Today Was Another Concerning, Crazy Day In Trump Land. Instead Of Focusing On The Pandemic, Trump Spent Time Questioning Joe Biden’s Mental Acuity, Proclaimed Biden Will Take Away 2nd Amendment Rights, And Wants To “Hurt The Bible And Hurt God.” He Was Sweating And Ranting Like A Maniac. His Bizarre Performance Set Off A Media Blitz Of Videos Showing How Often He Struggles With Pronouncing Words And Presenting Thoughts In A Coherent Manner. Trump Projects His Own Deficits And Crimes Onto Others.

Tonight on CNN, anchor Chris Cuomo discussed Trump’s attack on Biden’s mental acuity from the perspective that his rambling attacks may not be purely political but instead could be a sign he is not mentally cogent. Cuomo showed multiple tapes of Trump mispronouncing common words and rambling when attempting to make a point. He also pointed out Trump’s inability to recognize in himself what he projects onto other people. Mental health professionals see these sorts of communicative and cognitive difficulties as possible indicators of psychological, neurological, or physical conditions.

Donald Trump has spent more time trying to convince people he is brilliant more than any other President in history. It is cringe-worthy to watch how desperately he tries to cover-up his insecurities (and possibly his cognitive impairments) by touting his mental excellence. He has made statements about having a large brain, knowing more than scientists and generals, having a high IQ, and being an exceptional student in college. Secure people, especially accomplished professionals, do not publicly brag about their mental or intellectual capacity. Today, Trump made a big mistake by attacking Joe Biden’s mental state and religiosity. He opened himself up to comparisons to a man that shows him up on every level.

In comparison to Biden, Trump is an imposter in every facet of his existence. If he was an accomplished student at the Wharton School, he would be showing his transcripts on Fox News, CNN, and all other media outlets. If he was a financial genius, he would have revealed his taxes to confirm the extent of his wealth. If he was bible-literate, he would quote scripture consistently to keep his evangelical followers impressed and loyal. If he was religious, he would be in church on Sundays instead of on the golf course. Biden’s decades-long career as an attorney, senator, and Vice-President probably triggers Trump’s deep-seated insecurities.

Is it possible Trump’s lying and hypocrisy are signs of mental insufficiency? Cuomo introduced this hypothesis as a possibility as he genuinely questioned what could explain Trump’s pattern of stating misinformation and lies over and over again despite evidence that disputes what he is saying. Is it possible that he believes his lies to be true? Is it possible his hypocritical behaviors are rooted in forgetfulness or distorted perceptions of events and facts? The frequency of Trump’s over-the-top proclamations about his excellence is raising questions about his connection to reality. Most psychological speculations have assumed his obsession with bragging is aligned with the probable diagnosis of narcissism. However, there could also be a delusional component to his inconsistent, bombastic statements.

Cuomo also questioned whether Trump’s mishandling of the COVID-19 pandemic might be reflective of intellectual or cognitive limitations rendering him incapable of understanding the science, being able to compare and contrast intervention protocols and to hypothesize or predict outcomes. When people suffer from cognitive challenges, they tend to oversimplify complex subjects to compensate for the difficulty they may be having in navigating through the information.

Whatever is or isn’t happening with Trump on a neurological or psychological level, he has been acting more odd, angry, and reckless. Biden should challenge him to a competition on knowledge about the Bible, The Constitution, and World History and put an end to the debate about which of them is the most mentally and intellectually qualified person to be President. Unfortunately, this competition will never happen, because Trump knows Biden would expose him for the imposter that he is.

Biden is known to be a religious person. He is Catholic, carries a rosary, attends church regularly, and can quote scripture, which has helped him through the tragedies of losing his first wife and two children. Biden has no history of adultery and lives aligned with the bible teachings of kindness, grace, compassion, and humility. Trump’s suggestion he is religiously and intellectually superior to Joe Biden was a strategic blunder. We can only guess if what drove that decision was stupidity or mental deficiency. No matter, he sounded nuts today, and that will hopefully steer voters to a Joe.

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