Donald Trump Stood At The Base Of Mount Rushmore Today And Delivered A Fourth Of July Speech That Was A Shocking Display Of Presidential Dereliction Of Duty. The Event Defied All White House Pandemic Protocols And The Speech Ignored The Issues That Are Killing And Dividing Americans. In His Desperation From Drastically Falling Behind Joe Biden In The Polls, Trump Is On A Racist Rampage To Hang On To The Support Of His Shrinking Base. While America Falls Apart, Republicans Are Silent.

The American government has been hijacked by the most disturbed, racist, unqualified person to ever be the President of the United States. Listening to him speak, one fears the America he envisions is not the nation reflected in our Constitution. Despite the darker aspects of the Presidents whose images are carved into Mt. Rushmore, they are figures who fought for and built the many extraordinary elements of America. Trump, in comparison, looked sweaty, desperate, inarticulate, and inadequate during his speech with this monument as his backdrop. He is getting away with not leading the country in a positive direction, dividing citizens by religion and race, and rewriting the rule of law for his political gain. He is getting away with it because Republicans have sold out democracy on his promise to serve their conservative agenda.

Listening to a litany of oppositional viewpoints about Trump from Republican Senator Liz Cheney is both encouraging and disturbing. She opposes Trump’s policy on withdrawing troops from Afghanistan and Germany, his positions on managing the pandemic, and opposes his bizarre accusation of journalist Joe Scarborough committing murder. She is also demanding answers to questions regarding Trump’s knowledge of the intelligence, which implicates Russia of paying Taliban bounty hunters to kill American soldiers. Yet, she votes with him 96% of the time. Cheney, like other Republicans who oppose Trump on many issues and reject his immoral, divisive actions, is an opportunist who is weak and fearful of his vindictiveness.

Bottom line, Republicans can’ t stand Trump and don’t trust him, but they made a deal with the devil. As long as he does what they want in legislating against programs for the poor and middle- class, votes against abortion rights, gives tax cuts to the rich, votes to eliminate Obamacare, and votes for conservative judges they will allow him to violate the Constitution, govern by cronyism, conduct secret correspondence with Vladimir Putin, and stoke the fires of racism.

Trump’s performance at Mt. Rushmore was evidence that he is not governing and fulfilling his oath. Instead, he is running for office in every speech he gives and every action he takes as President. His goal is to retain the power of the presidency, which has expanded his narcissism to dangerous levels and put the lives and well-being of every American in danger. Trump supporters like to rally and dress up in campaign mode, but one wonders if they have bothered to research what narcissism and sociopathy mean. Have they studied how the mob operates or how people become cult leaders and cult followers? Have they read any of the serious charges that Trump faces when he leaves office that is based on facts, not misinformation or “fake news.” Anyone who believes everything that another person says because they feel in love with or in need of that person is vulnerable to suffer the worst possible form of abuse or neglect.

The virus is raging again, and we are losing tens of thousands of American lives. While Trump tells lies about the factual, scientific reality of the pandemic and makes race-based jokes about what the virus is called, people are hooked up to ventilators, quarantined at home, or unsure about the future of their careers and financial survival. This is how a sociopath and narcissist sounds and acts. They are incapable of experiencing feelings such as empathy and are compelled by self-gratification and self-preservation. What we are learning as a country is a person with these abnormal traits is capable of transforming American democracy into an autocracy similar to the regimes of Mussolini and Hitler. Trump’s declaration that the President has ultimate power ignores the reality that America is a rule of law country with a Constitution and three co-equal branches of government.

He denies the resurgence of the pandemic. Does this mean he doesn’t care about the deaths and failing health of thousands of Americans suffering from the effects of COVID-19? Just as disturbing is the thought he does believe or understand science however, cares more about being re-elected than saving American lives, even those of his supporters. Is he more concerned about the recovery of the economy which he destroyed by his incompetent handling of the pandemic? Is he ignoring the tragedy of racial injustice in American policing and the entire movement towards racial equality because he realizes his base opposes progress on these issues? Is he continuing to refuse to take any action based on U.S. intelligence findings that Russian paid Taliban bounty hunters to kill American soldiers because he is compromised by Putin? These questions indicate severe moral, psychological, and criminal concerns that endanger lives and the survival of our democracy.

Trump will spend the next four months attacking and labeling the Democratic party as a left-wing, anti-American, dangerous enemy of the country. He will spread conspiracy theories to scare his base and demonize the press and any voice that opposes him. He will lie, deny, sign abuse of power executive orders, and break laws in his desperation to retain power. President Barack Obama warned us that Trump is not an ideologue. This warning told us Trump does not care about what the Constitution stands for, and will actively support any issue that will garner the support he needs to stay President.

  • Is it believable that a man with a history of promiscuity actually about the sanctity of traditional marriage or whether women get an abortion or not?
  • Is it believable that a man who claims to be religious cannot quote a Bible passage and golfs every Sunday instead of going to church?
  • Is it believable that a man who claims to be filthy rich won’t make his tax returns public and sues anyone who pursues his financial dealings?
  • Is it credible to believe a narcissist who claims to have an exceptionally high IQ has gone to great lengths to conceal his college records?
  • Is it believable that a President who associates with criminals, interferes in the justice system to protect them, and is mired in countless court cases against him has never been committed a crime of any kind?
  • Is it believable that a President who favors and protects dictators who murder and commit human rights atrocities believes in American democracy over autocratic governments?
  • Does it make sense to believe a President is not a racist who consistently name-calls, criticizes, ignores the issues of minority populations, and is more committed to defending Confederate history than addressing racial injustice?

Trump is a master scammer and enemy of American democracy. By hugging the flag, defending the national anthem, and calling immigrants terrorists who are out to destroy America, he has been able to en masse a base that reflects the darkest side of the American psyche. Trump is tanking in the polls, and it is suspected that many who continue to support him publicly will get into the poll booth and patriotically not vote for him.

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