Joe Biden Has Made History By Choosing Senator Kamala Harris As His Candidate For Vice- President. Biden Refers To Himself As A Transitional Figure Who Will Usher In A New Generation Of Leaders In The Democratic Party. Choosing A Woman And Person Of Color Is A Testament To Biden’s Commitment To Creating An Administration That Reflects The Accurate Face Of America. Trump Is A Dinosaur, Hanging On To The Past With His Racism, Misogyny, And Elvis Hairdo.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris each delivered speeches today that demonstrate what competent leaders, people of character, and authentic patriots sound like. There was no display of yelling or name-calling, even when both candidates expressed their criticism and concerns about Trump’s failed performance as President. Neither candidate told a single lie about Trump or Pence. Every criticism was paired with facts. Unlike Trump and Pence, the Democratic candidates don’t spread lies and conspiracy theories because they don’ t have to cheat to win. A Biden and Harris ticket presents Americans with a choice betweenen steady, respectable, qualified, and compassionate candidates versus the divisive, vindictive, lawless, and unqualified leadership of the Trump/Pence Administration.

Biden spoke about the state of chaos that America is in due to the failed leadership by Trump. He emphasized how Trump’s failure to manage the COVID pandemic has cost American lives, destroyed the economy, and created emotional distress for millions of families who have lost trust in the government’s ability to get the virus under control. Biden hit hard on Trump’s failure to lead and his incompetence to do the job required of a United States President. The former Vice-President was effective in presenting the case that America needs to recover it’s “soul.” Highlighting Trump’s inability to acknowledge the legitimacy of the racial inequality issue was particularly poignant, having chosen a woman of color to be his candidate for the Vice-President. At one point, he looked into the camera, and in acknowledgment of the third anniversary of the White Supremacist demonstration in Charlottesville, said, “and this President said there were good people on both sides. No president in the history of this country has ever said anything like that.”

Biden was hard-hitting on the government’s disastrous handling of the pandemic. He blamed Trump’s downplaying of the virus, anti-mask campaign, focus on bogus treatments, and denying scientific facts on the prolonged threat to the public health of Americans. He blamed Trump’s incompetent management of COVID for destroying the robust economy that he inherited from President Barack Obama. Maybe the starkest difference between Trump and Biden could be seen in the compassionate way Biden talks about the emotional suffering so many Americans are experiencing. The warmth, competence, and emotional steadiness of Biden elevates him as a man and in contrast, diminishes the manhood of the raging, racist, law-breaking, self-centered, and dishonest Donald Trump.

Kamala Harris gave a compassionate, intelligent, forward-looking speech. She presented full support of Joe Biden being the person to rescue America from the destruction that the Trump Presidency has caused to our democracy, decency, and standing in the world. She spoke of her personal family history, her Jamaican and Indian heritage, and the messages from her parents to work hard for the kind of changes that make for a better world. She was energetic and passionate in her criticism of Trump’s handling of COVID, and in his failure to address the racial injustice issue that has plagued black Americans throughout our country’s history. Harris also gave credit to black women who came before her and fight for equality for women, especially women of color.

What was most encouraging about Joe Biden’s and Kamala Harris’s speeches today was the realization that in three months, if these candidates win the Presidency, America can recover its stability, pride, and soul. Biden encouraged us to think in terms of “possibilities” as we look to the return of a proud, united, compassionate America. Trump’s idea of “greatness” has been about money, white politics, and autocracy. As Biden says, “this is not who we are.”

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