Proof In Fact That Trump’s Declaration Of His Patriotism Is A Hoax; He Cherry- Picks Aspects Of The Constitution That Serve His Agenda, And Disregards And Disrespects The Parts That Limit His Abuse Of Power. He Loves The 2nd Amendment And The Pardon Power But Dislikes And Obstructs The Oversight Powers of Congress And The Right To Peaceful Protest. He Loves The First Amendment Because It Allows His Abusive, Dishonest Rants On Twitter. However, He Goes to Court To Block The Free Speech Of Authors He Fears Will Damage His Image.

Trump’s criminality and blatant disrespect for the American rule of law have been a wake-up call for the need to re-evaluate how the Executive Branch functions. When a President can take action inconsistent with the Constitution and get away with it because he can obstructively litigate against congressional oversight, democracy is compromised. When the same party holds the Senate majority and the Presidency, the Constitution’s well-intended checks and balances have little effectiveness in controlling corruption. Throughout his life, Trump has used the courts to sue people as a deflection from his own criminal behaviors. He has demanded NDA’s of family members, colleagues, and friends to conceal his crimes. Trump’s lack of transparency communicates he is guilty of behaviors that disqualify him from being President.

Additionally, Trump’s hunger for power and white identity politics has caused Republican Senators to violate their oath of office. Their opportunism has destroyed their patriotism as they continue to accept the low bar Trump has set for the American Presidency. They remain silent as their President abuses his power, violates the Constitution, ignores Russian interference in our politics, fails to confront Russia’s plot to kill American troops in Afghanistan, fails to protect Americans from the COVID-19 pandemic, and is causing physical harm to non- violent protesters by deploying unmarked militia to create brutal photo ops for his phony “law and order” campaign. When Trump supporters call these autocratic behaviors by Trump “fake news,” no one is convinced that he is the victim. He is the perpetrator against minorities, liberals, opponents, and Americans who claim their right to peacefully protest and vote by mail. These accusations can be verified by facts and media documentation.

Narcissists, criminals, and liars usually do not have happy endings. One can only speculate given Trump’s sordid associations and patterns which scandal or act against the Constitution will bring the one that brings him down. Possibilities are:

  • A Ghislaine Maxwell bombshell
  • Tax fraud exposed by New York State
  • Colluding with Russia to interfere in the 2020 election
  • Emoluments violations
  • A new sexual abuse allegation
  • Causing the deaths of countless American children due to COVID spread in the schools he forces to open.
  • By taking no action against Putin, American troops get killed or injured by Russian paid Taliban fighters
  • Deaths of peaceful protestors by federal militia
  • Tapes of him using the ” N” word

The fact that this list was easy to compile about a US President reveals a frightening threat to America; the Presidency and entire Executive Branch has been corrupted. If Trump supporters want to stop being labeled as stupid or racist, they need to be honest and just admit they like him so much they don’t care that he is a dishonest, incompetent, immoral, cruel, racist, and corrupt. They should admit they get jazzed up by his weirdness and sleaze. After Trump and Trumpism are defeated, their challenge will be to apologize for being complicit in the damage he has done to the United States.

Trump putting on a mask this week tells us he is aware that if the election was held today, he would lose. He is beginning the final chapter of lying, gaslighting, and grandstanding to preserve his power. His lies are excessively transparent and desperate is embarrassing to watch.

Lies Trump is telling to create false narratives about his opponents and their platforms;

Lie: The Democrats want to take away your guns

Truth: Democrats support the 2nd Amendment. They support sensible gun control laws that save lives. The right to own a gun is backed by Democrats.

Lie: Democrats want to take away your freedoms

Truth: Democrats support the freedom of speech, the right to vote, the right to marry whoever you love, the right to protest, etc. There is not one constitutional right Democrats want to take away.

Lie: Democrats don’ t support the military or law enforcement. Joe Biden supports defunding the police.

Truth: Democrats support a strong military. Disagreeing with an excessive military budget does not constitute a lack of support, it expresses a difference in legislative budgeting. Joe Biden is on record saying he is not in favor of defunding, he is in favor of police reform.

Lie: The Democrats are corrupt

Truth: No Democrat in recent history has committed acts of corruption at the level of Donald Trump

  • Pardoning his felon friend, Roger Stone
  • Asking AG William Barr to intervene in the case of convicted felon General Michael Flynn
  • Paying off a porn star during a campaign to hide an adulterous affair and taking money from the Trump Organization to conceal the source of the payment
  • Lying in his written deposition to Special Counsel Robert Mueller
  • Publicly taking Russian President Vladimir Putin’s word over American Intelligence
  • Wishing accused sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell good luck in her legal plight
  • Supporting policies that bring profit to his private businesses
  • Attempting to block NFL football players, Michael Cohen, Mary Trump, and others their First Amendment right to free speech with NDA’s and lawsuits
  • Tear gassing American protestors who are executing their constitutional right to peaceful protest
  • Misusing congressionally appropriated funds

These are just a few of the unconstitutional actions that Trump has taken. These acts are corroborated by facts, not “fake news.” Mary Trump, the President’s niece, describes Donald as a failure whose career blunders were consistently rescued by his father’s financial bailouts. She explains lying is how he copes with severe feelings of inadequacy and shame. His cruel, vindictive behaviors are well known within the Trump family. The Republican Party, like his siblings and kids, has been neutered by their fear of being his next victim. Surviving his impeachment has unleashed his grandiosity and his goal of forcing Americans to accept him as the first U.S. dictator with no term limits. With hundreds of thousands of people dying from COVID-19, the economy crashing, Americans being assaulted when expressing their First Amendment Rights, criminals being pardoned, and with decorum and morality out the window, voters better set party affiliation aside and vote for life, liberty, and the return of national happiness and security.

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