It’s Time For Trump Supporters To Prove Their Trust And Loyalty. They Can Start By Ingesting His Favorite COVID Cure, Hydroxychloroquine. They Should Also Drink Lysol Or Clorox. They Can Hire Trump’s Latest Odd Ball Doctor Who Says Alien DNA Can Be Obtained and It Is Possible To Have Sex With Spirits. No Matter The Harm To Others, Trump Pushes Conspiracy Theories Over Science. If His Supporters Believe In Him, They Should Prove It And Do Everything He Suggests. They Should Also Cross Their Fingers They Live Through The Process.

Dr. Stella Immanuel’s claim that hydroxychloroquine and Zithromax is a cure for COVID-19 went viral yesterday. Dr. Immanual also made claims that alien DNA can be obtained and that it is possible to have sex with spirits. Trump has a history of touting doctors who are hyperbolic in their praise of his health and also express odd medical opinions that are discredited by reputable professionals.

In 2017, Dr. Harold Bornstein claimed Donald Trump to be the healthiest man ever elected president. That is unlikely as Trump Was 71 at the time and obese with poor sleep and eating habits. The report was not specific about Trump’s l however, phrases such as “astonishingly excellent” and “extraordinary” were used to describe Trump’ s health. These superlatives are atypical descriptors in standard medical reports. Doctors usually describe findings as ” normal or within limits.” Dr. Bornstein later revealed that Trump wrote portions of the report. Even Former White House Doctor, Rony Jackson, who treated both Barack Obama and George W. Bush, talked about Trump’s health as if there was no human being ever as mentally and physically healthy as Trump. The President’s shame disables him from admitting to any imperfection. Whether it is about wealth, school transcripts, health, or intelligence, his ego goes into defense mode to him cope with any deviation from perfection.

Trump’s return to touting hydroxychloroquine and appearing in public without a mask is proof of what Mary L. Trump says about his weak ego. He is incapable of admitting he is wrong. No matter how inaccurate his claims are, he will stick to them with the hope he will be seen as strong. If he is seen as strong, Ms. Trump explains, he can overlook speculation on his incompetence. This week, he made the statement “a great portion of the country is COVID-19 free.” If he was a strong, truthful leader instead of an opportunistic spin-master, he would have said, “The country is seeing a resurgence in virus infection and deaths. We must all follow the scientist’s advice and wear masks, socially distance, and be patient as we try to figure out how to safely re-open our economy.” Instead, he is downplaying the severity of the pandemic by denying the reality that it is out of control. Many Republicans and Democrats are saying he is governing with one goal in mind; to be re-elected.

Recently, it has become apparent that Trump is scared. His poll numbers have him substantially behind Joe Biden nationally and in several of the swing states. His partisan governing is aimed only at his base, more blatantly and irresponsibly than before he became aware of his sinking re-election polls. Today, he embarrassingly complained about Dr. Fauci being more popular than him in regard to the handling of the pandemic. He literally said, “Why do they like him more than me? It must be my personality.” Actually, it might be Fauci’s 50 years of experience in medicine, government service, and the fact that he does not lie.

Those who still believe in Trump should not get away with showing support for him by simply wearing MAGA hats or holding up VOTE FOR TRUMP signs. They need to go all in. Take hydroxychloroquine, post yourself on You Tube taking it to let him know you trust him. See if Dr. Immanuel has openings in her practice and let her be your doctor. Follow his lead on how to behave during the coronavirus pandemic. Ignore the scientists, and let him know on Twitter that you are following his advice on everything. After all, he claims to know more than the doctors, generals, and all former U.S. Presidents.

Actually, it would be unwise to do any of the aforementioned actions just for the sake of repairing Trump’s wounded ego. He is incompetent, impulsive, and self-serving and none of his advice should be followed. He would turn on anyone if it was to his benefit, so the base should choose themselves over party loyalty. Like Howard Stern, a Sirius radio host has said, “I know Trump. He doesn’t even like the type of people in his base.”

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