Could Trump Be Mis-managing COVID-19 On Purpose As A Tactic For Voter Suppression? Could He Deliberately Be Creating Violence In U.S. Cities By Sending Federal Militia To Attack Protesters To Suppress Voter Turnout? His Prediction of Voter Fraud Four Months Before The Election Indicates He Doubts His Chances For Re-election. In Mary Trump’s Book About The Trump Family, She Says Trump Cares More About Winning, Power, And Money Than He Cares About People. Will His Cold, Self-obsessed Policies Continue Cost Americans Their Lives?

All of Trump’s re-election strategies align with his psychological disturbances. Today he tweeted the election should be delayed due to potential vote-by-mail fraud during the pandemic. No president has ever suggested this action, even during the Civil War. It is apparent Trump’s obsession with getting re-elected is taking up all of his emotional and physical time. Between campaigning, tweeting, and golfing, he hasn’ t had time to confront Putin about U.S. intelligence claiming Russian hired Taliban bounty hunters are targeting American troops. He is unfit to be President and continues to attack the Constitution whenever it supports his goal towards creating an autocratic America.

The Psychological issues he exhibits are Sociopathy and Narcissism. The patterns of behavior that demonstrate the symptoms of these disorders include: Lying to protect his self- interests. Ex: Despite his statements that vote-by-mail is rampant, the fraud percentages over decades for it are minuscule. He has lied about not ever conducting business with Russia. Yet, it is documented that he was in negotiations with Russian to build Trump Moscow as he was beginning his campaign for President.

Manipulating his base to feel fear and hatred towards the racial injustice movement of Black Lives Matter. Ex: He refers to protestors as anarchists and unpatriotic. He has sent unmarked militia into cities to instigate violence to support his false narratives about the racial equality movement being anti- American and akin to terrorism.

Presents false truths about his patriotism. Ex: He aligns with Russia over American intelligence; he governs only to his base marginalizing minorities, the disabled, and non-Republicans. He hugs the flag, touts the national anthem while violating the Constitution by obstructing Congressional oversight, committing campaign finance violations, obstructing the right to peaceful protest, and committing emoluments violations.

Religiously and Politically Hypocritical: He staged a photo op in Lafayette Square holding the Bible, yet does, ‘t attend church or live by the Commandments. He hugs the flag, but attacks the integrity of military personnel and won’t confront Putin on the intelligence indicating Russia paid bounty hunters to kill American troops. He is campaigning against vote-by-mail, yet he consistently has voted by mail himself. He opposes free speech rights of peaceful protestors and authors, yet opposes any limits on his tweeting.

Lying about COVID-19 to manipulate a positive image of his competence: ex: He said it is a hoax, blames China for the spread in the U.S., downplays the importance of wearing a mask, blames the number of cases on testing, will not acknowledge spreading, makes false statements about virus treatments, such as claiming hydroxychloroquine is a cure.

Shows no empathy towards The 150,000 people who have died of the virus, George Floyd and other black men and women who have been killed at the hands of police brutality, the health of the American public suffering because of COVID, poor families now cut off federal unemployment assistance, the disabled, etc.

Immorality and criminality: Trump is a serial adulterer. He had cheated on every one of his 3 wives, the most recent with Stormy Daniels when Melania was pregnant with Barron. He has been accused by dozens of women of sexual assault, (can they all be lying?) and was heard on the Access Hollywood tape bragging in his own words about grabbing women by the genitals and kissing them without permission. He is also on video record calling many women derogatory names. He was found to have committed ten acts of obstruction of justice in the Mueller Russia investigation, despite AG William Barr’s lie that he was exonerated. He was not indicted because of a DOJ policy that a President cannot be indicted for a crime while serving office. (That ridiculous policy will be eliminated once the Congress becomes sane again). He was also found to be guilty of campaign finance violations in the Stormy Daniels hush-money scheme. He is also known to have lied under oath in writing to Robert Mueller during the Russian investigation.

Worse than his malignant narcissism, which places his needs before any person or cause, is his sociopathic behaviors. Classic to the disorder is a disregard for the well-being of others, extreme impulsivity, aggression, lying, and manipulation, which, when accompanied by power, causes the kind of severe harm and chaos Americans are now suffering at the hands of this extremely disordered person. Republicans know he is harmful to every aspect of American life, yet their corrupt opportunism has allowed his assault on our democracy to continue.

Republican groups like The Lincoln Project have organized a movement to take back their party and the country they love. The project is a positive indicator that millions of members of Trump’s own party are willing to vote for a Democrat to save the Constitution and our democracy. With Biden as President, maybe there is a chance for the return of bipartisanship and to give America what can be great about both parties. Members of Congress who support the ideology of Trumpism, such as Jim Jordan, Kevin McCarthy, Ted Cruz, Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnell, and Jodi Urnst will also have to be eliminated from office to rid the Congress all remnant of Trump’ s presence.
The biggest hoax of all is that Trump ever wanted to make America great. He tried to destroy the country with phony patriotism, white power politics, cronyism, and criminal acts against the Constitution. However, he failed. America is too great for this degenerate, anti-patriot to destroy.

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