If Voters Don’t Choose Country Over Party In The 2020 Election, Trump’s Self-Serving, Pathological Lying Will Cause More COVID-19 Deaths, Invite Russian Influence Into OurGovernment, And Perpetuate Toxic Racism. The United States Economy Does Not Need Trump To Flourish. That Is A Con Job. While Pretending To Be Conservative Republicans, Fox And Trump Are Extremists Committed To Transforming America Into An Autocratic, Banana Republic Where Citizens Are Denied The Truth And Governmental Transparency.

The latest hoax Trump is spreading is he didn’t tell Americans about the coronavirus’s deadly nature because he did not want them to panic. He can be heard in taped interviews with journalist Bob Woodward, saying he knew the virus was deadly, and he knew that it spreads in the air from person to person. His choice to downplay the scientific facts about COVID reveals his unfitness to protect American lives.  It also reveals another hoax/lie. If he is so concerned about not wanting to panic people, then why is he using the strategy of raising panic over made-up issues such as impending carnage in the suburbs, anarchy, and a devastated economy should Joe Biden be elected?  His political strategies are obviously manipulative towards a base that favors celebrity and drama over competence.  A president should be honest and provide information to people during an impending threat to take precautions to protect themselves.  Additionally, the reason why COVID-19 has killed so many Americans and wrecked the economy is that the Republicans decided to keep a president in office who they know he is a liar who tried to rig the 2020 election by extorting Ukraine, disparaged war heroes, committed other crimes, and who has sleazy morals. Led by Mitch McConnell, who will go down in history as an enemy of democracy, the Republican Senate did not allow witnesses in Trump’s impeachment and abandoned their country for their party.  New revelations in Trump’s own words reveal he will lie about anything to protect himself and promote his self-interest; however, over 190,000 Americans died because he lied about COVID-19.

Watching Trump supporters interviewed on TV is almost as disconcerting as knowing Trump is the president. They make statements that parrot his divisive, conspiracy theory rhetoric. When questioned about America’s policies and issues, they speak without facts exhibiting Trump-level grammar and vocabulary. Maybe the Founding Fathers should have demanded that citizens understand the Constitution and democracy to qualify to vote. Voters should know the Constitution means more than the right to own guns and to be able to say any stupid or rude comment we want in the name of free speech. If that’s the extent of Trump supporter’s comprehension of what our republic stands for, that explains why they are embarrassingly duped by the most criminal-minded, unintelligent person ever to be president. His loyalists should demand the release of his college grades, SAT scores, and taxes for the past 10 years if they want to prove millions of Americans wrong.  Maybe those who continue to support Trump should have to make reparations to the rest of Americans trying to protect democracy.  Those reparations might include the cash we may find out he has drained out of the US Treasury.

The duping of the base is becoming more apparent with each book that gets released. Michael Cohen revealed to Rachel Maddow this week that Trump has always been pro-choice. Is that because he may have paid for abortions for women he had flings with in the past? Or is it because, like Cohen shares in his book, he sees the evangelical ultra-conservative beliefs as “bullish*t? Bob Woodward’s book reports ( with other media outlets corroborating) Trump has called dead and alive servicemen  ” losers and suckers.” How can the base believe he respects the military when he has publicly disparaged war heroes and highly decorated generals?  Does the base believe he respects the military simply because he says he does and will disrespectfully wrap himself in our sacred flag?  Is it intelligent to believe someone’s words when their actions contradict their message?  Many experts say that increasing the military budget was unnecessary, and calling for military parades and a Space Force is how he has conned many into thinking he is the best military president in history.

More conning is seen when;

  • Trump claims credit for a great economy based on how the stock market performs. If voters were required to educate themselves on economics before they voted, they would learn top economists say a president is not the main influence on the stock market and the stock market is not synonymous with how the economy is doing.  Trump uses Twitter to manipulate the stock market in the hopes of keeping the con job going about his prowess on economics.
  • Trump admits to Woodward that he likes to avoid talking about COVID, which seems to have effectively convinced the cult portion of his base the pandemic is an overblown issue invented by Democrats to hurt him. He does this as the death and infection rate increase. Another con job strategy is to call all democrats far-left, dangerous extremists, while it is he who is a far-right, autocratic extremist, and a threat to our freedoms. 
  • The death count for COVID is at 192,000 today, yet Trump holds large gatherings where his supporter’s health and lives are placed at risk. He arrogantly won’t wear a mask or implement a pandemic plan that will help save lives. He has conned supporters to believe COVID victims died from other medical problems and that the deep state uses the death count to hurt him politically. Also mind-boggling is listening to the rally crowds laugh at his attempts at humor, which are as boring and unfunny as the amateur comic who appears at 1 am on a Monday at the Comedy Store.

  • US intelligence has informed our fake “America First” president that Russia is meddling in the 2020 election, and Trump has stayed silent. Obviously, he knows he needs their help to win, so to hell with democracy, his self- interests are more important.  He is conning the base to focus on China as the only threat to our election security to keep Russia’s focus (possibly because of business ties).  However, he has conned people to trust there is nothing in his taxes that would reveal he has been lying about his Russian involvement.

Trump has trashed the economy because of how out of control COVID has become while denying the science. The conning continues as he manipulates his base (who owns very little, if any, stocks), that without him, the economy will crash. Anyone not captured by his cult rhetoric knows the economy has already crashed because of his incompetent decisions as president. Millions of people have died, lost their jobs, businesses have permanently closed, the unemployment rate is between 8-10%, and millions of Americans face evictions and healthcare coverage loss. Trump has no pandemic plan, no healthcare plan, no plan to protect our elections from foreign influence, and no plan to address the racial injustice issue. Additionally, he admitted to Woodward he believed that systemic racism does exist. He admits to the problem privately, does nothing about it, and publicly denies its existence.  More evidence that he lies and shows a lack of leadership because he is not qualified for the job.

The claim that Trump is a smart strongman has been exposed as another con job.  Under pressure to perform, a real strongman doesn’t whine, blame others, and shirk responsibility as he does. It’s confusing how so many people assume a man is strong simply because he says he is and because he is tall and obese. What catastrophe has to befall the country for voters to realize a dishonest, non- transparent president might be working to destroy our democracy?

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