding that the Constitution,  as written, makes America a democracy. Americans should always choose competence over bluster when voting for a president. As Barack Obama, the man Trump is most jealous of says, ” the man is just not up to the job.”

The election of an unqualified person with a proven history of shady dealings, suspected tax and financial fraud, serial adultery, associations with criminals, and business dealings with foreign adversaries is a stain on the character of those who served him and voted for him. One day, an ethical Congress may find Trump supporters and elected Republicans partially responsible for his crimes and sanction them legally for their complicity.


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