The Term ” Fake News” Originated In Russia By Propagandists Like Putin Who Manipulate Their Governments For Their Own Personal And Political Gain. Trump Stole The Term From The Russians Because He Shares The Same Un- Democratic Ideas Of Putin. If Trump Supporters Want To Stop Being ” Punked” By Trump’s Lies, They Should Read The Article Vox Published In April 2018 Titled “How Russia Pioneered “Fake News”. Trump Supporters Should Ask Him To Release His Taxes To Prove He Hasn’t Lied About Having Business Ties To Russia.

To everyone except members of the Trump cult movement, it is obvious his cries of ” fake news” is a strategic deflection to hide his transgressions. The mantra has become a bad rerun of his sideshow of a presidency, as he proclaims ” fake news” and “hoax” as scandals unfold like a runaway train. The scandals being uncovered about Trump mega-donor Postmaster Louis Dejoy confirm Trump’s pattern of appointing corrupt white rich men who share his propensity for using power to break laws. Any disparaging news about him or any of his cronies is labeled ” fake news.” His administration and White House staff are hitting the airwaves espousing opposition to the truth with cries of “a deep state.” This governmental rhetoric is straight out of the Russian playbook to hide truth and facts from its citizens.


Sean Illing reported in a Vox article that in the 1990s and 2000s, the Russians employed the strategy of using the internet to “spread misinformation to disorient its citizens.” IlIings interviewed author Timothy Snyder, author of The Road To Unfreedom for his article. Snyder describes. the Russians propaganda process goes something like; ” Use the internet to flood society with misinformation, demonize the institutions charged for uncovering the facts, and then exploit the confusion that results.” Snyder explains to Illing that Russian oligarch clans used these techniques to put Putin into power. Russia then expanded the use of these digital disinformation techniques to target Western countries. Putin’s goal was to create chaos and divisiveness and targeted Trump as the “tool” to accomplish the goal of destabilizing democracy in America. Snyder concludes Trump’s business ties with Russia are real and that Russia has kept him financially solvent for years. They concluded Trump was “a failed businessman” who could play being a successful businessman on TV and because of his love of power and money could successfully employ the ” fake news” approach to make Americans lose trust in institutions and to trust only the president’s messaging.

Illing’s article reveals more about the relationship between Russia and Trump and every American should read it along with Snyder’s book. Democrats, Republicans, and Independents working to defeat Trump should expose how he mirrors the Russian-inspired strategy of lying, spreading propaganda, attacking the legitimacy of media outlets, and creating racial and other societal divisions. Throughout Trump’s presidency, he has resisted criticizing and confronting Putin on any issue, even U.S. intelligence which implicates Russia paid Taliban bounty hunters to target US troops in Afghanistan. Snyder’s book indicates widespread suspicions of Trump being compromised by Russia may be true due to business ties he has been hiding. It is also possible that Trump supports Putin’s form of democracy which prioritizes the ultimate power of the leader at the expense of personal freedoms.

Trump is currently in full Russia “fake news” mode as he tries to fend off the onslaught of damaging revelations about his character in recently-published books. Military professionals, veterans, former Administration officials, and his former attorney, Michael Cohen are publicly denouncing his character and questioning his patriotism. Trump declares that Cohen cannot be believed because he lied to Congress. However, it’s an ironic argument for him to make because he is a documented liar of epic proportion who hopes by labeling his scandals as “fake news, “, he will be believed. His desperation is palpable. The Road To Unfreedom indicates indisputable collusion between Trump and Russia to get him re-elected. Both Republican and Democratic Americans must reject Russian interference in our elections and a president who may be complicit or compromised. Trump is attempting to invalidate the results of the election by spreading false projections of fraud in an attempt to maintain power. America has never experienced a president as dictator-like as Trump and electing Joe Biden redirects our government back towards democracy.


” I am the environmental president.”

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