Mary Trump, The Niece Of Donald Trump Is About To Publish Her Book, “Too Much, And Never Enough” About The Dysfunctional Trump Family And How It Produced What She Calls “The Most Dangerous Man In The World.” Ms. Trump Is A Clinical Psychologist Who Has Worked With The Severe Mentally Ill Population.Trump’s Brother Robert Is Attempting To Block The Publication Of The Book. Trump’s Pattern Of Blocking The Release Of Information About Himself Indicates He Is Guilty Of Criminal, Salacious, And Abusive Acts.

Thousands of psychologists, psychiatrists, and therapists have been strongly suggesting since Trump’s re-election that there is something wrong with him psychologically and emotionally. He has continuously displayed pathological symptoms such as impulsivity, irritability, insecurity, paranoia, confusion, and restricted expression of empathy in the execution of his duties. He also demonstrates characterological deficits such as manipulativeness, vindictiveness, deceit, gullibility, and scapegoating. Mary Trump’s experience as a close member of the Trump family and a clinical psychologist may be the most accurate account of Trump’s psychological pathology that has been needed to prove he is unfit for office.

In an article in the Washington Post on June 26th, Ms. Trump was quoted to say the book explains “how my family created the most dangerous man in the world,” and the night her uncle was elected President was “the worst day of my life.” It is reported her only tweet that night was, “2020.”The Post article provides insight into the dysfunction and abuse within the Trump family through the eyes of his niece. Mary is the daughter of Fred Jr., Trump’s older brother, who died of complications from alcoholism at age 42. Mary was 16 when her father died, and it is reported that the Trump family provided Mary, her mother, and her brother Fred III some financial support once Fred Sr., Trump’s father, died in 1999. The book supposedly described how Mary and her brother expected to receive the inheritance that would have been owed to her father. However, Donald and his siblings, per Mary, had the will changed while her grandfather was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. She and her brother contested the will once Fred Sr. died, and a settlement was reached between the parties.

It is reported that Mary was asked to sign an NDA as a condition of the agreement to not discuss anything publicly about Donald or any other members of the Trump family. Robert Trump, another brother of Donald’s, is contesting the release of the book based on the NDA. Mary’s attorneys’ contend it is a freedom of speech issue, and the book, published by Simon and Schuster, should be allowed to be released as planned on July 28th.

Mary is highly regarded in her field as a clinical psychologist. It seems her fears and concerns about Trump’s possible re-election has motivated her to write her book about the dysfunction and abuse she witnessed between her father and her Uncle Donald and between Fred Sr. and his sons. All members of the alcoholic family suffer anxiety, fear, shame, lies, and abuse are in constant inner and relational conflict. Clues from the Washington Post article indicate Mary directly also experienced and suffered direct, negative treatment from her uncle after the death of her father. She reveals Trump resisted providing medical support for her nephew William, the son of her brother Fred III, who suffers from cerebral palsy. Mary recalls her uncle, saying, “why should the Trump family have to pay for William’s medical bills.”

The book will focus on describing how dysfunctional families exhibit severe forms of abuse, psychological problems, shame, secrets, and patterns of control. Mental health professionals have been criticized for years about their speculations that Trump suffers from severe mental issues. Mary Trump is about to present America with the most credible, evidence-based account about what Donald Trump is like in real life when the cameras are turned off.

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