Two Strategies Which Could Accomplish Two Important Objectives; Get UPS, Amazon, And Fed Ex To Help The USPS Manage The Volume Of Vote-By-Mail Ballots, And Get Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Rachel Maddow, General James Mattis, And Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe To Appear On Fox News. If Mail In Ballots Are Accurately Counted, Joe Biden’s Chances Of Winning Will Increase. Getting Fox Viewers To Listen To The Democratic Candidates, Media, An Esteemed, Concerned Military General, And A Career FBI Official Could Influence Some Swing Voters.

Donald J. Trump is the first American President ever to influence the outcome of a presidential election using Russian-like tactics of disinformation to disparage their opponents and delegitimize the election results before it occurs. This tactic is typical of autocrats and dictators who have no intention of ever leaving office and therefore launch attacks to sow doubt about the legitimacy of a free and fair election. One of the most disturbing realities that the Trump presidency has revealed about America is that millions of people harbor racial and religious prejudices accompanied by a high level of hatred and aggression. Trump has become their idol, the cult leader of Americans who is afraid of or feel superior to others. Many of the Trump bases are evangelical Christians who violate the core of Christian values in their support. Maybe the complete emergence in reading the Bible has kept these followers from reading books on science, the history of slavery, the Holocaust, U.S. history, government, and psychology, which explains why they believe the ignorant and dangerous things Trump says and does.

The disinformation and conspiracy theory style of Fox News is misleading and confusing many conservative Americans who are lifelong Republicans and want to stand by their party. The idea of having Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Rachel Maddow, and other prominent Democrats Ind anti- Trump Republicans on Fox News would be to allow these conservatives to hear about their agendas and values in contrast to the constant propaganda perpetuated by Fox, Trump, and his surrogates about the on-air Democrats. Both CNN and MSNBC regularly have Republican officials from the administration to hear their side of the issues. If Fox wants history to remember it as a legitimate news station, they should stop being afraid of the bully and tell a story in an ethical, thorough way.

The relationship between Fox News and Trump is corrupt, and that corruption is revealed in detail in Brian Stelter’s new book, Hoax. The book reveals how many of Trump’s policies and decisions have resulted from listening to a Fox broadcast by an opinion journalist or receiving a call from a pundit who advises him what he should do on an issue of national importance. That is scary on many levels, the scariest being it might mean the president does not have a clue about how to lead this country with informed, competent decision-making skills. RED ALERT! is TOXIC TUCKER CARLSON AND SEAN HANNITY RUNNING THE GOVERNMENT!

The attack Trump and Postmaster Louis Dejoy have implemented against the USPS are criminal and anti-democratic. Mailboxes and sorting machines have been removed to reduce the post office’s efficiency to count and sort the massive influx of expected mail-in ballots. Trump hopes that if he loses, he can accuse the post office of ballot fraud and negate the election’s legitimacy. How can Americans trust a president who actively tries to sabotage a U.S. election by impairing one of the most beloved and relied on American traditions named in the Constitution, the U.S. Post Office?

An appeal should be made to Fed Ex, UPS, and Amazon to be ready to assist post offices whose operations may have been compromised by actions by Trump and Postmaster Enjoy. It is a sad day in America to realize such a strategy might be necessary because of the attempted sabotage of an election’s credibility by a sitting president. Legalities, logistics, and financial costs must be explored to enact such a backup plan to ensure every vote cast by every American citizen is delivered on time and accurately counted. A known fact about Trump is that he will accuse others of doing something that he is actually doing. So while he is accusing the USPS of not being able to handle the volume of mail-in ballots and suggesting dead people and dogs are voting, he is waging a disinformation campaign against the election results as preparation discredit the results.

In 2015 he proclaimed the election was rigged because he thought he was going to lose. Despite winning, he called for an investigation to question the popular vote because Hillary Clinton beat him by 3,000,000 votes. That investigation yielded no fraud, and all national investigations on mail-in ballot fraud possess shown it is a rare Iccurrence. We need a unified effort by all Americans and logistic companies to make sure Trump fails at trying to steal the election or challenge a fair election in which he loses.

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