The Only Real Hoax In America Is Trump’s Narrative That He Is A Patriot. He Doesn’ t Love ” Our” America, He Loves The America He Is Creating; White Supremist, Divided, Autocratic, Russian-Aligned, And Anti-Disabled, Poor, And LGBTQ. The Reason The Courts Keep Ruling Against Him Is Because His Actions Violate The Constitution. He Uses The Military As A Prop, Does Nothing To Protect Troops From Bounty Killers, And Ruins The Careers Of Military Professionals And War Heroes Who Oppose His Actions. He Is A Traitor To Democracy And A Dangerous Commander-in- Chief.

Trump is deluding himself into believing his use of the word hoax convinces Americans that all of his transgressions are fallacies made up by the Democrats. Except for a small minority of people who are prone to joining cults, the majority of Americans know he lies and covers up tremendous betrayals to the Constitution and democracy. He conceals information, such as his tax returns, financial records, and secret conversations with Putin, The Saudi Prince, and other leaders of questionable integrity. A President who lacks transparency raises suspicion as to their fitness for office and loyalty to democracy.

In a November 2019 article, Common Dreams listed twelve impeachable offenses committed by Trump, which validates the suspicion that this President is not governing America consistent with the Constitution, the framework for our democracy. They include; Contempt of Congress, Abuse of Powers and the Public Trust, Appropriation Clause, Emoluments Clause, Treaty clause, Declare War Clause, Take Care Clause, Due Process Clause, Appointment Clause, Soliciting A Foreign Contribution for the 2020 Presidential election, Violating Citizens Privacy, and Suppression of Free Speech.

The actions within these violations prove Trump disregards the laws in the Constitution as if he is a dictator ruling an autocratic society. Therefore, is hugging the flag and defending Confederate symbols enough to qualify Trump to be the Commander-in-Chief? Do reality TV show photo ops make up for the President’s consistent violation of our Constitution? Additionally, shouldn’t denigrating war heroes, attacking gold star families, ordering the military to tear gas constitutionally protected peaceful protestors, and taking no action against Russia for paying bounty killers to harm our troops DISQUALIFY him to be the President?
The “Trump hoax” creates the illusion that he loves the military, the Constitution, and all Americans.

However, many factors expose this patriotic Trump narrative as a hoax. For example, his disrespect for military servicemen reveals his phony cries of patriotism. For example, today, Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman retired early from the military. He cited his reason for leaving the military was due to covert, vindictive attempts by the Trump administration to block the advancement of his career. Lindman, a purple heart decorated hero, chose his oath to the Constitution over his loyalty to Trump when he testified during the impeachment inquiry about the Ukraine quid pro quo charge. From the time he testified, Trump has publicly disparaged him and his military service to this country. Additionally, his continued silence about the Russian bounty killers targeting American troops is suspicious of traitor-like protection of Putin over our servicemen. Who should we respect, a draft-dodging, bone spur-lying playboy, or a decorated American military officer?

Part of the hoax of Trump is how he proclaims to love the country and its people, and yet he consistently turns on people and institutions that oppose him in any way. The military community has been continuously used and assaulted by this President. He insisted they tear gas peaceful protesters, proposes a military parade to honor him, and disparaged highly respected career officers and decorated heroes. It must be devastatingly distasteful for them to show allegiance and respect to such a crude, incompetent Commander-in-Chief.

Before Trump, America never experienced a President who demonstrated such disrespect and abuse of our Constitution, government officials, and military personnel. He calls these patriots losers and traitors as they stand up to him and choose to uphold their oath to the Constitution over blind loyalty to him. He does not tolerate dissent from total allegiance. That attitude is a significant indicator of an autocratic ruler. American democracy allows for checks and balances of the Executive Branch. Truths are held in high regard in the Constitution, and they are not negotiable based on the political agendas of a President. Only a corrupt leader attempts to break laws with their self-interests prioritized over the interests of the country.

Trump does not love our American democracy when it obstructs his pursuit of unrestrained power. His hoax strategy of singing the praises of a flag, or anthem, or statue does not hide the fact he has consistently acted in violation of the Constitution more than any President in the history of the United States. His cliched attempts at appearing to be in love with this country are clownish and exceedingly transparent.

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