By Resuming His Playbook On Insulting Women, The Latest Being Senator Kamala Harris, Misogynist Donald Trump Has Now Opened the Door For Melania And Ivanka To Be Fair Game For Insults. They Haven’t Deserved The Silence They Have Received On Their Many Flaws, And Trump’s Anti- Women Insults Make Them Vulnerable To The Abuse He Inflicts On Other Women. Joe Biden Won’ t Be An Offender As He Is A Decent Man Of Faith Who Respects Women. However, Many Of His Surrogates Refer To Trump’ s Wife And Daughter As Vapid Mannequins Undeserving Of The Positions They Hold.

Donald Trump has a long, well- documented history of sexual assault and verbally disparaging women’s appearance. That he continues to do when any woman who is not blind and deaf wouldn’t touch him with a ten-foot pole shows how out of touch with reality he is. The insults and threats of violence he encouraged towards Hillary Clinton during the 2016 Presidential election revealed his dangerously, misogynistic character. He continued to show his disrespect by insulting women of status and accomplishment, such as Senator Elizabeth Warren, Congresswomen Maxine Waters, Supreme Court Justices Ruth Bader- Ginsberg, and Sonia Sotomayor. Any woman who opposes him threatens his intelligence or exposes his flaws to become victims of misogynistic abuse.

The press and the public have been soft on Melania and Ivanka due to their first family status. However, with the current degradation of the presidency by Trump’s degeneracy, the tide of respect by default may be changing. Some feel sorry for Melania seeing her as trapped in a marriage where she has been publicly humiliated by Trump’ s cheating with porn stars and Playboy bunnies. However, women in the camp who don’t feel sorry for her are women who can’t be bought with money and who are strong and self-respecting enough to leave a deceitful, low character husband. Melania is both a victim of and complicit in Trump’s misogyny. She has plenty of money, so she doesn’t t need to stay and remain silent about his unacceptable treatment of many women.

The degree of Trump’s blatant aggression towards women is pathologically extreme. When he invited the women who had accused Bill Clinton of sexual infidelity to sit in the front row at the Democratic debate between him and Hillary Clinton, America was witness to a level of cruelty and misogyny never before seen in a President or any member of the government. If all is fair in politics, and Joe Biden was a low- life misogynist, Stormy Daniels, Susan MacDougall, and Ghislaine Maxwell would be sitting front- row center at his White House nomination speech. How would Melania feel if that were done to her? Would she recognize it as misogyny and cruelty?

Ivanka is a clothing manufacturer. Why the hell has the American people been saddled with her unfitness to advise on any aspect of our government, including foreign policy or economic matters. It has been an embarrassment to the U.S. government for her to be inserted into meetings with world leaders, who appear stunned and awkward in her presence. The policy against nepotism is just another part of the Constitution that Trump has been allowed to violate. Another female sycophant opportunist, the unqualified, cold Betsy De Voss, is another Trump favorite that America has had to painfully tolerate.

On the surface, the naive women who support Trump may interpret the exaggeration of Melania and Ivanka’s value to the administration as a sign that he respects women. However, from a psychological perspective, Melania and Ivanka may be nothing more than useful puppets who doll themselves up to meet Trump’ s cliched view of a woman’ s role and worth. Both his daughter and wife dress up, stay silent about his verbal abuse of women, and publicly support his horrific policies when called upon to do so. They will not go down in history as first ladies and daughters the likes of Eleanor Roosevelt, Laura Bush, Linda Byrd Johnson, and Michelle Obama. This narrative about these Trump women is not meant to be mean. It is intended to be honest. If it is fair game for Trump to denigrate the character, looks, intelligence, and public service of women, it is reasonable for Melania and Ivanka to be under scrutiny.

Trump is a hypocrite. He does what he wants, however, if someone else does the same thing and it doesn’t t please him, he deems that same behavior wrong. If his attacks on Kamala Harris, such as questioning her American- born status ( a pathetic rerun of the racist birther narrative against Barack Obama), is accepted and tolerated, then why should Melania and Ivanka be given a pass on their failures and inadequacies by millions of American men and women? It is not America’s fault that Melania’s husband and Ivanka’s father is the enemy of strong, progressive-thinking women. They have chosen to be “all in” on the cruel, dishonest attacks by Trump towards women so game on. This is a sad time for American women, especially the experience of watching power-hungry women turn on their own.

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