Books Are Coming Out At Record Speed About Trump’s Low Character, Racism, Pathological Dishonesty, Criminality, And Intellectual Unfitness. Bob Woodward’s New Book “Rage”  And Audiotape Releases From Interviews Reveal Trump Knew How Deadly The Coronavirus Was And Lied About It To The American People. Woodward’s And Michael Cohen’s Book, Disloyal, Expose Evidence, ” Not Fake News” Of How Trump Lies As A Strategy To Manipulate His Base. They Also Reveal More Evidence Of His Racism, Misogyny, Russian Business Ties, And Autocratic Vision For America.

Journalist Bob Woodward, made famous for being part of the team that broke the Watergate scandal involving President Richard Nixon, has done it again. His new book, Rage, includes a collection of 18 interviews with Donald Trump, where Trump admits to knowing about the severity of the virus in February and chose to lie to the American people about it. Woodward also has released recordings of parts of the interviews, which makes it impossible for Trump to say the claims are ” fake news.” On one of the tapes Trump says, “I didn’t want to cause panic so I didn’t talk about it. I still don’t want to talk about it.”

It is clear on the tape Trump understood the virus posed a serious threat to public health as he explained ” Bob, it is passed through the air, and that is how you get it.”

Knowing the risks of the virus, Trump held at least 5 in person campaign rallies before the country shut down as the virus began infecting and killing more people in mid-March. The attendees at the rallies we’re not wearing masks or socially distancing because Trump was lying by calling the virus a Democratic hoax. It sounds as if he didno t care about the lives of his ardent, brain- washed supporters, but cared more about the photo op of an adoring crowd. It has been said he thinks of his followers as sheep that he can lead anywhere, even to the slaughter of COVID-19 at an unprotected gathering. Michael Cohen describes the cult mentality of Trump supporters from his own personal experience under the spell and control of Trump’s mental manipulations.

Cohen’s book portrays his relationship with Trump as being similar to that of the grown Trump kids. He was included in meetings related to the family business as well as acting as a fixer for many of Trump’s illegal schemes. In his book, he recounts experiences with Trump that demonstrated racist, cruel, and narcissistic behaviors and attitudes similar to those on public display throughout his presidency such as;

“I will never get the Hispanic vote, because like the blacks, they are too stupid to vote for Trump.”

Hired an Obama look- a- like so he could belittle him regularly, then fired him on a video.” ( extremely disturbed behavior).

After Obama was elected, Cohen said Trump’s reaction was,  “tell me one country run by a black person that isn’t a sh.t hole. They are all f- cking toilets.”

Regarding Stormy Daniels he said, “If it comes out it won’t play well with my supporters. But I bet they would think it’ s cool that I slept with a porn star.” ( Melania should take back her criticism’s of Hillary. She stayed with a serial adulterer).

Regarding Putin, Trump told Cohen, ” I love Putin because he could take over an entire country, and run it was like his perrsonal company, like Trump Organization.”

These statements sound accurate because the quotes are the same style and vocabulary Trump routinely uses.

In Brian Stelter’ a new book, Hoax, he reveals Trump’s reliance on Fox News hosts for policy decisions and positions. Stelter says because of Trump’s deficit of qualifications, fake conservatism and lack of ideology, he uses the  Fox pundits to help preserve his image as a real Republican. Examples of actions Trump has taken that coincidently occurred after a Fox broadcast on the topic are;


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