The Epilogue of Mary L. Trump’s Book Summarizes The Pathology of Donald J. Trump With Clinical Accuracy and Examples To Illustrate His Dangerousness And Cruelty. Quotes From Her Summary Are Worth Reading, Even If You Read The Book, As They Are Reminders Of How Trump Has Damaged What America Stands For And Weakened Our Democracy. Four More Years Of Trumpism And America Will Look More Like Russia Than Our Democratic Allies.

Mary Trump was traumatized the night her Uncle Donald won the presidency in 2016. After observing the cruelty he showed towards her father and his coldness to anyone who did not benefit or interest him, she became terrified that he would transform America into the mirror image of the dysfunctional Trump family; money-obsessed, dishonest, cruel, divided, and criminal. Since Trump was elected, Mary reports feeling torn about telling the truth about his pathological psychological profile because she did not feel it would change what was about to happen to America at the hands of her sick uncle. What changed her mind was watching the growing death rate of COVID-19 victims and Trump’s disastrous, deceitful mishandling of the pandemic. She felt she could no longer stay silent about his psychological disturbances that correlated with his cold, incompetent approach to protecting the public health over his own political interests.

In the epilogue of Mary’s book, we are reminded that Trump suffers from dangerous forms of narcissism and sociopathy, and his mental afflictions explain why America is in chaos with COVID-19, the racial inequality battle, a sinking economy, and an attack on our democratic rule of law.

Quotes from the Epilogue of “Too Much And Never Enough” by Mary L. Trump;

Donald’s initial reaction to COVID-19 underscores his need to minimize negativity at all costs.” Fear, she explains, was an unacceptable feeling in her family, and Donald will lie, pretend, and deflect from anything that causes him to feel afraid.

“Get even with the people who have screwed you.” His cruelty is expressed by vicious forms of revenge that he seems to enjoy and need to protect his fragile ego. He has proven to be incapable of compassion and loyalty, even though he demands it from others.

“While thousands of people die from COVID, Donald touts the stock market. As my father lay dying alone, Donald went to the movies.” She explains that Donald is incapable of acknowledging the suffering of others, which explains why he does not advocate for the sick, disabled, or the dying. Her fear is thousands of more deaths will occur because of his inability to feel towards people the way he thinks about accumulating money.

“In Donald’s mind, even acknowledging an inevitable threat would indicate weakness.” Taking responsibility for something would open him up to blame.” His damaged ego at the hands of his cruel, narcissistic father has rendered him incapable of being a strong man. He fakes it by always projecting positivity and strength, no matter how illusory because being honest and vulnerable were not values taught in the Trump family.

“The pandemic didn’t immediately have to do with him, and managing the crisis moment by moment didn’t help promote his preferred narrative that no one has ever done a better job than he has.” Mary explains that Donald’s disorders disable him from coping with not being perfect and seen as flawed or “a loser.” He makes decisions to avoid feeling humiliated, which she believes is what makes him incapable of being a president who can protect the country and its people. He will always choose himself over others. He is too fearful and self-obsessed to be a protector.

This week, Trump is touting the efficacy of hydroxychloroquine again. This behavior is consistent with Ms. Trump’ s assessment of Donald being unable to admit he was wrong. Despite the urgings by the head of the FDA, Dr. Fauci, and every other credible scientist and doctor not to use this drug to treat COVID-19 due to potential life- threatening side affects, Trump is promoting it’s use. He retweeted as video by a Houston doctor who claims hydroxy chloroquine and zithromax is a cure for COVID. This doctor has also claimed it is possible to have sex with spirits and we can access alien DNA. Trump masy be able to tell the dfiffetence between an elephant and a beasr, but he cannot tell the difference between reality and a thought-disordered conspiracy

Governor Andrew Cuomo’s successful managing of COVID-19 in New York has been a particular challenge for Trump’s ego to navigate. Mary calls Cuomo “the de-facto” leader of the COVID-19 response, has also refused to kiss Donald’s ass and has shown him up.” In response, Trump had criticized and complained about Cuomo, even hinting at withholding federal aid when New York was in crisis with virus infection.

America is not safe with a president who has a weak ego, is vindictive, dishonest, and so fearful that he has to engage in tough-guy stunts with the military and law enforcement to cover-up, in Mary’s words, that he is “a terrified little boy.”

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