Tonight The Gaslighter-In-Chief Will Accept The Nomination From The New Republican Party Who Support An Adulterous, Dishonest, Unqualified, Constitution Violator As Their Leader. The Speech Has Been Set Up By His Family And Sycophants To Be Part II Of His “American Carnage” Inaugural Speech of 2016 . The Stupidity Of The Trump Convention Message That A Biden Presidency Will Destroy Law And Order And Devastate The Economy While Both Have Currently Been Destroyed By His Presidency Is Pathetically Desperate.

Most patriots will not be watching Trump’s speech tonite because it will be another tired rerun of how he exaggerates and lies about his accomplishments as president. He will take full credit for anything positive in the country which occurs in spite of his incompetence and criminality, while he blames others, like all Democrats and of course Barack Obama, for disasters that are directly related to his bad decisions or inaction. The theme tonight will be to label Biden and all Democrats as far- left anarchists who if in power will cause the fall of American democracy. Are there that many gullible, celebrity addicted Americans who believe his BS?

America is losing tens of thousands of lives every day to a pandemic he is responsible to manage, the economy is crashing, the world won’t let us into their countries because we are seen as infected with more COVID than an other country, riots are happening because his administration governs based on white identity paranoia while black Americans are need federal involvement to attain racial equality. Men in power, like Trump, who whine and blame others for their failures are sissies at their core. If Trump was short, skinny, with a soft voice, there would have never been a President Trump. He has barrelled his big, loud body into the position of power with nothing of substance to back it up.

No doubt part of his carnage speech will be him touting the lie that he alone has created the strongest economy of all time before COVID-19. One fact he avoids admitting is that when he took office, Obama had moved the stock market from 7949 to 19,827. Obama lead America out of the Bush inherited recession, while Trump was handed a market that was strong and growing. In an article in the BBC News in Feb. 2020, several statistics were quoted to dispute Trump’ a inflated claims;

The US average GDP at the end of 2020 was 2.3%. During Obama’ a presidency, the GDP peaked at 5.5% at the end of 2014. The GDP went even higher during certain times in the 50s and 60s. The rate of increase of job earnings was higher under Obama and the specific groups that saw an increase in employment rates began under the Obama administration. Trump has added 2.07 trillion dollars to the national debt which is higher than should accumulate during a so-called strong economy. Also, Trump is surpassing Obama in deficit numbers. When comparing the last 3 years of Obama’s Administration to the first three years of Trump’s presidency Trump is at 2.47 trillion compred to Obama’s 1.5 trillion. BBB News comments, ” it looks like the Trump tax cuts will not pay for themselves.”

Despite these facts, Trump’s speech tonite will make economic claims that are either not accurate or omit facts that present the bigger picture. Using twitter to manipulate the markets is his #1 strategy. He can spin and lie, but the facts show a crashing economy directly related to his mishandling of the COVID-19 pandemic. Blaming China for his failure to control the virus makes him look like a pathetically weak leader.


Trump talking about his great presidency before COVID is like a surgeon bragging about the perfect operation he was performing before the patient presented a complication that he botched. Pandemics have happened to other presidents, however they confronted the problem instead of denying it existed for political reasons. Trump was given everything on a silver platter from his father. He was bailed out of financial trouble from his father. He won’t admit his mistakes because like a spoiled child, he resents having to do the hard part of a any job. He has been negligent in handling the pandemic, as Senator Kamala Harris pointed out today in a speech that chronicles (with dates and quotes) incriminating evidence by Trump himself that he lied, denied, and mismanaged the pandemic.

Tonight’s speech will predict violence and mayhem throughout America if Biden is elected. Is he stupid or just desperately trying to deflect from the fact the violence is happening now on his watch? His refusal to acknowledge racial injustice in this country is fueling violence. His refusal to denounce white supremacists, reject their support of him, and develop federal policies that support law enforcement reform gives covert permission for white supremacist activism. He attacks the oppressed and the peaceful protesters and refuses to acknowledge the violence against blacks by police as the trigger for public outcry. He labels the reactive violence to racial injustice as a crime, but does not acknowledge the reality of police violence and white supremacist aggression against blacks and Jews. Israel, wake up, your pal Trump sees good people in Nazi groups.

Carnage Speech Part II will please the part of the base that is racist and those who believe COVID is a hoax, but for the rest of us we won’t be fooled, we won’t be inspired, and we will be concerned at the thought of four more years of Trumpism.

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