Democrats Must Prepare For The Desperate Lies Trump Will Tell Leading Up To The Election. In The Same Way He Has Manipulated The Stock Market Numbers With Lies And Rhetoric, He Will Try To Manipulate His Poll Numbers By Lying About What He Has Accomplished, Blaming Others For His Failures, Making False Predictions About The Economy, MismanagingThe COVID- 19 Pandemic, And Spreading Fake Scandals About Joe Biden And The Democratic Party’s Agenda.

Trump’s latest lie is that he wants to save the U.S. Post Office, while he is taking action to cripple its efficiency. His corrupt Postmaster General Louis Dejoy has fired dozens of experienced supervisors, cut overtime, removed community- based mailboxes, and has participated in the phony Trump narrative about the vote- by- mail fraud. Dejoy’s appointment is another act of cronyism as he is clearly doing Trump’s bidding to interfere in the outcome of the Presidential election by disrupting the Post Office’s ability to deliver vote- by- mail ballots by Election Day.

No former U.S. President has ever whined like a sissy about rigged elections as Trump does, looking like a scared, insecure, fragile cry baby. After almost four years as President, and despite his attempts to convince Americans he is a ” strongman, ” his frailties are embarrassingly transparent and have diminished the credibility of the office. With the Democratic Convention beginning and with Kamala Harris newly selected as Joe Biden’s running mate, Trump is showing he will do anything to win, without regard for whether the action is legal, ethical, or patriotic.

Democratic strategists, as well as Biden and Harris, should prepare to react to lies such as;

  • Kamala Harris may not be qualified to be Vice- President.
  • Joe Biden was involved in corrupt activity in Ukraine.
  • Vote- by -mail is wrought with fraud.
  • The only way he can lose the election is if it is rigged.
  • Obama was involved in illegal activity in instigating the Russia Investigation.
  • Democrats are rigging the 2020 election.
  • The intelligence information against Russia and the Taliban bounty killer threat to American troops is fake news.
  • The COVID-19 pandemic is being exaggerated by the Democrats and the liberal media.
  • The United States is managing the pandemic better than any other country.
  • The economy is stronger than ever because of the Dow Jones and S & P 500 performance, despite the growing debt, deficit, and unemployment numbers.
  • The Democrats and Joe Biden want to defund law enforcement.
  • Democrats want to take away a person’s 2nd Amendment Rights.

As the convention proceeds, Trump and his far-right conservatives will undoubtedly concoct new lies to negative the Democrat’s narrative of uniting America and ending his autocratic transformation of our democracy. The media has been doing an efficient job of exposing Trump’s lies by airing video of him making contradicting statements. However, in an attempt to disarm his typical response strategy of changing the subject or denying the truth, Democrats and journalists must expose his lies while on camera giving Trump no room to circus-bark his way out of being exposed as a liar. His non-stop rantings on camera are purposely manic, giving others no time to talk.

As his poll numbers decline, Trump’s lying, conspiracy theories, and dramatic distractions will escalate. He will continue to downplay the pandemic, blame China, and accuse the Democrats of inflating the impact of the virus to hurt him politically. He will warn Americans that a Biden presidency will ruin his “great” (now failed) economy, cause violent chaos in our cities, and promote illegal immigration that will degrade and endanger our country. The majority of Americans hear his rhetoric and say to themselves, “what a manipulative, dishonest, desperate drama queen.” However, let’s hope many Trump supporters tuned in to the convention. Maybe they were moved and inspired to watch the clips of Joe Biden, riding that train every day to work to the Senate, known and beloved by his fellow travelers because of the compassion and genuine interest he showed towards them.

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