Vice President Joe Biden Gave The Speech Of His Life Tonight, Full Of Hope, Compassion, and A Plan To Rescue America From This Dark Chapter Of Chaos And Pain. He Called Trump Out On His Incompetence In Handling the Pandemic, His Suspicious Alliances With Dictators, Especially Vladimir Putin, And His Failure To Be The President For All Americans. The Contrast Between Biden and Trump Was Clearer Tonight Than Anytime Before. As Steve Schmidt From The Lincoln Project Said, “We Saw The Difference Between A Good Man and A Bad Man, A Decent Man vs. An Indecent Man, and A Respected Statesmen Throughout The World, vs. A Clown And A Joke.

Later accepting the nomination from the Democratic Party for President, Joe Biden looked into the camera and said, “I will be a Democrat candidate, but I will be an American President and will work as hard for those who voted for me as for those who did not.” This was a sharp contrast to Trump, who has never hidden the fact that his policies and rhetoric are aimed to please his base to the exclusion of any American who did not and does not support him. This opening statement made clear that Biden understands the awesome responsibility given to a President in the Constitution, to protect the safety, rights, hopes, and dreams of all Americans. Biden’s exemplary character was on display throughout the convention. It was made clearer when he promised to all Americans that they matter to him, no matter their party affiliation. Listening to Biden, his maturity, his compassion, his experience, and respect for the sanctity of our democracy was both inspiring and concerning as it highlights the complete unfitness of Donald Trump. Mike Bloomberg was effective in exposing the complete failure of Trump as a businessman. He recounted Trump’s six bankruptcies, which cost contractors and customers tremendous financial losses. Additionally, he compared Trump and Biden in other ways such as;

  • Biden believes in facts; Trump doesn’t
  • Biden competently assisted in managing the financial crisis in 2008; Trump has failed at managing COVID-19 resulting in a major loss of life, death, and a devastated economy.
  • Biden listens s listen’ s to experts; Trump thinks he knows everything.
  • In Trump’s economy, we have the unemployment rate at historic highs. In the Obama/ Biden presidency, America saw higher economic growth in their last three years than Trump has in his first three years.
  • Biden helped save 1 million auto industry jobs, while Trump has lost 250,000 manufacturing jobs.

Bloom berg concluded by saying, “forget about Trump being just a bad guy; he has done a bad job. When Trump says he wants to “Make America Great Again”, he is making a good case to vote for Joe Biden.”Senator Tammy Duckworth, an Iraq veteran who lost both of her legs fighting in the Iraq war, was powerful in her critical assessment of Trump as a failed Commander-in-Chief. She referred to him as the “coward-in-chief,” describing his cowering pattern to foreign adversarial aristocrats like Vladimir Putin. Wa teaching friends, family, and average citizens extol Biden’s compassion, charity, faith, and commitment to public service and family, created a portrait of a man who deserves to be President of the United States because he is decent and qualified. It makes one wonder if the Republicans will attempt to do a life story character retrospective of Trump during their convention as the Democrats did about Biden.

It is hard to imagine them trying to sell Trump as a devoted family man, with his history of multiple marriages, the pattern of adultery, late nights at the Playboy Mansion, Studio 54, and his addictive of golfing.) While Joe Biden, at 29, began his long career in public service, Trump was riding on his father’s rich coat tails and partying with the rich and famous. When Biden was riding the train every night from Washington D.C. to put his sons to sleep, Trump was in his own words, “not too involved” until they got older. When Biden spends time taking on the phone to average citizens fighting cancer, dealing with disabilities, or struggling to find work, Trump is circus-barking promises on a stage to his base with his own ego and political interests. Trump’s presidency and popularity have survived this long because of the corrupt Freedom Caucus Republicans in Congress, the likes of Mark Meadows, Kevin McCarthy, Jim Jordan, and others who hide behind the false narrative of being men of faith and patriotism. In reality, they support a president who is aligned with Putin, is not protecting our troops, lies under oath, violates the Constitution, is abusive and cruel, and exhibits serious psychological abnormalities.

The Democrats made a point of stressing that America is not a country of red and blue states, but rather is the United States of America, and “we are in this together.” The Democratic Party presented a message that was both brutally honest about Trump as a threat to our democracy. With the election of Joe Biden, America will walk towards the light, out of this dark time, and heal and thrive once again.

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