Trump’s Mussolini Style Appearance On The Balcony Of The White House Was A Test To See If His Base Will Support His Obvious Efforts To Replace Our Precious Democracy With A Monarch/Autocratic Government. Former Nixon White House Counsel John Dean’s New Book “Autocratic Nightmare” Explains The Psychology Of Trump’s Base And Why Autocracy, Immorality, And Racism Does Not Scare Them Or Turn Them Off To Trump. Dean Is Warning Them To Beware. Autocrats Fool The Masses With False Promises To Gain Their Surrender To Him, Without Any Allegiance To Individual Rights. Civil Liberties Are Lost Under The Rule Of An Autocrat.



Autocrats love appearing on balconies.

Because many in Trump’s base are not college-educated, it is possible they do not know what autocracy means, how it differs from a democracy, and historically what happens to individual rights in a society ruled by autocrats, dictators, and monarchs.

  • Autocracy:  A system of government by a person with uncontrolled, unlimited, absolute power. It is similar to fascism, a far-right, strictly regimented society where the leader exercised forcible suppression of opposition.
  • Democracy: A system of government that involves the whole population typically through officials elected by the people. The supreme power in a democracy is vested in the people under a free electoral system.  A democracy is ruled within limits set by constitutional law and citizens’ rights.
  • Monarchy: A political system based upon the undivided, supreme rule of a single person who receives their position through heredity.  

Trump has clearly studied how autocrats successfully take over unsuspecting countries. They project strength by loudly yelling their rhetoric to large crowds and defining themselves as the only person to believe in and follow. They make false promises to excite their citizens and make sure no mention of protecting individual freedoms is part of their rhetoric. If one understands and accepts the consequences of autocratic power, they are willingly giving that leader the unilateral power to decide what their freedom of speech, religion, access to facts, healthcare, education, procreation, etc. will look like. There are no fair elections, checks and balances on any action by the supreme leader, and forced acceptance of all government orders are expected.

In his book, John Dean explains why so many Americans are standing by Trump, despite his autocratic governing style, which has already violated and criminally bypassed laws embedded in our Constitution. Dean’s profile of Trump supporters is;

  • Largely college, uneducated
  • Predominantly Republican
  • Predominantly White and Conservative
  • The largest demographic of people with extreme prejudice, and usually proud of it
  • Extremely influenced by religious teachings. Either strong in their religious beliefs or use their religion to support prejudice and extreme conservatism.
  • Love power, in their leaders and crave personal power.
  • Lack of critical- thinking skills.
  • Prone to being fearful
  • Tend towards immorality, or excuse it in others

In Dean’s opinion, even Nixon, despite his racist, autocratic leanings, would not have approved of Trump because Nixon did believe in the rule of law in a democracy. Trump gaslights his followers with false claims of loving democracy and being a protector of the Constitution, while simultaneously breaking laws that invalidate any oversight of the Executive branch, which is the foundation of a democratic government with three co-equal branches. Trump only keeps his oath of office to preserve the Constitution’s integrity in areas that don’t obstruct his power abuse. He vilified Democrats for impeaching him over obstruction of Congress and abuse of power because the charges held him accountable for violations made by a president as defined in the Constitution.  Supported by his corrupt Attorney General William Barr, who no doubt will at some point be sanctioned, disbarred, or indicted for crimes against the Constitution.

The Republican Convention was a spectacle put on by Trump and The Trump Republican Party, declaring their democracy’s dystopian vision of our democracy while Trump is in power. On display was a dictator’s visual declaring he must stay in power, surrounded by mostly family, (which is typical of dictatorships) and offering hyperbolic, false claims about their opponents. As autocrats and dictators always do, Trump prioritized the military, law, and order, and economic issues without mention of a federal plan to manage the COVID pandemic.  Also not mentioned by Trump were his plans to address systemic racism in law enforcement and how he plans to help heal racial injustices towards black Americans and all people of color in America.   Because anything he does or says is about getting re-elected, he will not help solve the problems of Americans’ who are not part of his base.  

The convention was produced by former producers of his reality show, The Apprentice. The ” show” consisted of staged segments to appeal to his base and counter negative truths about him, hurting his poll numbers. In one segment, he awarded citizenship to several immigrants who had not been told would be part of the convention’s propaganda.  Ironic, this photo op with immigrants happening while other immigrants and asylum seekers are locked in cages at the border, many separated from their children. Then in a display of his power to pardon, he pardoned a reformed mobster. In complete defiance of the Hatch Act law in the Constitution, he used the White House and other government facilities to promote his candidacy. This gaslighter-in- chief calls himself a patriot, hugs the flag as if he loves what it stands for, and yet violates everything it stands for.

The most notable hoax of the convention was Trump saying America will be in chaotic, lawless, danger under a Biden presidency, while those are the precise conditions we are living under his presidency. Many call that narrative strategically flawed, exposing him for the liar he is and as a desperate man who is willing to do or say anything to retain power.  John Dean says it is important to beat Trump by a large margin.  Not only because he is predicting that if he loses it will be because of a rigged election but because a wide-margin victory will diminish the respect and commitment of his power-hungry, fearful followers. If Americans choose to live in a free society as the most important issue in this election, President Biden will take office in January 2020.  

The book, Baby boomer Resistance Part II is now available on

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