Trump Has Publicly Disparaged Military Heroes Throughout The Years. This Fact Is Strong Circumstantial Evidence That Journalist Jeffrey Goldberg’s September 3rd Article In The Atlantic Magazine Is True About Trump Referring To Buried Soldiers At Aisne-Marne Cemetery Near Paris As “Losers”. His Love Of Military Parades, Increased Military Budgets, And Photo Ops Of Hugging The Flag Are The Ways He Has Tried To Hide His Disrespect For People Who Volunteer For Military Service And For Those Soldiers Who Get Killed Or Captured.

The only fight Trump has ever waged related to the military is his fight to dodge the draft during the Vietnam War. Thousands of young men did not want to go to Viet Nam. Most were scared or didn’t believe in the war, and were fearful about being drafted. However, they did not let their fears or, for some, their ” born with a silver spoon in their mouth” sense of entitlement to buy or lie their way out of protecting this country when duty called. Trump’s entitlement and cowardice level make him the most unworthy Commander- in- Chief in U.S. history.

Jeffrey Goldberg’s article asserts that during a trip to Paris in 2018, Trump said to at least four administration officials, “Why should I go to that cemetery. It’s filled with losers”. During the same trip, Goldberg reports in a separate conversation with officials; Trump referred to the 1,800 Marines buried at Belleau Wood Cemetery as “losers for getting killed.” Despite Trump’s vehement denials of the accusations, Goldberg’s sources are reported to be corroborated by multiple sources who have requested to remain anonymous. However, other media sources, such as Fox News, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and The Associated Press, have confirmed Goldberg’s reporting accuracy. The sources added that Trump advisors claim during the same shocking conversation, Trump said he didn’t understand “why the U.S. government placed so much importance on finding soldiers missing in action because they have performed poorly, gotten caught, and deserved what they got.”

Those who lack knowledge about the characteristics of severe psychological, characterological pathology are incapable of recognizing the reality that Trump’s lies, conspiracy theories, lack of empathy, and obvious insecurities indicate he is mentally unwell. His followers prefer to refer to his deviances as ” differences,” which is a symptom of blind loyalty. Mental health experts view blind loyalty as an immature developmental stage most people resolve by adulthood.

The reason why so many are tending to believe the claims about Trump in Goldberg’s article is that there extensive documentation of him disparaging the service of military heroes simply because they have opposed him politically, such as;

  • Denigrating Senator John McCain’s military service by saying, ” Why is he a hero because he got captured? I like people who don’t get captured”.
  • Discounting purple heart recipient Senator John Kerry’s service during the Vietnam War.
  • Calling President George H. W. Bush a loser because the plane he was piloting got shot down during World War II.
  • Attacking Admiral William H. McCraven, who was the architect for the plan that killed Osama Bid Laden, for being a ” Hillary Clinton Fan,” when he has publicly always been non- partisan
  • Suggesting veteran amputees be excluded from military parades because, in his words, “No one wants to see that.”
  • Manipulating military generals to participate in his bible photo op in Lafeyette Square without informing them of the event’s purpose, contrary to military protocol.

For years, servicemen and women have fought to protect our freedoms, while Donald Trump was hanging out at Studio 54 in Manhattan and getting a deferment for ” bone spurs,” which was never proven. His former attorney, Michael Cohen, said under oath that he was told by Trump never to answer specific medical questions about the bone spurs. Cohen added Trump said, ” You think I’m stupid, I wasn’t going to Viet Nam.” Trump’s lying has been a constant pattern throughout his entire adult life. Due to his pathological dishonesty and disloyalty, he has made vastly more enemies than friends. The ones left in his corner are either convicted criminals or professionally and morally discredited.

Another incident that demonstrates proof of Trump’s disrespect, lack of compassion for, and comprehension of what military service means involved General John Kelly. While standing next to Kelly’s son’s Robert Kelly’s grave at Arlington National Cemetery a few years ago, Trump said to Kelly, ” I don’t get it. What was in it for him”. Whether that comment was based on ignorance, insensitivity, or disrespect for what military sacrifice stands for, Trump is the most incompetent, undeserving, joke of a Commander- in- Chief America has ever experienced. Our national security is in danger, and the generals and service members know this. The most compassionate, patriotic thank you we can give to our brave soldiers is to dump Trump in 2020 and put a real man, not a charlatan, in the White House.




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