We Know The Trump’s Are Money- Hungry. We Know The Trump’s Are Power- Hungry. Watching The Republican National Convention We Are Reminded They Are Also Stupid. With over 13,000 Documented Lies On Record, Melania Said, “The American People Deserve To Be Told The Truth By Their President.” Additionally, If You’re Wondering Why The Trump’s Label Every Complex Problem Facing America A “Radical- Left Conspiracy Theory Or Hoax, It’s Because They Are Too Ignorant To Grasp The Complex Concepts Involved In The Issues And Therefore Cannot Debate Policy Or Develop Solutions.

No matter what crisis America is confronting, Trump focuses on the stock market numbers. He brags about creating the best economy in history, but that is also a lie. As his niece, Mary Trump discloses in her book, ” Too Much And Never Enough, ” money is the issue that drives and defines the Trump family. So Donald feels all is good with the world if stocks are doing well. He has gaslighted white rural Americans to believe he is the master moneymaker of all time and cash will magically appear in their bank accounts because of his policies. He has defined his presidency to be about the economy, and to hell with the environmental crisis, racial injustice, COVID-19, protecting the Constitution, foreign policy, or our crumbling infrastructure. He has formed alliances and made policy based on making money over all other issues.

Donald is running the government like a corporation, which is scary because he has repeatedly bankrupt many of his own businesses.The truth is, when it comes to handling other people’s money, ( including U.S. taxpayers money) he is a galactic failure. While cutting taxes for the rich, he blew up the national debt and deficit, arrogantly bragging about being, ” the king of debt.” He has spent over $152,000,000 on golf trips alone, continuing his gluttonous, hedonistic habits on “we the people’s money.”

Trump has refused to place his businesses in a blind trust and has added at least 49 new business entities since becoming president. He has openly used his office to promote his companies and properties. He brags about his wealth and acts as if he is self-made, hiding the truth about the size of the enormous inheritance he received from his father. He loves money so much he has filed bankruptcy to keep money he owed to others. He is suspected of tax fraud and is under investigation by the Southern District of New York. Additionally, he is under investigation for bank fraud for lying about assets in order to obtain loans. He loves money so much he has become a crook to keep making it. Once he is out of office, his thirst for money may be what costs him his freedom.

Ivanka has used her White House position to peddle her products. She has obtained dozens of patents with China while her dad is in office. This openly greedy behavior by people supposedly so rich money is suspicious.  Don Jr. And Eric Trump have yet to reach Ivanka’s level of wealth, however they seem hopeful if they keep kissing up to dad, he might increase their salaries. In 2016 Trump said, “My whole life I have been greedy, greedy, greedy.  I’ve grabbed all the money I could get. Now I want to be greedy for America.” However, Trump’s tax cut for the rich and his assault on safety net programs such as Medicaid and Food Stamps has turned his most ardent supporters, rural Americans, into his biggest victims.

Power addiction is another vice of the Trump family. Trump’s pattern of breaking laws and norms is unprecedented in U.S. history. He has violated the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution, obstructed justice in the Russia investigation, lied under oath, violated individual rights for peaceful protest and freedom of speech, and intruded on Congresses power of the purse mandate put forth in the Constitution. He ignores Congressional subpoenas and bypasses the need for Congressional approval of his government appointees by giving them ” acting” or temporary status. These are all actions to assume as much autocratic power as possible and discredits the rule of law outlined in the Constitution.

Trump’s need for attention is connected to his power- hungry need for power. If he inserts himself everywhere and into every issue, he can influence and control situations in ways that serve his own interests. He is a TV “attention whore,” of monumental proportions. His constant appearances at the RNC this week were pathetic. The ” show” was over-produced by former Apprentice staff who made sure Trump had plenty of photo ops with blacks, immigrants, and any other voting block that he gaslights with rhetoric, then betrays with his policies.

The “stupid” label is the most obvious fit for the Trumps. Lies, blame, distraction and hyperbole dominate every speech the Trump’s deliver. Whether the topic being discussed is racial injustice, climate change, healthcare, or foreign policy the Trump’s will make a general statement attacking whatever the Democrats position is without a substantive counter-argument which includes facts and history.  They talk in a repetitive, soundbite style and become defensive or hostile when asked questions that force the production of knowledge or show of skill with collaboration and compromise. The only hoax that exists is this unqualified, crooked family deserves being the first family.

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