Mitch McConnell And The Republican’s Refuse To Extend Unemployment And Stimulus Relief At It’ s Current Level In Political Defiance Of The Democrats Proposal. In Response, Trump Staged A Grandiose Performance This Weekend At His Bedminster, N.J. Golf Property. He Bypassed Congress By Issuing Inadequate, Politically Oriented Executive Orders. His Action Was Nothing More Than An Attempt To Cover-up The Republican’ s Opposition To Sufficient COVID Aid To Suffering Americans And To Create A Phony, TV Hero Moment For Himself.

In an inappropriate power play, Trump conducted White House business at his luxury Bedminster, New Jersey golf property this weekend. Whenever possible, Trump uses his office to promote his private businesses. The President’s refusal to divest himself from his companies while in office was an early red flag that he would behave unethically to profit financially from being President. While Americans are dying and experiencing financial hardship, The Republican Senate opposes continuing the $600.00 weekly unemployment relief, while the Democrats fight for it.

In May, The Democratic House of Representatives passed the Heroes Act. This relief bill surpasses what the Cares Act bill approved to aid Americans suffering from the devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Heroes Act includes funds and policies to support state and local governments, Medicaid programs, small businesses, unemployment insurance, food security, the postal service, and the 2020 elections. The bill is currently sitting on Mitch McConnell’s desk, dying along with hundreds of bills the House has passed in their attempt to help Americans. They are not fortunate enough to be in the 1% of Americans that McConnell and Trump care so much about. It is a detriment to the country that so many Americans do not pursue the facts about what each House of Congress is doing to protect their medical, financial, and national security interests.

McConnell and Trump clearly orchestrated this weekend’s executive orders performance. The strategy was to both protect the Republican Senate from public rebuke over their opposition to giving Americans the financial COVID aid they need and to help Trump be the hero in hopes of improving his plunging poll numbers. Signing the executive orders and announcing them at his Bedminster, N.J. luxury golf property was inappropriate and possibly a violation of constitutional law called the Hatch Act. Trump, members of his family, and members of his administration have consistently used their positions in ways that unethically insert themselves into political situations. The speech was an embarrassing spectacle of insincerity and trickery. Basically, the orders:

  • Reduced the current level of unemployment payment relief for Americans by 50%.
  • Cut funding for Medicare/Med-ical/ Social Security
  • Deferred taxes which will accumulate and which many will be unable to repay
  • Deferred Student Loans, giving short-term, not long-term relief
  • Postponed evictions, but the loss of 50% of federal unemployment relief funds will limit people’s ability to repay back rent

Additionally, the speech did not play well visually. Watching members of Trump’s elite club (who have gotten richer since the Trump tax cuts), strut around with their martini’s, was not sensitive to the tens of thousands of Americans dying, sick, or financially suffering during COVID. Trump is emotionally blind or disinterested in the devastating reality of COVID-19. Golfing, making political moves, and attacking vote- by- mail are distractions he creates to minimize his global reputation as an incompetent disaster of a President.

He has scammed poor people into thinking he will lead them to financial prosperity. The hoax is; he is defunding much-needed entitlement programs which many of his bases depend upon. He is also in the courts trying to eliminate the Affordable Care with no replacement for it. In one of the most disturbing moments of his speech, he announced, “I will protect pre-existing conditions like no other President has done before.” Whether that was simply a politically motivated lie, a jealous power grab of Obama’s unprecedented accomplishment, or a sign of forgetfulness, it was a concerning pronouncement. Obamacare already protects pre-existing conditions. He also took credit for Obama’s Veterans Access To Care Bill, passed in 2014. His obsession with Obama continues to expose the jealousy and contempt he feels for America’s first African American President.

The reason why so many who oppose Trump see his supporters as stupid is because the lies he tells are readily known to be false. It also seems ridiculous to trust someone who breaks their promises. He didn’ t 1) build a wall that Mexico paid for 2) he didn’ t achieve healthcare reform 3 ) he didn’ t reveal his tax returns 4) he didn’t maintain a stable economy 5) he did not reduce the debt and deficit 6) he did not succeed in getting North Korea to denuclearize and 7) he did not achieve a Middle East Peace Agreement. So why does anyone believe his executive orders are anything more than pandering for votes instead of real policy solutions. Additionally, his choice of oddball son-in-law Jared Kushner to lead the COVID pandemic recovery, secure Middle East Peace, and to solve the opioid crisis (over more qualified governmental, legal, and medical professionals) was another signal Trump did not know how or did not care about running the U.S. government with the country’s best interests as the priority.

With a corrupt, far-right Republican Senate majority, the law-breaking Attorney General William Barr iis protecting his assault on the Constitution, and a suspicious alliance with Vladimir Putin, millions of American voters must admit they made a dangerous mistake by voting for Trump and must now vote him out.

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