As America Suffers, Joe Biden Models Leadership, While Donald Trump Denies And Lies. With Biden, Millions Of People Won’t Lose Their Healthcare, Russia Won’t Get Away With Threatening The Lives Of Our Troops, Putin Won’t Infiltrate Our Elections, The Rule Of Law Won’ t Be Violated, And The Pandemic Response Will Save, Not Destroy Lives. Biden Isn’t A Man With A Sordid, National Enquirer Type Past. He Has Served His Country With Honor. The Only Hoax Happening Is That Trump Is Mentally Competent To Be President.

Joe Biden’s model of leadership makes Donald Trump look like a combination of Don Corleone and Forest Gump. To observe the contrast between these two men begs one to wish for a magic wand to move the calendar to Nov. 3rd and put an end to the nightmare that is Trumpism. To quote Steve Schmidt of the Lincoln Project, who said on a recent Zoom townhall event across the country, “not only do we have to get Trump out of office, we have to make sure anyone who has enabled his toxic ideologies of racism and autocracy never holds elected office again.” This mission is what is motivating all of the Republican anti-Trump movements to endorse Biden for President. Trump likes to call Joe, “sleepy,” but that label is a deflection from the truth. Biden is stable, logical, well-informed, and focused without the need to scream like a circus barker to get his point across.

Biden understands the complexities of national and global issues, has experience serving as Vice-President in the successful Obama Administration for eight years, has been a Senator for over 40 years, and is a lawyer. He has chaired congressional committees, negotiated successfully with foreign leaders, is well-known and well-liked by allies, and is a respected family man with no “kill stories” hidden at the National Enquirer. He has not befriended criminals and perverts like Jeffrey Epstein, nor has he concealed his tax and financial records from the public. He leads as a man free of fear about being found out to be a racist, tax evader, adulterer, or guilty of abuse of power or obstruction of justice. Remember, despite the spin that discredited Attorney General put on the Mueller Report, Trump was found to have committed a crime, ten counts of obstruction of justice. He could not be indicted due to a DOJ policy protecting a sitting president from criminal prosecution. Hopefully, when America once again has a patriotic Congress, that policy will be eliminated, and new legislation will no longer protect a President who commits criminal acts.

The recent Russian scandal is again exposing Trump as a President who will not defend America if it involves standing up to Putin. The only people calling Russia’s payments to Taliban bounty killers to kill American soldiers hoaxes are Donald Trump And Vladimir Putin. Both Republicans and Democrats in Congress have demanded to be briefed on the intelligence given to Trump in March of 2020. The New York Times reported the scandal has generated a bipartisan movement to find out what Trump knew about Russia’s anti-American plan to kill American soldiers, and when he knew it.

Trump and White House officials are engaged in a predictable but weak spin campaign to lessen the suspicion about Trump ignoring the allegations due to his pattern of aligning with Putin over U.S. intelligence. The incompetent Kayleigh Mcenany was unconvincing in her staunch defense of Trump as, ” not having been informed” about the bounty payments and being ” the most informed person about everything.” Many current and former members of the White House staff and Administration have reported Trump does not read most of what he is given and requests brief bullet points or verbal readings of information to avoid reading. Despite Trump’s own admission that he does not like to read and that he does not need to see the presidential daily briefings, McEnany, who may go down as the most dishonest, obsequious of all of Trump’s Press Secretary’s, insisted that Trump does read as much if not more than any President. A practical and steadfast leader in a democracy does not need people to lie for him, spin the truth, hide from public view to avoid scrutiny, or attack opponents or social movements that threaten his image or chances for re-election.

Trump is not a leader. He is a scammer. America is being scammed like countless of Trump’s past business partners, contractors, friends, and probably extended family members. If we ever see his taxes, it will likely show he is guilty of tax fraud. If we ever see his financial records, it will probably show he is engaged in business or is attempting to do business with countries that violate the Constitution. If we ever get the history of his secret talks with Putin and the President of Turkey, Erduwon, we may learn he is cutting deals that support his self-interests, not those of America. He has scammed millions of gullible star-worshippers and emboldened thousands of racists to join his bigoted, misogynistic, anti-science movement. Instead of real leadership, he creates photo ops such as hugging the flag, sitting at the base of the Lincoln Memorial, holding a bible in the air in front of St. John’s Church, and is planning a July 4th photo op at Mt. Rushmore. These embarrassing displays by this insecure, desperate, narcissistic President are ridiculously obvious and unbecoming of a leader.

On the Russian bounty killer issue, he is hiding on Twitter crying, ‘another Russia hoax”, arguing about whether he was told about it or read about it. Hopefully, the media and elected officials see through this strategy as his way to distract from the fact that now that he DOES know, he has taken no action to confront Putin or reassure the American people he is pursuing the truth and the issue is his top priority. A strong leader has his priorities straight and communicates the truth on topics relevant to the country,’s security. He is also reassuring and comforting about the country being protected and that our problems will be solved. An incompetent leader, like Trump, hides, jokes, lies, and deflects. Instead, he focuses on getting re-elected, making money, and vying for the approval of strong-men adversaries to compensate for his pathological insecurities.

No man or woman is perfect, but Biden has what it takes to lead, inspire, heal our morale, return America to a place of global respect, and protect not destroy democracy. Anyone who still thinks it is a good idea to elect a person to be President who has a sketchy past, is dishonest, massively disliked, completely uneducated on how government works, and defies the rule of law needs to consider not voting in the next election.

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