Trump Seems Committed to Keep Making Shmucks Out Of His Supporters. The Phony “Law  And Order” President Faces Criminal Prosecution Once Out Of Office, And Yesterday He Encouraged His Supporters To Vote Twice Which Is A Federal Crime.  His Main Campaign Issue Should Be About A Federal Plan To Control The Pandemic, However, Instead Chooses To Invent A  Law And Order Crisis To Scare People. It’ s The Same Tactic He Used In The 2015 Campaign About The Fabricated Dangers Posed By Immigrants. He Doesn’t Understand Or Care Any Of These Issues, Or His Supporters.  His Actions And Politically Motivated Photo Ops Show That He Only Cares About Himself And What Putin Wants.

Donald Trump is undoubtedly the least intelligent president in U.S. history. He demonstrates a limited understanding of the Constitution, American history, and science. The mistakes he makes in governing expose his inability to think critically, analytically, and rationally.  He is also probably the most psychologically disordered of any past president, and there have been others who clearly had mental issues. This week’s politically unhinged move was his attempt to block federal funding to states run by democratic officials. Past presidents have been mentally normal enough to function within the rule of law towards their political opposition.  No president in history has maliciously targeted states, groups of people, and cities merely because they don’t support him.  As Joe Biden says, “a president is elected to serve and protect all Americans.”  That is the oath they take on inauguration day with their hand on the bible.  Trump loves to create enemies so he can stage a phony battle and try and appear strong.  This behavior is a psychological compensation for an ego that is severely damaged and weak.

The disinformation coming from Trump about Joe Biden is identical to the disinformation being spread by Russia. Both Russia and the Trump administration espouse the same conspiracy theories about the threat of voter fraud in the upcoming elections. The frequent talks Trump conducts with Putin may be consultations about how to steal the 2020 election. The president’s silence on intelligence implicating Russia hiring Taliban bounty hunters to kill US troops, his refusal to comment on the recent poisoning of a Russian opponent of Putin, his 2015 welcoming of Wikileaks to get the private emails of his opponent Hillary Clinton, and supporting the blocking of intelligence that proves Russia is interfering in the 2020 election makes it suspect that Trump and Putin are collaborating to redefine  American democracy.

Republicans and Democrats agree that whatever Trump says, the opposite is true. He labels himself law and order president while committing crimes against American states, federal law, and American citizens. He says the only way he can lose the election is if it’s rigged, while he takes steps to rig the election with voter suppression tactics aimed at damaging USPS operations. He uses a private server, the same behavior he condemned Hillary Clinton for. He lied under oath to Robert Mueller about his knowledge that Wikileaks would be releasing information against Hillary Clinton, while he accuses House Democrats about lying during the impeachment inquiry.  He paid Stormy Daniels hush money to stay silent about their affair and is named a co-conspirator in campaign finance crime by New York prosecutors. He then tried to claim the $130,000 hush money payment as a campaign expense. He claims his innocence while, blaming Michael Cohen for carrying out an order that he gave.

The biggest crime of all has cost 185,000 Americans their lives. He lies about the severity of the pandemic, attempts to silence scientists, the CDC, and FDA from sharing the facts on COVID-19 infection spread statistics and tries to force children back to in-person schooling, showing more concern about the economy than human life.  He is holding rally’s without requiring masks and social distancing in order to feed his hunger for an audience.   His sense of worth and self-shame seems so deep that he needs to put people down that trigger his insecurities.  Why else would someone be so pathologically envious, competitive, and needy?  Additionally, his rhetoric about the Black Lives Matter movement poses a threat to law and order in America.  He is dog-whistling to White Supremacists to be angry at, afraid of, and feel superior to black Americans.  His law and order message is blatantly racist, reminiscent of George Wallace in the 1960s, where the message is black and brown people are dangerous and “we need to keep them out of our neighborhoods.”  His divisiveness encourages civil disorder, pitting white supremacists against people of color.  He has declared himself the truth, the law, the state which Michael Cohen called ‘Stalinesque” in his new book, Disloyal.  White Americans have bought into his fear-mongering and the concept of white supremacy has a value.

Trump’s narrative that he is the law and order president is a desperate attempt to distract awareness from his lawless behavior pattern. Anyone possessing average critical thinking skills can see through this deflection tactic by him. With Attorney General William Barr to collude in Trump’s criminal instincts and policies, America has more of a law and order, corruption problem then anytime in its history. Trump’s strategy on the racial injustice protests is to ignore legitimate facts about the disproportionate brutality against black men by police and vilify protestors as anarchists and terrorists. However, if a Trump supporter becomes violent, he calls their behaviors justified or self-defense.

His lies and hypocrisy are so transparent, how can supporting him not be seen as a con job which could only be believed by people vulnerable to being ” punked.” Countless constitutional scholars agree Trump is a threat to democracy, which means Americans of all races and religions, including WHITE RURAL AMERICANS AND EVANGELICAL CHRISTIANS, are at risk of losing whichever freedoms Trump decides to take away.

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