Haters Of Speaker Nancy Pelosi Should Look Into The Content Of What She Stands For; Affordable Healthcare, Wages And Worker Rights, Financial And Racial Justice, And Protecting Medicare, Medicaid, And Social Security. Pelosi Called The House Back To Session To Pass A Bill For USPS Funding To Protect The 2020 Election, While Mitch McConnell And The Senate Stay Adjourned. Pelosi Is A Strong Leader Amongst Republican Senators Trump Has Neutered. Supporting A Racist, Misogynist, Autocratic President Is The Legacy Of The Trump Republican Party.


Branding Democratic Party Leaders as dangerous left-wing socialists who don’t love their country is a strategy Trump and his Republican allies rely on to distract attention from their corrupt and incompetent governance. Under this administration, America has become a valueless vessel whose purpose is to transform our American democracy into Putin’s version of democracy. Trump supporters complain about being called stupid and unpatriotic. However, by continuing to approve of a president who has violated the Constitution, conducts secret meetings with Russia, supports conspiracy theories and fringe groups the FBI has called, ” domestic terrorists,” appoints unqualified people to high government jobs, and whose circle of friends and associates include convicted criminals, the labels seem fitting.

On May 16th of this year, Pelosi and the House of Representatives passed the Heroes Act, a bill that extends stimulus and unemployment benefits through January of 2021, with provisions extending to the self-employed, part-time workers, and independent contractors.  Like so many bills passed by this Democratic-led House of Representatives, it reflects an intelligent, comprehensive understanding of the problem: the COVID-19 pandemics effect of the economy and the lives of millions of Americans.  Senate bills often have a narrower goal in mind, which is how to spend as little government money possible for each individual American and their family.  Their inaccurate narrative of themselves as “fiscal conservatives” applies to their policies most important to the lower and middle socio-economic classes.  Like the Trump tax cuts for corporations, the Republican-passed legislation makes the rich richer, with an unenforceable promise that it will trickle down to the poorer classes.  However, corporations can do whatever they want with their increased wealth, leaving Americans who live from paycheck to paycheck waiting for a handout from these wealthy recipients of Republican fiscal ideology. 

The Heroes Act is an example of how Pelosi and the Democrats support legislation that aims to help the immediate suffering that Americans are suffering directly.  The Republican view of what Pelosi is fighting for is that “too many Americans won’t be motivated to go back to work if the stimulus and unemployment benefits are extended.”  With the massive loss of jobs in industries such as restaurants, hotels, travel, entertainment, and sports venues, how can Republicans accuse Americans of being lazy and intending to rip off the government?

When millions of Americans ask, “what is wrong with the average American who still supports Trump and his administration in light of their cold, incompetent handling of the pandemic?”  When did having serious deficits in character and a disregard for the rule of law become acceptable for a U.S. President to possess? There are countless other reasons why Trump supporters are called stupid, naive, and unpatriotic.  Trump’s resume as a person is indecent;

Sexual sleaziness;

  • Serial adulterer
  • Associations with porn stars and Playboy bunnies
  • Accused of sexual assault by dozens of women
  • Once accused by his first wife, Ivana of rape.  
  • Admitted on a radio show that he watched women get dressed at his beauty pageants
  • Uses curse words at rallies where children are in attendance
  • Allegations in the Steele Dossier and Michael Cohen’s upcoming book about attending sex clubs and witnessing “golden showers.”
  • Associations with female predators such as Jeffrey Epstein and Roger Ailes

Constitutional and Legal Violations

  • Violations of the Emoluments Clause
  • Lying in writing under oath to Robert Mueller in the Russia probe
  • Using military force to attack peaceful protestors
  • Attempting to block the First Amendment Rights of individual authors, pundits, and government officials
  • Withheld Congressionally approved military aid to Ukraine until they agreed to investigate his political opponent.
  • Co-conspirator in a campaign finance violation in the 2020 election, the hush money payment to porn star Stormy Daniels
  • Blocks legal oversight by Congress by blocking witnesses from honoring subpoenas

Additionally, Trump has exhibited disdain for the norms of how the American government works.  He has cleverly branded his behavior as “draining the swamp,” and claiming he knows more about government and the military than the professionals.  However, if you analyze the pattern of his divergence from the norms, it leads directly to corruption, autocracy, and personal and political agendas.

Books have been written about Trump’s indecency and incompetence, all of them supported by indisputable evidence.  Today, Trump’s older sister is on record saying, “he does not read, he has no principles, and you can’t trust him.”  Many Americans who do not support Trump proclaim they would support a Republican candidate if the Democrat were an unstable, low character individual like Trump.  Trump supporters should self-reflect and ask themselves if they are for American democracy, or if they are terminally “party loyal and Trump addicted.”  America is more than a stock market number.  Democratic presidents have proven that a strong economy is attainable while still maintaining the rule of law and moral character. 

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