Trump Is Relying On The Strategy Of Gaslighting For His 2020 Campaigning In Hopes That His Base Shares His Inability Or Unwillingness To Read. In A Fourth Of July Speech, He Inaccurately And Shamefully Equated Peaceful Protesters And Democrats With Anarchists and Marxists. If Americans Will Read The Declaration Of Independence, They Will Realize That Trump Is Perverting The Document’s Real Message Of Equality, Compassion, And Adherence To The Rule Of Law. His Knowledge Of History Is As Accurate As His Understanding Of Science.

It is not an insult to urge every American, no matter what their party, to read the basics of the Declaration of Independence. It is vital to the survival of democracy that all Americans recognize when a leader either does not comprehend what those words mean or is in opposition to them. The Constitution allows for peaceful protest. It encourages dissent, seeing it as a form of free speech and in support of diversity of thought. It says America is “one nation, under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all.” The rule of law is designed to defend Americans against a tyrannical leader, who by lying, defying the Constitution, and aligning with enemies might threaten the survival of our republic. Trump, whether out of ignorance or malice, defies and perverts the intention of our laws to brainwash his supporters to believe his version of American justice and to pledge loyalty t over what the Constitution actually says. READ IT……. READ IT………READ IT!

The Consitution also declares that “all men are created equal.” As a master of gaslighting, Trump will utter the words of equal justice for all, and all people of any race, religion, or creed are equal, then will proceed to denigrate minority groups and elevate Christianity above all other forms of worship. He fools his supporters by saying the truth and then takes legislative action which counters his fake parroting of the text of the Constitution. For example, during the racial injustice protests and the surge in the national support of the Black Lives Matter Movement, Trump has said peaceful protesting is a right while calling protesters left-wing anarchists and terrorists. If one hasn’t read or doesn’t agree with the right to protest put forth in the Constitution, Trump knows your default behavior is to believe his false, hateful labeling of people exercising their right to free speech..

The purpose of his strategy is clear; Scare the vulnerable, insecure base so severely that they will feel justified in hating anyone who does not support him and his dark vision for a divided America. ‘ONE NATION UNDER GOD, INDIVISIBLE WITH JUSTICE FOR ALL” is not how Trump is governing America. He is dividing Americans with destructive rhetoric on race, religion, gender, and socio-economic status with a calculated focus on his self-interests and political gains.

Why else is he calling Americans of color who are protesting against racist police brutality terrorists and anarchists?

Why is he not endorsing Congress to finally ratify the Equal Rights Amendment?

Why is he giving tax cuts to corporations without any stipulation that some of those financial gains be channeled to lower and middle-class workers?

Why did he choose just one black American for a Cabinet position? Why has he aggressively targeted Barack Obama more than any other political figure?

Why does he stay silent about solving racial injustice?

Why is he not tough on world dictators who commit human rights atrocities?

If so many millions of people around the world hate and mistrust Trump, how can they all be wrong?

It is possible that many Trump supporters don’ t recognize their own racist tendencies? If you’re one of “those” people who clap and laugh at his aggressive and demeaning comments against black and brown people, you should read up on how even subtle expressions of racism keep the division between the races impossible to overcome.

Pandering to the racist attitudes and fearful tendencies of the white, uneducated population is the only avenue left to Trump to pursue his slim chance for re-election. If he has to defy the sacred words in our Constitution about equality and a united, not divided people, he will do it at the expense of ” life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” for millions of people he believes don’ t matter.

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