Under Trump’s Leadership Americans Are Needlessly Dying. He Continues To Deny The Issues At The Core Of The Racial Injustice Crisis For The Same Reasons He Refuses To Acknowledge The Real Danger Of COVID-19; His Own Political Gain. Past American Presidents Have Embraced The Responsibility of Uniting America And Helping It Heal From It’s Crises And Divisions. However, Trump Is Stoking Division And Creating Violence By His Racist Dog-Whistling And Violent, Militarized Approach Towards The Racial InJustice Problem. And Here Is Why. In A Shocking, Admission White House Advisor KellyAnne Conway Said, “The More Violence That Erupts, The Better It Is For The President’s Re- election.”

Thank you, KellyAnne Conway, for providing proof that Donald Trump has no plan to de-escalate racial injustice tensions in America because he would have to cancel the ” law and order” photo op episodes planned by his re-election campaign “producers.” Americans are not protected from COVID-19, police brutality, or Russian invasion of our elections under Trump’s governance. Michelle Obama’s words couldn’t be truer and must be believed;


A president who creates or worsens a problem so he can appear the hero by attempting to resolve the problem he created is a clear danger to our safety and democracy. The majority of Americans recognize racial inequality exists and are joining with black Americans to support racial justice reform on the federal level. The percentage of violent protestors is minuscule compared to the masses of Americans of all races peacefully protesting disproportionate police brutality against blacks.

Ironically, this law-breaking president who has promoted violent acts at times to pander to the more disordered portion of his base is declaring himself the ” law and order” president. For the racist, frightened members of his base, the strategy works. Are they ignorant of how at risk our freedoms are when a president who violates the Constitution and accepts Russian interference in our elections because it helps him? That’s treason, or it would be called treason if the president governing this way was named Barack Obama. Trump has been found in the courts to have committed crimes in both federal and civil cases. That is factual, not fake news. Trump has trained his base to call any fact they don’t like ” fake”.

Strategies he uses to justify he is the “law and order” president ignore the underlying reasons people are protesting, conflate the small percentage of violent outliers with the majority of peaceful protestors, and deny that systemic racism exists in law enforcement. His interventions focus on suppressing the constitutional right to protest. He takes no action that communicates he believes or cares about racial inequality. He never says to protestors;

” I hear your pain and outrage, and it is justified. My administration is committed to doing something about the aggressive pattern of policing disproportionately against black men.” Too many black Americans have died in custody. However, the violence during these protests is unacceptable and impedes the actions you want and expect from me as your president.”

Trump is CAUSING violence to occur by not acknowledging the problem, validating black Americans’ feelings on this issue, and committing to a federal plan to solve the problem. One can only guess he is ignoring the problem because is his lifelong leanings towards racism and/or because is he is pandering to his base for their vote. Either explanation substantiates why he is being called the worst person ever to be elected as a U.S. president.

Journalists should be asking Trump questions that expose his ignorance of the dark side of American black history. He should be asked during interviews about his knowledge about;

  • Slavery laws and historical justifications at the time for slavery to be legal,
  • Statistics on black lynchings
  • Names of black and white heroes who rescued slaves from brutal slave owners
  • Jim Crowe Laws
  • Why it took 100 years for blacks to gain the right to vote
  • Disproportionate black poverty

Trump shows no interest in the suffering black Americans has endured in our white-dominated society. He demonstrates no empathy or indignation toward documented prejudice and abuse throughout American history. He trotted out several black elected officials during the. RNC hoping the photo op of a few blacks in a sea of white elites would be all he needed to do to get a pass on his complete mishandling of the racial injustice crisis happening on his watch. President Truman, a patriot, and man not interested in colluding with foreign adversaries said during his presidency, ” the buck stops here.” Trump believes, ” the blame for anything bad stops anywhere, towards anyone else, but me.”

If Trump supporters want to convince the majority of Americans they are wrong to see Trump as a lying, immoral criminal they should ask him to;

  • Show his taxes
  • Publicly declare he did not sleep with Stormy Daniels And Susan MacDougall while married to Melania.
  • Deny ever cheating on any wife
  • Allow Deutsch Bank to release his financials
  • Release tapes of his conversations to Putin, Kim Jong Un, And the Saudi Prince to Congress
  • Put forth an order for a US mandate for wearing masks, contact tracing, and social distancing.
  • Enact a federal response to reduce racial tensions and legislate law enforcement reform.

Unless Trump stops governing as an autocrat, violating constitutional laws, creating division and hatred between the two parties, and pandering to white demographics In an attempt to win re-election, the resistance to his presidency will continue as most Americans prefer the Founding Father’s version of democracy, not the Putin/ Russia version.

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