Governor Andrew Cuomo Delivered An Alarming Portrayal Of Trump As A Co-Conspirator And Enabler Of The Coronavirus. He Analyzed Trump’s Moronic Reasoning; “If You Don’t Test, The Numbers Stay Down, Then You Don’ t Have The Cases.” Cuomo Went On To Explain To Trump That “Testing Doesn’ t Cause Infection, The Virus That You Keep Denying Is A Problem, Causes Infection”. Cuomo Urged Trump To Support Public Adherence To CDC Guidelines Because His Message Is Causing The Needless Deaths of Americans.

It is becoming more bizarre every day to watch Trump desperately downplay the resurgence of COVID-19 across the country. He blames testing for the increase in the number of cases, despite the rise in hospitalizations and scientific evidence of community spread. Trump’s denial strategy appears to be motivated by wanting people to forget about COVID-19 and go out and spend money to boost the economy, hoping they will survive his advice. Electing a person for President who has no public service background with a proven record of working to help improve the lives of people is now obviously a terrible idea. During a pandemic, a President is responsible for leading a nation with a plan that minimizes the loss of life, instead of increasing it by politicizing protective measures.Trump’s anti-mask stance has caused thousands of people to recklessly attend his rallies and other crowded gatherings to show their support for him and to proclaim “this is a free country” mantra.Listening to Governor Cuomo should be a reminder to all Americans not to listen to Trump or Pence on anything to do with the coronavirus pandemic. The lying and denying that is going on in the Administration was clearly an issue for Cuomo today as he touted the success of New York due to the robust and cohesive partnership between state leaders and residents. Of the thousands of lies and conspiracy theories Trump has told throughout his presidency, it is his lying about COVID-19 that will go down in history as the lie that actually contributed to the death of thousands of Americans he was elected to serve and protect.Being narcissistic renders a person incapable of caring about others in a way that is compassionate, protective, and self-sacrificing.Thousands of therapists and psychiatrists agree it seems the only real feelings Trump exhibits are those that involve his own self-interests. This is evident when you observe how he aggressively abandons people who do not agree with him and support him 100% in whatever he does and says. He has taken to attacking his beloved Fox News on Twitter, due to their reporting that Joe Biden has a substantial lead over him in the polls. Twitter used to enjoy praise from the President for being the platform that allows him to communicate to the American people (his base) until they began tagging some of his tweets as potentially misleading. He recently said he hopes Twitter fails when he closes his accountt and finds a new conservative platform that won’t monitor his communication.In his address during the Fourth of July weekend, he said, “the virus is 99% harmless.” It is uniquely abnormal for people to lie over and over again about something that can be fact-checked. It is as if he genuinely believes his base is stupid and gullible enough to believe a statement like that when the media provides real footage from ICU’s in Texas and Arizona showing people on ventilators or laying on gurney’s waiting for a hospital room to become available.The fact that any American is suffering from this disease should motivate a President to compassionately prioritize the fight to protect that person and their family. However, this President’s new slogan reveals the danger and callousness of his narcissism and sociopathy; “Just Live With It,” is the Administrations’s motto and attitude about COVID-19. Tell that to a person dying of respiratory failure. That slogan aptly describes this Administration, with Trump as it’s the leader, as a cold, self-obsessed system of people who are satisfied with death by COVID, as long as it stays in the thousands and not the millions. Or maybe if the millions of dead people live in states that threaten his re-election, that number would be acceptable.Hopefully, Trump supporters secretly tune in to Governor Cuomo’s briefings because they actually want the truth about COVID and how to protect themselves. Maybe they know Trump is lying about the facts and the threats it presents.Trump talks about the cases and numbers of people infected with COVID-19 as if he is oblivious to the reality that each number is a lost person who had a family, a job, and a desire to live. While people get sick and die in the pandemic, Trump mourns for statues of American traitors and symbols of slavery, referring to both as parts of our “beautiful history.” Your IQ goes down 50 points if you still believe he is not a racist. The probability of being a racist increases if you advocate for statues and flags that symbolize the abandonment of the United States of America in support of the perpetuation of slavery.

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