For All The World To See, Trump Gave The Middle Finger To The U.S. Constitution And The COVID-19 Pandemic During His Nomination Speech At The RNC. In Violation Of The Hatch Act, Trump Illegally Used The White House As A Visual Prop To Promote His Candidacy. In Violation Of His Oath To Protect American Lives, He Gathered 1,500 Mostly Unmasked People On The White House Lawn Who Were Not Socially Distanced. The Only Life He Cares About Is His Own. Sociopathic Presidents Cause Loss Of Life.

The Republican National Convention this week was an over- produced, cliched spectacle of staged segments aimed at gaslighting Americans to believe Trump cares about immigrants, minorities, the Constitution, the pandemic, and criminal justice. Producers from Trump’s show The Apprentice were hired to produce the show. They succeeded in creating the kind of reality show that feels staged and predictable, but is smothered in glitz and filled with fake sentiments. The president who has caged hundreds of immigrants at the border granted citizenship to a group of new Americans. He also did a photo of pardoning a so- called reformed mobster. The overall theme of the convention was dark and weak claiming Joe Biden is a far- left extremist who will bring about the ruin of law and order and individual freedoms.

Trump and “wife pretending to care” Melania descended down the stairs of the White House in full monarchy tradition. The visual was jolting for those who know Trump has been successfully dismantling the American norms that distinguish our democracy from autocracies and monarchies around the world. For example, The Hatch Act is a 1939 law that attempts to limit the commingling of political activity with government business. However, this law was broken during every day of the convention. Trump has broken every law which attempts to assert oversight and accountability of how he executes the power of his office. 

Trump’s adult children yelled their speeches in exaggerated desperation to please their father. Mary Trump, Donald’s niece shed light on the issue by explaining Ivanka, Eric, and Don Jr. have always been financially tied to Trump and “they know where their bread is buttered.” Honestly, listening to his children extole his brilliance and America’s need for their dad to be re-elected was nepotism on steroids. However, it is understandable due to the lack of policies and plans to present, the producers ate up air time with adoration speeches for the narcissist President. Don Jrs. suspiciously glassy eyes and Ivanka’s expensive blowout hairdo were diversions from the lack of heartfelt empathy shown for the 180,000 Americans who have lost their lives to COVID-19.

Vice-President Pence, possibly the most boring and obsequious person on earth echoed the Trump kids narrative of the fall of America if Biden becomes president. Pence delivered the ridiculous, hyperbolic statement to scare Americans, “you won’t be safe in a Biden America.” Let’s insist Pence ask surviving family members of the 180,000 COVID victims how safe they feel under Trump’ s leadership. Let’s ask black Americans how protected they feel against excessive police brutality with a president whose base is filled with white supremacists. Let’s ask immigrants who are here legally how safe they feel when militia crazy Trump forces start rounding up brown people.

The convention show-cased an elitist family who feign patriotism with the goal of attaining power and wealth at the expense of American morality and democracy. A Biden America will succeed because it will be honest, law-abiding, and will govern for the betterment of all Americans no matter their gender, race, religion, age, or socio-economic status.

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