As The Lincoln Project Predicted, The Republican National Convention Presented Hate-Filled Narratives And Conspiracy Theories Aimed To Scare Americans And Brand Joe Biden As A Left-Wing Extremist. The Arrogant, “Born With A Silver Spoon In His Mouth” Don Jr. Was Particularly Aggressive And Hateful. What Hope Is There For America With These Adulterous, Conspiracy Theorist, Animal Killing, Foreign Government Colluding Men In Power? This Convention Is An Embarrassment To America. The Bizarre Fear Mongering By Jr’s Girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle Was Particularly Cringe- worthy (and her too-tight dress look needs to go).

There was no compassion expressed at The RNC about the 173,000 Americans who have died from COVID-19 or their families. There was no empathy towards black Americans who have died due to excessive use of force by law enforcement. There was no optimism about Trump’s vision of America. In it’s place was hyperbolic warnings of a dark vision of America if Joe Biden is elected president. There were predictions of anarchy, violence in our suburbs, and a devastated economy under a Biden Administration. The thematic strategy was to create fear about an America without Trump as president. Conspiracy theories about Democrats wanting to take away free speech and guns were echoed throughout the evening, as well as falsehoods like Biden wants to defund the police.

Guilfoyle’s crazy rant of a speech has been universally panned. She viciously attacked California, with ramblings about heroine needles all over the ground. She painted Joe Biden as a dangerous, left- wing extremist who wants open borders and no police. Guilfoyle, in her skin tight red dress looked and sounded inappropriate for a convention of a major political party.

In a Zoom town hall meeting this past Sunday, Reed Galen of the Lincoln Project pointed out that the Trump Republican Party no longer stands for protecting individual liberties and fiscal responsibility. Republican Stuart Stevens, author of the new book, “It Was All A Lie” joined the town hall meeting and called the Trump Administration a criminal enterprise. Like many anti- Trump Republicans, Stuart says this administration functions without attention to right or wrong. Trump’s autocratic style of governing disregards adherence to governmental or historical norms, the rule of law, or codes of decency, while the cowardly Republicans hide. Their silence rings loudly to Republicans like Stuart and the Lincoln Project who are not only attempting to defeat Trump but to discredit and eradicate Trumpism from our government.

The Lincoln Project panel also discussed the gravity of Trump’s actions to discredit the legitimacy of mail-in-voting and his attempts to weaken the efficiency of the USPS. Postmaster Louis Dejoy has taken action to carry out changes that align with Trump’s goal of reducing the USPS’s ability to handle the large volume of mail-in ballots expected during this election. These tactics aim to support Trump’s rhetoric about the probability of voter fraud and the Post Office’s inability to deliver the mail-in- ballots on time for the election.

The Trump campaign proclaims that if Trump loses it’s proof of a rigged election. This is a narrative his loyalists are promoting to discredit a potential win by Biden. This sort of mesasging is used by dictators and autocrats to secure loyalty from a base to keep them in power. This campaign needs a therapist to advise them on strategies, as Trump sounds pathetically insecure and paranoid when he whines about how people are plotting to steal the election from him.

Another founder of the Lincoln Project Republican strategist Steven Schmidt called the era of Trump ” a rancid moment in American history. He called upon Americans to see themselves as ” stewards of the Constitution” as it is under attack by Trump, AG William Barr, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and the cowardly Republican Congress. Schmidt acknowledged Trump’s moral succor to white supremacy as proof he is the most outwardly racist president in American history.

The main message from the Lincoln Project is Trump is dangerous. The project views his disregard of the Constitution, attempts to suppress the vote in the presidential election, and galactic failure to manage the pandemicnd is proof he is unfit for office. His decree of being the law and order president is a strategy to distract from his own pattern of criminality against our democracy. He literally wraps our precious flag around his body to create a visual that is disrespectful, arrogant, and a manipulation to be seen as ultra-patriotic. His reality show shtik is so cheesy it’s an embarrassment. We need a president and a first family to trust and and make us feel proud again.

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