Under The Leadership of Joe Biden, Lives Will Not Be Lost Because Of Presidential Incompetence, Corruption, Or Pathological Self-Interest. Under Trump, Immigrant Lives Are Threatened In Cages, American Troops Are Targeted To Be Killed By Russian Bounty Killers, 130,000 People Have Died Because Of COVID-19, Healthcare Is At Risk In The Courts, Black And Minority Lives Remain Unprotected Due To The Lack Of Federal Policies For Racial Justice Reform, And Hundreds Of New Cases Of COVID Occur Where Trump Holds A Rally.

Never in the history of the United States have so many American lives been lost, damaged, or traumatized at the hands of an incumbent President. Fox News and conspiracy theorists can proclaim fake news all they want, but Trump’s failures are facts. Trump does not have the intellectual capacity, direct experience, or character to be President of The United States. Those who thought that a bombastic, immoral, reality TV star would be a nice change for America are now complicit in creating four of the worst years this country has ever suffered. Why else would so many members of a sitting President’s party try to have him lose power to the opposing party? The answer is clear; they see democracy being replaced with cronyism, alliances to dictators, dishonesty, and immorality that surpasses the corruption of President Richard Nixon. Republican groups are leading the movement to defeat Trump because they are patriots, choosing their country and the Constitution over party.

It has been over three weeks since the story about Russian hiring Taliban fighters to target American troops became public knowledge, and Trump has done nothing to confront Russia or Putin on the issue. The President loves the military when he can use it for a parade, or to tear gas peaceful protesters, or for a photo op. However, by not confronting Putin, he is abandoning the military and putting real-life soldiers’ lives at risk. Why is he looking the other way? Why does he not read the intelligence briefings that provide information on how to protect American troops? Biden has been clear that he would have read the intelligence, put sanctions on Russia, and warned Putin to cease aggressive tactics against American troops. Under Trump, Americans in Afghanistan remain at risk to Russian hired bounty killers.

Next is the horrific immigration policies put in place by the Administration. In his new book, Separated, journalist Jacob Soboroff writes about the horrendous conditions migrant children and families are living under in caged detention centers near our southern border. He describes over-crowded conditions, insufficient medical care and nutrition, and worst of all the separation of children from their parents. Soboroff reminds us that the Trump- sanctioned immigration policy is designed by the ” country’s most influential racist, Steven Miller.

Joe Biden will reverse the cruelty towards those seeking a better life and an escape from human rights atrocities in their countries. His plan is to construct legal pathways for immigrants to enter the country and be given a legal path to citizenship. Biden respects the rule of law and will follow immigration laws and support new legislation that will be both humanistic and show consideration for America’s moral tradition and sound economics.

While Trump denies the truth about COVID-19 statistics, spreads false narratives about the success of his actions to manage the pandemic, refuses to wear a mask, promotes unsafe rally attendance, and orders schools to re-open during a deadly spike in coronavirus infections, people are dying. Joe Biden says Trump is derelict in his duty to protect the public health of America. The Biden plan has developed a plan to get the virus under control by respecting science, telling the truth, and organizing programs that will provide free testing and PPE to all Americans. His plan involves full restoration and deployment of facilities, supplies, and personnel that Trump has failed to provide to the states. His program will place scientists and medical professionals in positions of authority to guide the fight to get COVID under control.

Racial injustice does not interest Trump. Biden acknowledges the painful, shameful issues that are driving the Black Lives Matters movement. He talks about addressing racial injustice, the disproportionate deaths of black men in police custody, and the need for reform in law enforcement. Conversely, Trump calls protesters Marxists and anarchists and will not introduce legislation for reforms in policing. Instead, he is defending Confederate monuments and flags referring to them as “symbols of our beautiful history.” Does he understand this statement celebrates the darkest, most shameful part of American history, or is he really that dumb?

Mary Trump reveals a level of cruelty within the Trump family that explains why so many of Trump’s policies have cruel components to them. She describes Trump’s father, known to be affiliated with the Ku Klux Klan, as a cruel man who was abusive to her father and her Uncle Donald. As a clinical psychologist and Trump family member, Ms. Trump has unique insight into the disordered traits that make Trump as President what she calls “the most dangerous man in the world.”

Biden is not mired in scandal and lawsuits. He has lived a moral, faithful life, filled with loving family relationships, deep, lasting friendships, and is respected for his public service by colleagues from both parties. He is compassionate, intelligent, competent, and is an uniter. The country is tired of Trump’ s anger, divisiveness, pettiness, vindictiveness, repetitive lying, and constant whining and blaming. The country is wounded. Biden will heal it’ s soul. America cannot survive as a democracy with four more years of corrupt Trump in power.

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