Many Speculate Trump Is Getting Coached By Vladimir Putin On How A President Can Rig An Election In A Democracy. Those Mysterious Calls To Putin Haven’t Included Condemnation For Russia Paying Taliban Killers To Target U.S. Troops. However, They May Include Instructions On How To Use Russian Tactics To Sabotage The Postal Service, Support Fake Opposition Candidates, Use Social Media To Spread Misinformation And Destroy The Lives Of Opponents.

The suspicious alliance between Trump and Putin has been a concern throughout this presidency. In general, Trump’s pandering to dictator adversaries of the United States has concerned many Republican and Democratic members of the intelligence and military communities. Many officials have wondered if Trump is compromised by salacious or illegal information Putin may have on him. Speculations about whether Trump has gone as far as to qualify as a Russian agent working to transform American democracy into the image of the Russian version of democracy. He celebrates the idea of a president having no term limits, disparages the free press except outlets that support him, proclaims the power of the President is limitless and uses his ability to eliminate his opponents and enemies from power.

Naive or uninformed supporters of Trump appear disinterested in the actions and rhetoric he displays, which aligns him with Putin over the advice and information of U.S. intelligence experts. They seem ignorant of the reality that Putin is a known adversary of the United States of America. During an appearance at the G- 7 in Helsinki in 2018, shockwaves traveled through both parties when Trump defended Putin’ s denial that Russia interfered in the 2016 Presidential election. Those words have tainted his reputation, now seen more as a puppet of the Russian government instead of the patriotic leader of the United States. He has fought to have Russia invited back into the G-7, rejecting the other G-7 countries stand against Putin’s invasion of Crimea.

From a psychological perspective, Trump’ s admiration for Putin ranges from being a “bromance,” to a man being blackmailed, to a businessman trying to make a lucrative deal, or a man with unresolved father issues. Trump’s s father is described as an emotionally cruel narcissist in Mary L. Trump’s book, “Too Much and Never Enough.” To gain his father’s approval and to avoid the abuse which his older brother Freddy suffered, Donald modeled himself after his father. Like Fred Sr., Trump has caused emotional pain to many people, such as ex-wives, women victims of his sexual assaults, contractors and bankers he has ripped off, his children, and anyone he has felt jealous of or threatened by. These accusations of abuse are not fake news, as Trump would claim. These are real people who have openly revealed the emotional, physical, and financial damage they have suffered from the cruel actions of Donald Trump.

This is the same President who is minimizing the deaths of COVID-19 victims, as something that “no one could have seen coming.” Also, when asked about how he felt about the virus death rate, he said, “It is what it is.” Like all other dictators, they have sociopathic tendencies that restrict their capacity to feel empathy for others, and who will, at all costs, care more about money and power than people’s lives.

Trump is attempting to defund the US Postal Service, reducing its efficiency to interfere with access for Americans to vote-by-mail in the 2020 Presidential election. In full dictator fashion, he has appointed a corrupt, crony Postmaster General Louis Dejoy, who has fired dozens of competent executives, removed ballot sorting machines, and eliminated overtime for postal workers. In plain view, this President is proclaiming voter mail fraud is rampant, despite countless investigations that have reported the percentage of voter mail fraud is less than 0.0025%. In pure sociopathic form, he is lying about the election being rigged by Democrats due to vote-by-mail, while in plain view is gutting the USPS to sabotage the vote of millions of Americans. In the process, he is also impairing the Post Office’s ability to deliver hundreds of thousands of prescription drugs to disabled veterans and social security checks to seniors and the disabled.

Donald J. Trump is an enemy to our democracy. He is trying to rig the election in his favor, and the corrupt, power-hungry Republican party is letting it happen. Attorney General William Barr, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Senator Mitch McConnell, Senator Lindsey Graham, are among the many enablers who are complicit with Trump in the assault on the rule of law and the lowering of the country’s moral standing in the world. A President who aligns with a dictator over his own government, breaks laws, hides his taxes and financial records, spreads conspiracy theories and misinformation, and in his mismanagement of a pandemic, causes the deaths of thousands of Americans should be impeached or indicted for crimes of treason.

The Congress, Inspector Generals, federal judges, and journalists must continue to investigate every aspect of Trump’s attempt to influence the outcome of the election and the secret collaborations he continues to have with his friend and America’s enemy, Vladimir Putin. Trump is increasing his continued attack on oversight and accountability on his governing by firing Inspector Generals and hiring cronies who let him break laws and norms. This is just another tactic he probably learned from Putin, who plans to rule Russia indefinitely.

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